How To Track Phone Location? 7 Quick And Easy Steps

How To Track Phone Location

You don’t just see cell phone location tracking in movies. In reality, many people frequently use cell phone monitoring applications to find out where their loved ones are. Additionally, businesses even deploy phone tracking on the gadgets of their employees. How To Track Phone Location?

It’s no longer merely an issue of comfort or convenience to track a cell phone’s position. Knowing where your family members are at all times might provide you peace of mind in light of the widespread crime that is taking place.

How to track phone location

When it comes to your relationship, tracking their cell phone location is a good approach to determine whether your suspicions about them cheating are accurate.

There is nothing better than secretly monitoring someone’s cell phone location, which is also technically achievable.

However, others besides partners are also able to locate you. Tracking is frequently used by enemies and con artists to gather information and supplies for extortion. Attacks by hackers primarily target those in the corporate sector. A VPN is the ideal way to protect your data. Data can be encrypted and protected from hackers with VeePN VPN services. One of the best preventative techniques is this one.

There are many options if you’re wondering how to track a phone. But each approach has advantages of its own. A person’s location cannot always be disclosed to you without their knowledge.

I’ll thus discuss many of these methods with you today. What you will learn is:

  • tracking a known person’s cell phone location covertly
  • using a person’s cell phone number alone to track them, even if they are a stranger
  • Free mobile phone location tracking

1. How to Track  Phone Location Secretly?

How To Track Phone Location

It’s not as difficult as you would have imagined to find a cell phone’s location. In actuality, it’s one of the simplest things to accomplish, even if you wish to do it secretly from the other person. So, without further ado, let’s begin with these three awesome methods for finding a cell phone’s location:

The Ninja Way to Track a Cell Phone using Minspy

The ideal technique to covertly track a cell phone’s location is via the Minspy device app . It is a phone tracking app that is available for ios devices and Android gadgets. With Minspy, you can find out anyone’s phone position, even if they are in a completely different part of the globe.

Because Minspy is so awesome, a ton of people use it to check on the whereabouts of their partners, children, and other loved ones. When his child arrived home from school many hours late, a friend of mine almost suffered a heart attack. He has always used Minspy to track his child’s whereabouts.

You might adore Minspy for the following reasons:

Minspy Location Tracker Advantages

  1. Web App

If you are using Minspy, you can track anyone’s whereabouts without installing any apps on your phone or computer. This is due to Minspy’s web-based dashboard’s ability to open in any web browser.

  1. Tracking a phone secretly

Your tracking target won’t be aware that you are monitoring their whereabouts when you use the Minspy phone tracker. This is due to the peculiar manner in which Minspy operates. I’ll address that shortly after.

  1. Not Requiring Root or a Jailbreak

Nearly all phone tracking applications that can covertly follow a cell phone’s whereabouts require you to jailbreak or root the intended target. However, Minspy can surreptitiously track the location of any cell phone without requiring you to jailbreak or root the target device.

  1. No Technical Understanding IS Necessary

To utilize Minspy, you won’t need any technical expertise. When it works, the technology may resemble that of James Bond, but you don’t need to be as skilled. You only need to be familiar with using a web browser, which you are already.

Location Tracker by Minspy

The following capabilities of Minspy will be useful for tracking someone’s cell phone location:

Location Tracker Live

With Minspy, you can always view the device’s current location in real-time. In addition, you can view the individual’s most recent locations and time stamps. As a result, even if you weren’t looking, you might still find out where the person had been.


The next big item in location tracking is the Geofencing feature. You can geofence the location of the other person’s phone on a map by using geofencing. You will get a warning the moment they go outside of these lines.

You will also enjoy a lot of other features when using Minspy to track someone’s phone. But it’s a good idea to check out the website’s free Minspy demo to see them for yourself. Checking it out doesn’t involve any program installation or registration.

How ‘Secret’ Location Tracking by Minspy Works?

They are never made aware of the fact that Minspy is tracking their cell phone location on your behalf. In some ways, it is similar to hiring a private investigator, but without all the wasted money and the potential for awkwardness. Let me explain how Minspy operates:

Minspy won’t require you to touch the target phone even once to track an iPhone location (or the location of any other iOS device). Since the iCloud is pre-installed on every iPhone, the location of an iPhone lost phone (along with other data) is transferred to the iCloud servers.

This data is used by Minspy to extract crucial details about the target device, such as its position. So, all you have to do to follow someone’s location covertly is check their iCloud credentials with Minspy. After that, you can always track their location remotely without having to tell them.

The situation is a little different when it comes to tracking an Android location. Regardless of whether you want to track the target Android device in secret or not, you must install the phone tracking app on it.

You might be wondering how it will remain a secret if the phone tracking app is installed on the target device. That’s because Minspy, with its distinctive Android look, is there to assist.

The Android software for Minspy is less than 2 MB in size and installs quickly. The app symbol disappears from the target phone’s app menu once it has been installed. It can only be returned to you via a secret code.

Without sending out any notifications, the program runs in the background. In actuality, it is made to not even use any batteries. The finest feature is that you can remotely delete the software from the Minspy dashboard whenever you want to (that, if you remember, opens in any web browser you choose).

How to Uncover Someone’s Cell Phone Location in Secret?

Let me explain how to track an Android phone’s location in this section to make things clear and simple, and how to track an iPhone’s location in the section after.

So, to find out how to track an Android device, adhere to these guidelines:

Step 1:

Get an Android subscription plan by signing up for a Minspy account. For more savings and to avoid recurring renewals, I advise choosing the lengthy term.

Step 2:

On the target device, download and install the Minspy application. You won’t have to be concerned about kids learning about it, as I already indicated.

Step 3:

You can now start watching the target device after clicking “Start.”

Your dashboard will appear after you click “Start.” All of the fantastic features of the Minspy are accessible from here. You can select the ‘Locations’ tab or the ‘Geofence’ tab to use the location tracker.

2. Methods for Tracking a Cell Phone’s Location Without Software

We learned how to covertly track anyone’s whereabouts when they are using an Android phone in the previous section. What will you do, though, if they have an iPhone? You may just follow the instructions I’ve provided here, and nothing will go wrong.

How to Secretly Track an iPhone

Apple gadgets are less configurable than their Android counterparts. There are fewer phone features and gimmicks available to you; some Android devices even smart-lock based on their location. It would seem more difficult to follow them.

It surprises me that you can accomplish this without using any software. The following steps can be used to track an iPhone’s position entirely free:

Step 1:

Sign up for Minspy and purchase an iOS membership plan. No matter the version, it works with iPhones, iPads, and every other iOS-powered device.

Step 2:

Use Minspy to confirm the target device’s iCloud login information on Google Play. This information is fully secure, not kept on Minspy’s servers, and only you have access to it.

Step 3:

Click “Start” to begin monitoring your device.

Your dashboard will appear after you click the “Start” button. You can use all of Minspy’s features from here.

How to Uncover Someone’s Cell Phone Number and Track Them

Only if the individual you wish to track is someone you know, such as a family member or an employee, can you use the methods we’ve read about thus far. What is the circumstance, nevertheless, that is very dissimilar from what we talked about?

For instance, you might be missing calls from a number that you don’t recognize. Or perhaps you used Minspy to spy on your partner’s phone and discovered a number in their call logs that you don’t recognize. Now you want to find out who the real owner of that number is.

3. Watching over your loved ones using eyeZy.

eyeZy is a very potent tool that can soothe your mind by enabling you to covertly track the whereabouts of a cell phone. eyeZy provides much more information about a device’s position than simply showing you where it is on a map.

The monitoring app has a cutting-edge function called Magic Alerts. You can choose specific places for eyeZy to monitor after installing it on their phone in your Control Panel. eyeZy tells you if the person wearing the gadget you’re watching enters or leaves specific areas so you’ll always know where they are and where they’re heading.

Finding their position for you is just one small aspect of what makes eyeZy so unique. The monitoring tool performs much more functions than merely tracking cell phone locations. Additionally, it allows you to view their phone activities so you can get a full picture of what they are doing online.

Social Spotlight is one of the key elements that make eyeZy so appealing. eyeZy reveals what they are saying in their private discussions on platforms including Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Instagram, and even Tinder.

It pulls back the drapes and lets you listen in on their chats so you can always hear what they’re saying and to whom. That applies to the language they use in those chats as well as the images and videos.

Why is Hoverwatch Popular for Track Android Phone?

This application is famous because of its outstanding highlights. Utilizing this application, you can follow Android phones without the phone client thinking about it. When introduced in an Android, it is invisible, and the phone user has no clue about the telephone being checked or followed.

This application is well known as individuals can watch any phone without the client in any event, thinking about it. It continues to screen all the information out of sight, and it is easy to work with beguiling highlights.

Spying on any phone to gather information is possible easily by utilizing Hoverwatch. You should simply

Create an account on and introduce it out of sight.

This application continues to run out of sight and is imperceptible. It generally works in secrecy mode that ceases the client from realizing that it screens each foundation action.

You can understand messages, check calls, and monitor everything the client is doing on the telephone.

The additional feature is that if the device you need to spy is taken, you can follow it utilizing Hoverwatch and track it.

 Features Hoverwatch

The phone tracker app Hoverwatch utilizes your location and empowers you to follow your phone when associated with the web by marking it into your record on any gadget.

Some particular highlights that make it a standout amongst all other trackings, monitoring, and spying apps are listed beneath:

 Track Android Phone

The spy app remains utterly invisible while monitoring the information on the target’s cell phone. The phone client can never realize that he is being monitored or spied on.

You can read all messages and record all approaching, active calls with the Hoverwatch app’s assistance.

An extraordinary element is taking pictures from the selfie camera and reviewing them without the phone client knowing about it. You can utilize this component to discover who is utilizing the phone at a given second. The pictures are stored in the panel and can be gotten to from any gadget on the web.

The history tracking highlight causes guardians who need to monitor the substance their youngsters look for on the web as the guardians can get to the web history without the kids thinking or knowing about it.

You can follow the location of the phone while utilizing Hoverwatch.

You can know whether the client changes the SIM card on the telephone. Hoverwatch recognizes when a SIM is changed alongside the date and time. It likewise discloses to you the location where the SIM is changed.

The Hoverwatch app can be utilized as the best spy for a telephone.

 It accompanies a few secretive apps that include: 

  •  Whatsapp spy app permits you to monitor every one of the messages, calls, and sound messages sent and got and the location tracking and call recording. It is likewise covered up except if the client has a clue about being spied on.
  •  This app gathers specific information for the other apps like Snapchat, Viber, Skype, and even MMS/SMS tracking, given that the apps are introduced on the objective phone.
  •  Other similar operatives incorporate the Viber spy app, Snapchat spy app, and other apps that play a similar capacity.
  •  You can see every one of the contacts of any phone and even see the new contacts that are incorporated. The contacts may set aside some effort to appear; however, they appear in the long run.
  •  The internet can get you to them. This component is helpful because you should know whom your employees mail or message and whom your kids converse with.
  •  You can see the screenshots taken by the objective gadget.
  •  This element is off by default; however, you can turn it on, and the screenshots are kept in the distributed storage for 30 days before being erased.
  •  You can follow the to-do list of the objective client by utilizing Hoverwatch Track Phone. The schedule notes can be seen on the app dashboard on the web.

What Do You Need to Know to Install the Hoverwatch App to Track Android Phone or Monitor any Device?

Before installing the app, you need to know that:

  • Hoverwatch monitors all the data of your target cell phone device and has access to all the calls and messages. Even the front camera is accessible.
  •  Your location information is provided to the Android and ios devices app for tracking purposes.
  •  You need to create an account for installing the app and get started.
  •  You have to buy a subscription to unlock all the features of this app.
  •  You can try the demo version before buying a subscription. The subscriptions are a little costly, but they make up for the features that they provide.
  •  Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices 1 month $24.95  $49.95  $149.95  3 month $59.95  $99.95  $299.95  1 year $99.95  $199.95  $499.95
  •  Premium features like camera access and spying on different apps help keep a check over the target device. So, the product is price friendly due to the features provided.


How To Track Phone Location

All that is left for you to do now that you understand how to monitor a cell phone’s position is to attempt the approaches I discussed above by your requirements. Whichever approach you decide on, you’ll be grateful you did later.

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