7 Best Ways To Use Clickfunnels For Small Business

clickfunnels for small business
clickfunnels for small business

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How To Use Clickfunnels For Small Business?

Do you want to know about clickfunnels for small businesses? Studies show that an astonishing 79% of marketing leads are never converted into a sale. This is important because businesses spend a large amount of time and money on marketing efforts with the singular goal of increasing sales.

What strategies have you used to bring in new customers? Where is your business focused on growing currently? How do you plan to continue finding new customers? Keep reading to learn more about what are clickfunnels and ways you can use them to grow your business:

14 day free trial ClickFunnels For Small Business
ClickFunnels For Small Business

1. What Are Clickfunnels and How Can They Help Your Business?

Have you ever wondered how to make your small business grow? Or how to scale your existing business? The overall concept of clickfunnels is to create a system that will guide each prospect to conversion for your business. The funnels will take in leads and churn out customers if they are set up properly. How can this help your business?

More leads mean more potential customers and more customers lead to more potential sales. With clickfunnels, you can make this process more efficient and increase productivity within your business activities. The benefit of this is that it can grow with your business and still work the same way. We help customers who are looking for answers about laptops and the many accessories that go along with them. Clickfunnel software is an option for business laptops and we look forward to sharing more about what that looks like.

2. Emails

Emails have been an important part of business communication since its inception, for both internal and external use. Utilizing clickfunnels for email is a popular reason for investing in it. Email communications need to be organized and have direction within the sales process. There should be specific email processes for onboarding new customers, following up with recent customers, and engaging customers that showed interest but did not purchase.

Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents
Clickfunnels For Real Estate Agents

3. Sales

The sales cycle can be unpredictable. Every customer is unique and has different needs with a different decision-making process. Shortening this process is the goal of every sales team. Figuring out the most efficient way to move from initial interest to purchase is important.

Creating sales funnels can assist in this area. By creating a sales funnel, you can create opportunities to get customers to buy and return as repeat customers in the future. Unlike the traditional process of sales, sales funnels use the initial purchase as the beginning of the relationship with the customer instead of the end.

4. Automation

This is a big buzzword in the business world right now. How can you create a system in which your business works, even when you have already clocked out for the day? Clickfunnels can help with your automation efforts because they use automation as a part of the process.

Simple services, such as the ability to automatically respond to emails, can save you time while continuing to move your customers closer to a sale. This will allow you to step into the process only when human interaction is needed and not take up time answering simple questions or getting basic information from the customer.

5. Manage and Create Memberships

Creating and managing memberships can help your business grow because you will be creating buy-in for the products and/or services that you offer. Brainstorming innovative ideas for company growth and then evaluating them to see what membership options could be made from them. Membership perks can be a marketing strategy for online boutiques to use to help the customer feel like they are receiving an exclusive deal.

6. Business Data

A beneficial use for clickfunnels for small businesses is the ability to see if your prospects have been converted and what is working to reach them. One way to do this is through the use of affiliate links within your content. When a customer uses this link, you will be able to know if they converted or not. Keeping business activities organized is important and clickfunnels can use the data that you gather to make processes more efficient. If you discover that there are more actions from an email that are 100 words or less, then you can focus on crafting emails of that length continuing to make adjustments as needed. Without the ability to track this business data, your business activities could get lost in your CRM database. This could lead to lost customers due to simply not following up on time.

7. Educate Others

Do you sell a product that requires setup? Do you offer services that you would like potential customers to know about? Regardless of the nature of your business, there is always an opportunity to provide value to your customers. Education is one way to do this.

Making your customers aware and more educated about how your products or services work will help to get them more comfortable with using your product or service. This will also slowly build brand loyalty because you are investing in something that delivers value directly to the customer.

Whether you decide to integrate this education into your website or host it on another platform, you can customize it into a user-friendly process for them to go through. Tracking how many customers utilize this option will help you see where new opportunities can be created.

This education could also be monetized in the form of consulting when you share information on how to solve an issue the customer is dealing with. You can create both free and paid options for them to choose from.

ClickFunnels For Small Business
ClickFunnels For Small Business


Now that you know what are clickfunnels for small businesses and how they work, you can start using them to benefit your business. Find areas within your business that could be run with clickfunnels and begin mapping out what that would look like, from the first contact to purchase and follow-ups. Contact us today to learn more!

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