Most important features in a gaming laptop 2020

Most important features in a gaming laptop
Most important features in a gaming laptop

Gaming laptops are a bit expensive than the usual ordinary laptops. As they have a great difference in configuration and specifications to enhance your gaming abilities. Before going to invest in a gaming laptop you should keep in mind several things. Here are the most important features in a gaming laptop that you should be considered when buying:

Most important features in a gaming laptop 2020

The best gaming laptop depends on the Graphics card, learn to know that the system has quickest, latest possible graphics for gaming. This is the most important feature to look for in a gaming laptop at first instance.

You must read all the specs of the laptop to check are you able to upgrade your laptop or not in the future. There are few best graphics chipset like ATI mobility Radeon 9700, Intel’s Graphics media, and NVIDIA, etc.

The graphics card NVIDIA chipset has integrated cores that are distinctively smarter than those of any other chipset to be met in the market nowadays. From any of the manufacturers’, it is optimal for 3D gaming.

The ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics chipset is a high-quality card which performs different functions like HDTV, mobile video editing studio, graphics processor and 3D function will also save battery power.

Processor/ CPU

When you are playing a game and it freezes or crash between the battles how would you feel? That would be annoying. So the processor which is the brain of a computer should be of high speed and its quality is determined by its performance.

Tin computer language the speed of a processor can be determined by GHz. There are different branded processor are available like Intel Core2 2.4GHz which is considered as a high-speed gaming laptop processor.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

This feature is crucial for gaming laptops. RAM means how many programs you can run on your system at the same time without slowing it down.

Now laptops are coming with 8GB RAM, but these systems are a bit expensive. You can buy a laptop with 4GB RAM which needed to run graphics accordingly. The more RAM you have installed in your system the more ease to play the game. As we all know, RAM is necessary for running video graphics whether they are 3D or general games.

Among the most important features in the gaming laptop, RAM comes with graphics cards that are called video RAM (VRAM). Video random access memory has its own memory which measures in MB and available in size of  32MB, 64MB, and 128MB.

This VRAM is used for 3D gaming controls and graphics visuals by the adapters. It is recommended to select an NVIDIA nForce graphics card for PUBG gaming laptop.

While purchasing a gaming laptop you must focus on the one with the highest VRAM and obviously which you can afford, because they are expensive.

If you want to know how much memory required for playing a game you can check media software CD case of the game to see system requirements. This will help you to find out which VRAM you needed.

The most important features in a gaming laptop

If you want to buy a gaming laptop the most important feature displays the bigger and wider screen is the more magnificent experience of gaming.

Like 17 inch widescreen with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels and display qualities 16:10 should be able to control 3D gaming. So, you must remember the formula of the combination of 4 major things that is Graphics, RAM, processor speed and screen display.

The most durable and recommended laptop is HP OMEN 17-AN012DX which is a gaming laptop with fully loaded optimal features for the best gaming experience. But it is pricey if you purchase from a retailer. There are plenty of online merchants who are competing selling. You can save money by purchasing from them at a discounted rate.

Graphics Quality

To enjoy exceptionally high gaming experience on your laptop, you must look for the Ultra HD screen. You can go for a 1080p resolution to have the right pleasure of gaming.

Hard drive and storage space

Another important feature in a gaming laptop is a hard drive that should be Serial Advanced Technology Architecture (SATA) because it uses less power. It is not limited to clock speed and should be of 7200rpm for a gaming laptop.

For playing games, you always need to have space in your hard drive, so it must be of 1 TB at least for massive games which require a good amount of space. Here you can better understand how much storage you need in a laptop.


You should look for the important features in a gaming laptop for its connectivity provision. There must be 3 ports at least for USB connection, with a Mini Display Port/HDMI for connecting to an external monitor. Of course, it should have an Ethernet port for online gaming.

Battery Life

Gaming experience eats up your battery so soon which affects the performance of the game. You must have a laptop with battery backup which takes less time to charge.

Portability features

The game lovers need to look for the portability of a laptop. It should be light in weight as well so that they could carry it anywhere they want.


The gaming laptops have a beautiful feature of keyboard with LED lights since most of the games involve the use of a keyboard. So, it should be highly responsive as well. If your laptop has a simple keyboard then you can add backlit on your laptop keyboard.


The market is full of advanced technology, as these above mentioned most important features in a gaming laptop can be considered for the best gaming experience. They come with high prices though. But if you research online for the required laptop then you can buy it on discounted rates. While there are many sellers merchants competing with each other by throw up prices.

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