How to use laptop as monitor for switch

how to use laptop as monitor for switch
how to use laptop as monitor for switch

The Nintendo dock on Nintendo Switch enables you to connect the system to other gadgets. It contains an HDMI out port, so you can attach it to an external monitor with an HDMI cable. Although laptops have HDMI out connections as well, you cannot connect a laptop straight to a Nintendo Switch. The primary device can transmit information and signals to other devices equipped with HDMI connections, but it cannot receive signals from the same ports.

The game capture card is the sole device that can link the laptop to the Nintendo Switch. Before feeding it to the laptop, this device receives HDMI input signals and data and converts it to USB output signals.

So you realized the laptop includes an HDMI connector, and because HDMI is fully compatible. You must be thinking, “How to use a laptop as a monitor for the switch?”

For example, you can use the laptop’s screen to enjoy video games on consoles or display for the computer. You can all understand that owning a laptop and HDMI output will be beneficial- after all, it’s a portable screen.

Unfortunately, HDMI on a laptop is only possible if the device has a dedicated port marked “HDMI-in,” which is rare. There are several factors why this is not possible, but the primary one is that the incoming data must be decoded, which requires special equipment that isn’t located on laptops.

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch

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Yes, you can use the laptop as a monitor to a switch for playing games. For that purp[ose, you will need a few things.


Here is the list of things needed to convert a laptop into a monitor for playing Switch.

  • HDMI output port cable.
  • Laptop supporting an HDMI-input port.
  • Capture cards work as well.
  • A TV.
  • A Nintendo dock.
  • The Nintendo switch console.
  • A laptop.
  • Required software to run capture cards on a laptop, if needed.

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Switch?

You can use the laptop’s screen as a monitor to enjoy the Nintendo Switch games on the laptop; thus, you may leave the Nintendo Switch docked for the duration after installation. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Unplug the HDMI cord from the Nintendo Switch and the tv screen
  2. Connect Nintendo switch with HDMI port from the Nintendo Switch home screen to the HDMI In socket on the Elgato capture card
  3. Launch Game Capture HD on the laptop
  4. Click the Home icon on any linked controller to power on the Nintendo Switch system
  5. Link the capture card to the laptop using the USB connection that comes with your Elgato HD60
  6. In-Elgato game capture HD, users will see the Nintendo Switch home button after a few minutes
  7. In the top-right area of Game Capture, click the full-screen button. The application should take up the entire window

nintendo switch mario

Nintendo Switch Mario

Make sure you don’t touch the mouse and keyboard. The footage from the Nintendo Switch will immediately expand to span the screen. You may now enjoy Nintendo Switch video games on the laptop in the same way that you did on television.

How to connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop with HDMI?

On the laptop with an HDMI input source, turn on the display button. You’ll want an HDMI connector USB cable on the computer if you want to show the Switch on the laptop. Sadly, the HDMI input connector is present on a few devices. The HDMI on the laptop is likely the output connector.

What Is a Game Capture Card?

A capture card is a device used to capture gameplay footage from your console and mirror it to a secondary monitor, PC, or laptop screen. It has an HDMI input port that allows HDMI signals in. It then converts the HDMI signals to USB signals transmitted to the laptop. This method is the only way to use your laptop as a monitor for Nintendo switch to a laptop.

Capture Cards

For this technique, a capture card with a USB port or an HDMI In connector will suffice. There are many capture cards to pick from, but Elgato chips are the most popular due to their low cost, great build, and convenience.

Using the Elgato Card, You May Convert the Laptop Into a Switch.

A capture card is a tool that allows digital data to be uploaded via converted gaming signals. It is a fantastic approach to assist game-savvy people by helping them to store and record games that they enjoy and play. The handy little device can both record and stream a game.

The Elgato card is the best, and it’s easy to get your hands on one through the online store. It’s an excellent gadget for turning the laptop into a monitor. It is a no-brainer if you’re searching for a quick way to get the installation done.

What Are the Options for Using a Second Screen?

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When buying a laptop, many people contemplate using it as a second screen, but it’s good to learn you have the choice. Laptops that are not performing at their best can be displayed if the system software is still functional. It is no longer required to store or recycle the old laptop on a bookshelf to accumulate dust. These simple steps must get you operating more effectively in no time if you’ve ever pondered how to utilize a laptop as a screen.

By attaching a second device, you can optimize the workflow in a variety of ways. The following are the most common applications:

  • Comparison of two files or programs by comparing them side by side
  • One display is used for study, and the other is used for composition
  • Keeping a separate display for chatting or messaging apps is a good idea
  • On a single screen, you may set reminders and real-time alerts
  • On one monitor, you may enjoy the big event while working on the other
  • While playing the game, you can watch your favorite YouTube player

Other Methods to Make Use of Your Laptop’s Display

How to use the laptop as a monitor for the switch without a capture card?

The Extend function allows you to see more of the primary screen by linking the laptop monitor, but you have additional alternatives for connecting. Select the Duplicate option if you wish the laptop to present the same stuff as your primary monitor. To get a great outcome, pick the Second Screen Only Option to display only the laptop.

Although a dual monitor configuration with the laptop can be beneficial in different situations, it isn’t optimal in all of them. A second screen will help view instructional materials or real-time communication for gamers. Remember that it isn’t recommended for online or graphics-intensive games. Because data transmission to the second display can cause severe lag, you should only display the gaming visuals on your primary desktop monitor.

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Is It Possible To Link An Xbox To The Laptop Using HDMI?

No signals will be sent because those are HDMI-out gadgets (unless otherwise stated), and there’s a chance you’d harm some internal hardware. Gaming capture cards may function, but they have lagged, so you’ll see an input delay that many people can stand.

Nintendo Dock

nintendo switch dock

Nintendo Switch dock

The Nintendo Dock is used to connect the Switch to a high-definition television for a large display. The loop will be similar to a TV show, which means the Nintendo Switch would be docked every time. For this, you’ll need a video capture card, which players commonly use.


  1. How do I connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV?

To hook up a Nintendo Switch to a TV, open the back cover of the Nintendo Switch dock and connect the AC adapter and HDMI cable. Plug the other ends of the AC adapter into a wall outlet and the HDMI cable into your TV. Detach the Joy-Cons, place your Nintendo Switch in the dock, and power it on.

  1. How do I connect a Nintendo Switch to hotel Wi-Fi?

First, obtain the Wi-Fi password from the front desk. Open the Switch’s Settings and select Internet > Internet Settings. Select the hotel’s network and submit your login details when prompted. After you’ve entered the password, your Nintendo Switch will have access to the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

  1. How do I reset a Nintendo Switch?

To reset a Nintendo Switch, press and hold the power button until the console resets, then release and press the power button again. To reset your Nintendo Switch without losing game saves, turn it off, press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons, and press the power button. When Maintenance Mode loads, choose Initialize Console Without Deleting Save Data.


The ideal gaming console, Nintendo Switch, gives gamers the option to play Nintendo games directly on the platform. The two techniques mentioned above should help you connect the Switch to your laptop for a larger display. They will make the process simple. You can use either of these fairly straightforward methods to view your Nintendo Switch display on your laptop.

You may be thinking about how to use the laptop as a monitor for Switch. It is possible, but the only way to do so is if you got an HDMI in. As a result, a Capture Card is the best way to link the Switch to the laptop for most people correctly. Now that you have everything you need, link the switch controller to the laptop. Before you begin, make sure you study the user guide for detailed instructions.

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