What Kind of Gaming Mouse Does Ninja Use

What Kind of Gaming Mouse Does Ninja Use
What Kind of Gaming Mouse Does Ninja Use

Who doesn’t know about Ninja? Everybody knows him; he is a professional Fortnite player. He is a Twitch streamer, Youtuber, and well-known Fortnite player. His fame is among the best players in the world because of 60,000 kills or eliminations, he currently has 11 million subscribers and 80,000 viewers. Gaming setup is important for playing competitive gaming. Ninja’s keyboard and Ninja’s mouse are two important features of Ninja’s streaming setup. Advanced lighting control and gaming headset are kept into consideration by gamers. Ninja’s headset is under consideration here to evaluate gaming performance.

His Twitch stream averages 130,000 views every single day, as he holds the record for live viewers when he plays duos with Drake. Most people want to know what kind of gaming mouse Ninja use and the configuration he uses to play Fortnite. Let’s know about him first.

In 2009 Tyler started to play Halo 3 as a professional gamer including several teams like Renegades, Luminosity Gaming 3, Cloud9, and Team Liquid2. In 2011 he became a streamer with JustinTv and moved forward to Twitch.

He accessed Steam’s Early Access program as a steamer and started playing H1Z1 and then PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Consequently, in 2017 he joined Luminosity Gaming and played as Halo, H1Z1, and then PUBG player and won an invitation from Gamescom for the 3rd person squad rank.

With the regular broadcasting of Fortnite, its audience began to grow with its popularity among people. In September 2017 he acquired 5 million subscribers. This figure increased by 25% within 6 months and in March 2018 he set the Twitch(dot)Tv record for a single individual stream for Fortnite.

Later then he organized games with his companions Drake, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Travis Scott. In April 2018 he broke his record at the Ninja Vegas event. The event was occupied by 667,000 live audiences. He won the pro-am tournament at E3 in June 2018 when he got 15 million Youtube subscribers and he monthly earns $500,000 through Fortnite’s streaming.

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His Contributions To Fundraisings Are:

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Feb 2018= $110,000
  • Battle Royale E-Sports event in April 2018=$50,000
  • Alzheimer Society= $2,500
  • Clips4Kids event with other Dr.Lupo and Timthetatman streamers
  • Total figure he helped= $340, 00010

What makes Ninja so special?

His aggressive play style is the main factor in his success, and people can learn different in-game methods by watching his Twitch Streams and Youtube videos. Also worth seeing is his entertaining gaming. You’ll need to use the settings and keybinds that pros like Ninja prefer to improve your Fortnite skills. Why not just utilize the settings that have previously been shown to work well, rather than experimenting with a variety of other options? Using these settings alone won’t make you as good as Ninja. However, you’ll start on the right foot. Here’s some advice from Ninja on how to get better at Fortnite before looking at his settings.

What Kind of Gaming Mouse Does Ninja Use For Fortnite?

As we know Ninja is the world’s best Fortnite player, so everybody wants to know which gaming mouse he uses and how to configure it. So, they also get success in gaming.

Well, here reveals the most wanted answer and that is; Ninja uses a Logitech G502 mouse to play Fortnite.

What Gaming Mouse Does Ninja Use in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Ninja uses a Logitech gaming mouse to play Fortnite. It is the best ergonomic mouse for playing online games at an affordable price. It is an awesome mouse with 12000 DPI and tunable in RGB games with the latest technology called the fly DPI Shifting.

Along with distinguished features, it can manipulate weight and balance multiple times in multiple ways while playing FPS games specifically Fortnite.

Logitech G502 

This gaming mouse has a responsive optical sensor called PMW3366 which makes it accurate and fast. The mouse’s optical sensor uses modern technology that is Logitech-G Delta Zero which increases reliable targeting and minimizes mouse acceleration when needed.

It is beautifully designed which catches one’s eye for the long time duration of the gaming sessions. It’s comfortable and does not cause any hassles and pain in the hand while playing for hours. Logitech G502 is the best gaming mouse for arthritis in the index finger.

This is a gaming mouse without friction and has a rubber grip that Ninja uses. You can customize your mouse anytime while playing different games like in RGB you can change DPI sensitivity, button settings, and sensor maximally.

It has 11 programmable buttons which are hard to believe until you get the one in your hand. Yes for sure a single mouse with 11 buttons now you think about all the customization you can make to the gaming mouse.

Fortnite requires constant building, so a Logitech mouse handy with 11 buttons would be a good gifted thing.

Consideration of the best gaming mouse, are you thinking to replace your mouse? Yes it is a great idea, it may not be the top gaming mouse for someone but can be great for you.

You can find online recommending other gaming mice for best playing like ‘DeathAdder Elite’ over Logitech G502, but Ninja proves it a top Fortnite mouse.

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Unique Features of Gaming Mouse that Ninja Uses (Logitech G502 Reviews)

Our experts researched on G502 mouse and concluded that this is the perfect mouse for Fortnite. The quick features of Logitech G502 are mentioned below:

  1. Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor

The gaming mouse Logitech G502 PMW3366 comes with the most responsive and accurate optical sensor which precisely indicates hand movements onscreen while playing Fortnite.

  1. Weight and Balance

You can enjoy its feature of tunable weight and balance by repositioning 3.6G weights for superior comfort in your hand.

  1. Resolution

This G502 Logitech has 200-12,000 dot-per-inch resolution.

  1. Customizable RGB Lighting

You can match your style and environment according to your game with up to 16.8 million colors.

  1. Easy-to-Program Logitech Gaming Software

Surface tuning; customize lighting, button macros, and much more.

  1. Customizable controls

The mouse comes with 11 customizable programming buttons and an adjustable hyper-fast scroll wheel for fast, accurate maneuvers for instant moves.

  1. Responsiveness

Logitech mouse G502 gaming mouse comes with a USB data format of 16 bits/axis and the USB report rate is 1000 Hz.

Ninja Fortnite Settings for Game Success

Let’s find out the configuration of Ninja’s gaming mouse. Here we have collected the information and explained how Ninja configures Fortnite:

  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • View Distance: Epic
  • Post Processing: Low
  • Shadows: Off
  • Effects: Epic
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Textures: Epic
  • Show FPS: On
  • Vsync: Off
  • Motion Blur: Off

Ninja Fortnite Sensitivity

  • Sensitivity Y: 0.07
  • Mouse sensitivity X: 0.1
  • ADS sensitivity: 0.300
  • Mouse DPI: 800
  • Polling Rate: 1000
  • Scope Sens: 0.300
  • Mouse: Finale mouse ultralight pro

Ninja Fortnite Keybinds / Binds

  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Reload: R
  • Sprint: Left shift
  • Crouch: C
  • Use: E
  • Weapon Slot 1, 2, 3: 2, 3, 4
  • Harvesting Tool: 1
  • Weapon Slot 5: X and W Slot 4: Z

Frequently Asked Questions about Ninja’s mouse

Is Ninja’s mouse good?

The Air58 Ninja is still a very good mouse when set aside from its extravagant marketing and exaggerated expectations. It has an excellent sensor, a cozy design, and is quite light. It’s a mouse designed for competitive first-person shooter players, and the weight is a major plus.

Does Ninja use a keyboard?

On Twitch, he has more than 16 million fans and an average of over 20K viewers per stream. What type of gaming keyboard does Ninja use to win every game he plays? Currently, Ninja utilizes a small 60% mechanical keyboard called the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB with Cherry MX Red or Speed Silver switches.

What is Ninja’s gaming setup?

The G. SKILL 64GB (4 x 16GB) TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 PC4 gives Ninja’s gaming PC system a vibrant RAM boost. The RAM package offers a 64GB (4 x 16GB) total capacity, as well as a vibrant RGB, LED lighting effect, and consistent overclocking capabilities.


The above article explained what kind of gaming mouse Ninja use for Fortnite and other games. G502 is the best choice for him and made him famous. You can even get a mark on the highest rank using this gaming mouse. This mouse is quite affordable and you can avail of it online easily.

These were all the detail related to Ninja’s mouse. If you need any further help on what kind of gaming mouse ninja use, feel free to contact us!

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