How to fix blinking screen of laptop? 6 Best Step By Step Procedure

How to fix blinking screen of laptop
How to fix blinking screen of laptop

Caught your laptop screen blinking? Don’t worry, there you have a solution. Laptop screens have LCDs and LEDs display which start blinking suddenly. There are different types of blinking like a brief, random blinking, and the one that persists long. How to fix blinking screen of laptop?

There is a variety of causes to have your blinking screen. The undermentioned causes are a few of them.

Serial # Reason Solution
1. Bad display driver Reinstalling of drivers
2. Outdated software or other drivers Windows updating
3. Incorrect display settings Display setting to be modified
4. Defected hardware Replace the hardware
5. Viruses Install licensed antivirus

These all causes can absolutely be resolved. First, you have to do a bit of troubleshooting to address your possible cause that is the reason for your laptop screen blinking.

How to fix blinking screen of laptop?

So, now the question is how to fix laptop screen blinking? To address your cause you have to check all these causes mentioned below, one by one.

Bad Display Driver

Bad display drivers can cause a PC to crash. Before crashing the PC shows screen blinking or some random restart and powering off.

By installing a new display driver for your laptop, you can meet the cause of your screen blinking. If the blinking stops after the installation that means the bad display driver was the culprit.

Step by step procedure

First of all, take your laptop to the Safe Mode then follow the under mentioned steps:

  • Click the “Start” button followed by “Settings” then the “Update and security” then click the “Recovery” button. Select “Advanced startup” and click the “restart” button to reboot the laptop.
  • On the Choose an Option screen click on “troubleshoot,” then “Advance Option,” then “Startup” and “Restart.”
  • Press the “F4” key to start your laptop in Safe Mode.

Once the laptop is on Safe Mode now uninstall your current display driver by following steps:

  • Select the “Start” button, and then click on “Device Manager.”
  • Click the “Display Adapter” option.
  • Right-click the Laptop’s screen adapter and press the “Uninstall device” option.

Now it’s time to install the new display driver by the following method:

  • Check the updates from the “Update and Security” in the “Settings” of the “Start” button.
  • Now install the display driver.
  • Completing installation may be prompted to reboot the laptop again.

Outdated Software and Drivers

The updated software and drivers help you to protect your data on greater extinct and enable your device to add new features. Your laptop screen may blink due to the outdated version of your software or other drivers.

The outdated software can cause a crash to the system due to errors in the Operating System. It can be resolved by checking and installing the Official Window Update. You can install it by the following steps:

Step by step process

  • Press the “Start” button and then the “Settings” option.
  • Click the “Update and Security” button and then to the “Window Update.”
  • Select the “Check for updates” and wait until the system search for all the available updates.
  • If asked whether you want to install available updates, then hit “Install updates.”
  • Reboot the laptop after completing the update process.

Incorrect Display Settings

The blinking screen of a laptop may be of some disturbed display settings, which include the resolution of the screen and the Re-fresh rate. Disturbance in both of them can cause a crash to the system.

Resolution of Laptop Screen

There are thousands and millions of small square elements called “PIXELS” which built up the screen. The colors formed are due to the changing positions of these pixels. The Resolution tells us about how many pixels can be adjusted to display on our screen horizontally and vertically.

Sometimes this resolution disturbed those results in the blinking of the screen that may be an alarm for the user. If the resolution is not corrected in time it will surely crash the Operating System.

If this resolution is the culprit that is flashing the screen, it will stop after correcting the resolution. Resolution can be corrected by the following steps:

Steps to adjust the screen resolution

  • Right-click on the desktop and click “Display setting.”
  • Select “Advanced Display Settings.”
  • Click the “Drop-down under resolution” and select the recommended option.
  • Press the “Apply” button to apply these changes on your screen.
  • The screen will temporarily flash, adjusting the resolution, and then the resolution will be updated.
  • Don’t forget to click the “Keep the settings” button to finalize the updates.

If the problem remains the same, then it could be the Refresh Rate that is disturbed.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the measurements of how many times our system redraws the pictures in a second. However, if the quality of your system is good then the higher refresh rate can result in a smoother picture. The higher rate may also eliminate the blinking factor but to higher to some extinct.

In general, cheap laptops support lower refresh rates than expensive ones. If your PC is connected to multiple PCs then the blinking of any of it will be due to their own rates. The refresh rate can be adjusted according to your system to fix the blinking screen. The adjusting can be done by following steps:

Step by step procedure

  • Right-click on the desktop and click the “Display setting” button.
  • Select “Advanced Display Settings.”
  • Press the “Display Adapter Properties” followed by “Monitor.”
  • Click the “Drop-down under the refresh rate.”
  • Select 59Hz or 60Hz, or the suitable frequency of your laptop.
  • Click “Apply” and then “OK” to update the changes.

If the blinking stops, then it was the incorrect display settings that are the cause. If the blinking screen does not fix then find out the main cause in other options.

Defected Hardware Can Cause Blinking Screen of Laptop

If fixing the above all problems and installing the utmost righties doesn’t fix the blinking screen of the laptop then there is a great chance of the defective hardware of your laptop. This fault is a warning you to be aware before the system crashes.

There are several symptoms by which you can determine that the blinks are due to the hardware failure, such as:

Symptoms that help to determine

  • The laptop screen has gone blank at any time.
  • The screen blinks persistently.
  • The screen blinks only when the screen of the laptop is raised and lowered frequently.
  • Connect your laptop to any other device. If the blinking doesn’t show up in that device it means there is a hardware failure in that particular laptop.
  • There is a great chance of the screen blinking due to hardware failure. If your laptop is dropped from somewhere resulting in damage in any part.

If the defective hardware is the culprit then there are equal chances of different parts of hardware being faulty; the main parts which could be faulty resulting in the blinking screen of the laptop could be the following:

  • The ribbon that connects the port to the screen of a laptop.
  • Screen cable lost or damaged.
  • Inverter and backlight could also be a good option to check upon.

These could be the possible reasons for hardware failure. It could be managed by concerning the system repairer, or you should contact the manufacturer and seek a warranty.

Viruses can cause screen blinking

Viruses may also be a culprit. The Viruses can be a reason for your laptop screen blinking. It could be resolved simply by installing a Ransomware & Internet Security if you hadn’t installed the one and scan your hard drive.


We hope after following all the steps you can find the culprit that is the reason for your screen blinking randomly or persistently.

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Best of luck


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