How to Advance Your Company to Be on The Right Side of Technological Disruption?

Technological Disruption

Being relevant is critical to business success. In a constantly evolving digital world, companies must keep up with digital trends to meet customer expectations. Technological disruption is changing our workplaces and the way we work. Businesses now face the challenge of deciding which capabilities they need to develop to be able to thrive in a digital world.

Numerous digital technologies and automation are gathering momentum around the world. The biggest companies in the world are investing in disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, Quantum computing, and more.

So, how can you advance your company to be on the right side of technological disruption?

Ways to keep pace with technological disruption

It takes two things to be on the right side of technological disruption- the right technology and an adaptable team. Businesses need to attract tech-savvy talent and retrain their existing employees in digitization and automation. Change management is necessary throughout the organization to keep pace with changing technology.

1. Make your processes as tech-driven as possible

Technology should not be perceived as an aid but must be woven into the very fabric of your organization. It is important to analyze your current processes to see how you can implement technology solutions in them. For example, does your company use a lot of data? How do you collect the data? Have you been manually gathering data? If so, then switching to a python web scraping tool could automate the process, making it faster and more efficient. Web scraping in python is preferred for its incredible speed. Depending on the requirements of your business, you could either use a python web scraper or a python web scraping API.

Similarly, you could look at your other processes for ways to digitize them. In short, technology solutions should become the foundation of your strategy and decision-making process.

2. Create a data infrastructure that supports your tech

Your tech-driven processes should run on the data infrastructure that you build for them. It is important to analyze, synthesize, and turn all reference points into actionable data within your tech framework. Doing so will help you identify key outcomes that could be beneficial for your entire company.

According to Gartner, data fabric is one of the top technology trends for 2022. It is about integrating data sources across users and platforms, making data available everywhere, regardless of where it is stored. When you have the right data and insight, you can develop a disciplined approach to reach your business goals.

Your teams should have access to necessary data, and they should also be able to share important data transparently. Sharing data is important if you want collaboration to work.

3. Innovation should be ongoing

84% of executives believe that their future success depends on innovation, according to McKinsey. Innovation is what keeps a company relevant and, therefore, plays a key role in business growth. Your teams also play a key role in innovation and adapting to disruptive technologies? But can you prepare for disruption if you don’t know what’s coming? Creating workshops can be immensely beneficial where everyone can discuss innovation and explore new technologies. This will empower everyone to keep track of new technology trends that could impact your business in the coming years.

4. Embrace change

Change is necessary for growth. If you don’t embrace change, you will lose your competitive edge and fail to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers. For reaching a wider customer base, it is important to adopt new technologies that will help you develop a range of products and services that your customers demand.


Keeping pace with digital transformation is not difficult. However, it requires that you adopt the right technologies to innovate your business. Only companies that embrace technological disruption can survive in the new economy. The rest will be unable to keep up.


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