How to remove marker Ink from laptop screen?

How to Remove Marker Ink from Laptop Screen
How to Remove Marker Ink from Laptop Screen

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If you have kids in the home you must be extra careful about them while keeping your electronics in a safe place where they can’t reach. It could be hard to remove sharpies from your laptop screen because the abrasive cloths and cleaners are not good for your laptop screen. In this article, you will learn how to remove marker ink from laptop screen.

If you have kids in the home you must be extra careful about them while keeping your electronics in a safe place where they can’t reach. It could be hard to remove sharpies from your laptop screen because the abrasive cloths and cleaners are not good for your laptop screen. In this article, you will learn how to remove marker ink from the laptop screen.

You need to try removing the ink by using the pink eraser first. If it’s a stubborn stain then use 1 part isopropyl rubbing alcohol with 2 parts of water mixture and use a lint-free cloth to remove the stain.

You can also use a tricky way, like using a black dry marker over the permanent marker to remove sharpies marks. The solvent in the formula removes the stain.

How to remove marker Ink from laptop screen?

Yes, it is possible to remove marker ink from the laptop screen by using isopropyl alcohol and distilled water mixture. Remove with a soft cloth by putting on the mixture, and be careful while applying it.

It may drop to the laptop’s vents and cause you more damage. Do not use window cleaners or citrus-based products. These products can harm your screen texture and can cause scratches by applying them directly. So, you must have the best things to clean your laptop screen like lint-free soft cloth.

Remove stain from laptop screen using toothpaste

The laptop’s delicate screen needs extra care if you have sharpies on it to remove stains. You can use baby wipes and put some toothpaste on them to gently remove the stain from the screen.

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Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it off with a clean cloth. If the stain does not remove completely, repeat the procedure until the stain vanishes away.

Remove marker Ink from laptop screen by dry erase marker

It’s a bit tricky but it is a science! If you have sharpie or marker ink on your laptop screen then you can apply the dry marker to the stains. Then remove it with a little damp cloth, and then the stain will go away with a wipe.

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Remove marker Ink by rubbing alcohol

Pour in a spray bottle 99 percent isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Mix it and spray the solution onto the marker stains. Use a microfiber cloth to rub it gently in a circular motion and rub the ink stain from the screen.

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Using baking soda

Make a paste of baking soda by adding half part of the water to it. Apply the paste on the stains and gently rub over the marks. The stains will vanish in a few seconds without any harm to your laptop screen.

Remove marker Ink from laptop screen using nail polish remover

Yes, you heard it right Nail polish remover is hydrogen peroxide which can remove a marker ink stain from your laptop screen. Since it’s easy to remove marker ink from laptop screen by nail polish remover; put a little amount on a cotton ball and try to remove the ink stains from the laptop screen.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Removing an ink stain from a laptop screen by using a microfiber cloth is the best option. Just dump it in some water and remove the fresh stains. These cloths are specially made with nonabrasive texture and capture grim from the screen.

Microfiber Cloth

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Invest In a screen protector

When you finished removing stains from your laptop screen, then you should take proactive steps like putting a screen protector for preventing future stains. This is a transparent sheet that fits the exact dimension of your laptop screen and is easily available online. This cheap cost protector can save money from the damage you can face from the stained screen.

Buy Laptop Screen Protector

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Editor’s personal experience

Let me share with you my personal experience, how you can accidentally face frustrating things in your life. A few years back I left my MacBook unattended for a few minutes while I just got something to eat as I might be cooking something. My little 3-year-old son had found a sharpie from somewhere and was writing all over the screen of my MacBook Pro.

I lost my mind to see this I wanted to cry out loud as my laptop screen was totally covered with black scribbles from all edges. If you also face such a situation then don’t worry, there is a solution by dry erase markers that will help you to remove ink stains.

Whether it may be against the conventional wisdom to put on a dry erase marker but it works excellently on removing permanent markers from the screen and hard surfaces.

You just need to do re-scribble the dry erase marker over the permanent marker to remove stains from the screen. Just wait for a while and wipe it with baby wipes. Now you can apply any screen cleaner to remove residue left on the screen.

It can take hardly 10 minutes to do this job and fortunately it will remove the marker stains completely.


This dry eraser trick might work for almost every type of laptop and even on aluminum cases of the iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. It will work well on both types of screens like glossy and matte MacBook Pro.

This dry erase marker also works on other accessories of computers like Mouse, Keyboard, and trackpad. There is nothing serious issue to get worried about if you have marker ink on your laptop screen. Because they have an Oleophobic coating on your MacBook screen which doesn’t allow the permanent marker to stick forever. All you need to remove it from the above-explained options.

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