What is the Best Laptop for Artists?

best laptop for artists
best laptop for artists

Art may seem like a non-digital activity. But from graphic design to web design, many artists use digital tools.

As more artists use computers for their work, they need to switch to the best laptop for artists. Keep reading to learn what makes a laptop great for art and how to choose the one for you.

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best laptop for artists to Consider

When looking for the best laptop for artists, you should think about a few popular choices. Everyone has different needs and preferences, so what works for a friend might not work for you.

So, what laptop should you buy? Here are a few models to consider.

Apple MacBook Pro

Recent software updates for Apple computers have made a huge difference for artists. If you get a MacBook Pro with the most recent Mac OS, you can use many popular art programs.

Macs work with Adobe programs, and the App Store has some unique art programs to try. But the biggest benefit comes with having a recent iPad model.

You can use the iPad as a second display, but you can also have it mirror your MacBook. So if you use a stylus on your iPad, you can use it to draw on your laptop.

Microsoft Surface

If you prefer Windows computers, you can’t go wrong with the Microsoft Surface. You can choose from an older or newer model depending on your budget.

These laptops work as tablets and have touch screens, making them perfect for drawing and sketching. You don’t need to worry about pairing a tablet with your laptop.

When you want to draw, you can move the keyboard out of the way. Then, you can focus on your art. And you can use one of the many art programs available on Windows.

ASUS Zenbook

The ASUS Zenbook is another excellent laptop for artists. It’s lightweight, so easy to take to a coffee shop or on a trip. You can use many of the same programs as if you had a Microsoft Surface.

This laptop has a keyboard that folds around so that you can focus on the screen. Artists can use the feature to draw or design their art.

The laptop has plenty of battery life to get you through the day. And it has a lot of ports you can use to connect SD cards and other devices to help with your art.

Lenovo Flex Series

The Lenovo Flex Series laptops are great for artists. They have many of the same features as the ASUS Zenbook, but these laptops are slightly more affordable.

Both laptops aren’t cheap, but they’re also not as expensive as the MacBook Pro or Surface computers.

The Lenovo Flex series laptops have good battery life and plenty of ports for you to connect different devices. They’re great for on the go, but you can also use them at home.

Factors to Consider before purchasing best laptop for artists

Many excellent laptops work well for art, but not all of them.

You need to choose a laptop that’s powerful enough to run your art programs. And if you’re in art school or a professional artist, you’ll need a long battery life.

Here are a few things you should consider and why they can make or break the best laptops for artists.

Large Screen

You can get a small laptop for your art, but it will make it harder to see certain details. Look for a laptop with a decent screen size and a high resolution. That way, you can see the various colors you use, and you can see the details and the bigger picture.

You don’t need a massive laptop, but consider testing a laptop before you get it. That way, you can make sure it’s comfortable to use and you can do most of your common art projects on it.

Most laptops are between 11 and 17 inches, so test some of each size. You may find you don’t need the biggest screen to do your art. But you also don’t need to settle for a smaller screen.

Fast Performance

You also need to consider how a laptop performs. If running Adobe InDesign or Photoshop requires a lot of power, you’ll need a more powerful computer.

That way, your computer won’t run slowly when you use those programs. If your computer runs slowly, that can make using it stressful and annoying.

And if you use it for art every day, that will get old quickly. If possible, choose the most powerful laptop you can find. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing speed while running art software.

Software Compatibility

If you already have a favorite program for art, you’ll need to choose a laptop to run it. While many programs are compatible with both Windows and Mac, not all work on both operating systems.

That could narrow down your choices for the best laptop for artists. You can switch to a new program when getting a new computer. But that will take a lot of time.

You’ll have to learn how to use the new program and possibly a new operating system. That may be okay if you just do art for fun. If you’re a professional artist, you should stick with what you know.


You may also want to consider if you can take your laptop to work, school, or elsewhere. Think about how easy it will be to put the laptop in your backpack or a laptop bag and take it with you.

Along with portability, you should consider how durable a laptop will be. The more you travel with it, the more damage it could incur.

You’ll also want to consider how often you need to charge your computer. If you need to always plug it in, you may want to choose something else to use on the go.


The Best Laptop for Artists

The best laptop for artists depends on the programs you use and your preferred operating system. Apple MacBook Pros are great for people with iPads and who want to test out the Apple App Store.

But the Microsoft Surface is an equally good option for Windows fans. It can work as a laptop and a tablet, making it flexible for artists who want to sketch on the computer.

Want to learn more about the best laptops? Check out our buying guide.

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