How to Make Your Small Business Grow Fast Using ClickFunnels

With a startup failure rate of 90%, one of your main focuses as an owner should be how to make your small business grow. One area that seems to trouble most small business owners is marketing. Studies show 61% of marketers point to lead generation and traffic growth as the primary challenges to growth.
You might have your website and offline stores running but if your products and services are not converting, you have a massive problem. You need a consistent revenue in quick turnaround times to be profitable. Operating costs may overwhelm your business if you don’t have this setup.
Are you wondering how to make your small business grow fast? If you don’t have the time to wait around for success, here’s why you need to use click funnels.

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Make Your Small Business Grow By Going Online


In this digital era, there’s no better way to figure out how to make your small business grow fast than going online. The fastest expanding businesses are online. You’ve seen e-commerce ventures started from a cubicle growing into global brands like Alibaba or ClickFunnels.
The influence of digital media is driving most customers into the online world. One study shows 82% of Smartphone users research online to decide what they’ll buy offline.
The key to how to make your small business grow fast is to guide the customers’ online journey. Capture their attention when they are searching the web and lead them to the order button. And that’s where ClickFunnels comes in.

How ClickFunnels Help You to Grow Your Small Business Fast


ClickFunnels uses a series of steps that help to attract prospects to a specific goal. Mostly, the goal is to boost web traffic or sell your products. It may start with an online ad or some enticing content that directs prospects to a landing page.
A decent landing page can boost sign-ups or increase subscriptions. This arms you with tons of information on the leads (data) to communicate and push your offers. The next step involves presenting subscribers with offers to buy.
Reasonable offers spark interest and encourage customers to return. It’s for this reason that a ClickFunnel setup should have an upselling offer. This is an extra bait given to a customer to entice them to upgrade or upsize on the first offer.
The design of ClickFunnels gives you maximum potential to make your small business grow. But it doesn’t stop at selling. ClickFunnels can turn your customers into brand ambassadors and create perpetual cooperations.
Here are more ways of how to make your small business grow fast using click funnels.

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Automate the Sales Process


As an entrepreneur, you’re always busy creating new strategies to speed growth but time probably always seems so limited. Even when you’re a top marketer, wearing all the hats can wear you down fast. ClickFunnels addresses this issue through automation.
You can auto set up systems like abandoned cart emails and save yourself the trouble of tracking customers. Re-targeted ads can reach out to potential prospects without you lifting a finger. You can also take advantage of personalization options such as upselling offers or email follow-ups.

Build an Email List Fast


Thinking of how to make your small business grow fast? Consider email marketing. Email remains to be one of the most effective marketing strategies.
Whether you want more reach, nurturing, profits, or data, you can typically bet on a solid email for the best results. Studies show email marketing has potential returns of $42 for every dollar spent.
However, emails involve a lot of tedious tasks especially if you’re doing it manually. Click funnels helps you to build long and high-quality email lists with minimal effort. You only need a hook to lead prospects into your landing page and collect their emails in return for a freebie.
The freebie or lead magnet is usually a gift for the submitted contact information. It can be an incentive like a discount, an ebook, or a report. The content in the lead magnet depends on what your audience wants.

Split Test Offers Before Launching


With online marketing, audiences are diverse and also unpredictable. You can’t say whether a particular campaign can work without truly testing. Because you don’t want to risk your marketing budget, you might hold back on launching new campaigns.
But with ClickFunnels you’ve got the option of A/B testing ads or lead pages to see what’s likely to generate higher traffic. This doubles your chances of success while simultaneously cutting your risks.
The other advantage of split testing is that you can launch it at any stage of the ClickFunnels. You can split-test two ads, landing pages, or even the lead magnets.

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pCloud Premium

Take Advantage of Upsells


One way many business owners leave money on the table is by not offer tier products for their customers. ClickFunnels provides your customers with upselling or upgrading options. Upselling is a strategy that leverages on sales to skyrocket your profits.
For every sale, there’s an offer presented to the customer. If you met the customer’s needs in the first sale, there’s a higher chance they’ll want to prolong the relationship. ClickFunnels takes advantage of the generated interest and turns it into repeat sales from your laptop.

Launch Successful Marketing Campaigns


ClickFunnels is a growth hack for almost any business or product. Even without a large online presence, you can build successful marketing campaigns.
You can start from scratch without an email list and watch your leads increasing without being a tech whiz. No coding skills required. You also have analytics to track what ads are working better for your business.
If you want to reduce bounce rates, you can use the fishbowl funnel strategy. This shortens the customer’s journey by using a two-page funnel—the first stage to capture leads and the second one to launch your offer. You can use this strategy to sell anything without boring your prospects.


How to Make Your Small Business Grow Fast


ClickFunnels has been proven as one of the best simple strategies for how to make your small business grow fast. A powerful funnel has all the tools you need for leads generation. All you need to do is be diligent with your testing and continue to show up for your audience.
Click here if you’re looking for a way to create seamless ClickFunnels to grow your business.

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