HP vs Lenovo

There is whole chaos on the Internet related to laptops. People are generally fighting for a laptop. And I don’t understand why!

Opinions are divided on both the brand and the quality of the laptop . Very often the best laptop from Lenovo will be good for me, but it will not be suitable for the neighbor next to me.

Many people make a mistake when comparing one laptop to another because they don’t think about comparing one brand to another, on the same price range, even on the same generation. Let’s take a look of HP vs Lenovo brand laptops,

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HP brand laptops are reliable devices that are common in many countries around the world. The lineup has a large selection of devices, where each model performs tasks based on the areas of activity.

Users know HP laptops all over the world. The line of laptops from this company includes many gadgets that perform versatile tasks depending on the area of ​​activity. 

In HP vs Lenovo, The HP brand is the dominant manufacturing company, and its laptops are not much inferior to their “older brothers” desktops in terms of available functionality.

Devices from the brand have many pros, but also a few small cons.


  • stylish device design
  • a wide range of products
  • High-quality collection
  • ergonomic keyboard
  • Awesome compactness


  • Low level of reliability
  • No reasonable price for the model
  • Not a well-established matrix

Why choose HP?

In HP vs Lenovo, the HP brand goes from luxury to garbage. The Chromebooks (Google notebook) developed by the brand have a very cool design, perhaps the most beautiful this year.

The offered keyboards are comfortable and fit the sales standards for home or business use. Likewise, touchpads have useful functionality and do not leave anything to be desired. Some models developed for a business audience also show an improvement in this regard.

In HP vs Lenovo, the HP Company is large and has a wide variety of models available on the market.

You will find many different models and prices, from the most affordable to the most expensive. This will also depend on what you are looking for in a laptop.

Laptops of HP:

1.HP Stream 14-ax007ur

This laptop is an Ergonomic, stylish 14 ” thin laptop. The device helps you always stay connected on any trip and easily switch between work and communication, as it is equipped with a robust Wi-Fi antenna.

The gadget has LED backlighting on a blank screen, and after charging the battery, the laptop runs continuously for up to eleven hours. This mobile laptop is much smaller than its “brothers” and weighs only 3.3 pounds.

The device has a slightly reduced functionality, and the camera does not take very high-quality pictures.

2.HP 255 G7

The best-selling personal laptop in the budget segment. Has an ability to suppress ambient noise and keyboard noise. Using the RJ-45 and VGA mini connectors, it easily connects to all peripherals and transfers information quickly while maintaining backups. 

The device has a comfortable and neat appearance as well as a Full HD screen of good quality. Has a powerful processor that can handle the most complex graphics. 

The portable battery allows the device to work for up to 6 hours without breaking. However, it will not be possible to play heavy games on the device.

3.HP pavilion x360

This laptop is a budget portable convertible laptop that is an excellent opportunity to surf the Internet and study. Moreover, it is a unique four-mode construction and beautifully stylish design. It is equipped with an 11.6-inch touch screen with a clear and full image.

 The mobile portable device is useful for any trip, and thanks to the 360-degree rotation, the laptop can be easily placed in any position. The laptop has a grooved cover. Thanks to this, the device does not slip out of your hands. The touchpad looks like a large button, and there is also a volume button, which is not a common feature in laptops.


When it comes to college student laptops, you want something classic and up-to-date. But with this high taste, you also want something affordable, so you don’t have to go into debt building a laptop. Lenovo is one such laptop manufacturer that gives you sleekness and quality but boy, are they expensive?

In HP vs Lenovo, the Lenovo produces smartphones, televisions, tablets and a range of laptops. The great successes of the brand worldwide were the ThinkPad model and the IdeaPad.

Most Lenovo notebook computers come with Intel processors. Like Dell, dual-core processors are installed on low-cost portable laptops, while more expensive models use quad-core processors.

As for graphics in HP vs Lenovo, Lenovo stays with Intel and uses its range of HD graphics processors. In gaming notebooks, GeForce processors are used, known for their high performance.


  • Variety in Models
  • Significant in the balance of Power
  • Excellent battery life


  • Not Attractive
  • Expensive
  • Limited connectivity

 Why Choose Lenovo?

Lenovo produces several lines of laptops. Among them, the ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Lenovo, Yoga, and Legion. Each caters to different audiences – and pockets.

It is more about everyone’s tastes, but I say that Lenovo and Acer have the most beautiful design for laptops in the lower price range. 

The configuration of Lenovo laptops varies depending on the product line. Each line has a target audience

It would be best to choose your Lenovo laptop based on how you will be using the device. Depending on your objective, it is the line you should choose. 

In HP vs Lenovo, the disadvantage of Lenovo concerning its direct competition is the resolution of the image. Laptops have several screen sizes available but do not favor high-resolution screens than PCs from other brands with similar prices.

Lenovo has better customer feedback in terms of battery life. Lenovo notebook computers use 6-cell batteries, which means that battery life varies between 5 and 10 hours. If you’re looking for a durable laptop, Lenovo is the right choice.

Laptops of Lenovo:

1.Lenovo Thinkpad x1 Yoga

Do you want a slim laptop? Do you want the screen to have good lighting? Still, waiting for a laptop with an optical drive, webcam, and graphics to be able to play your favorite games? That’s a lot to ask of a laptop, and even more if you don’t want to spend much money buying a high-end laptop.

Lenovo has you covered in this Premium laptop. Weighing in at approximately 5.5 pounds and having a thickness of a 1-inch enclosed, this Lenovo laptop comes with a 14-inch high-definition screen and a built-in optical drive.

It also comes with a 1920 × 1080 high definition screen, Intel Core i7-7500U 2.7 GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX950M 2GB, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HD Camera, and integrated Windows 10

And if that’s not enough, it offers you a full range of ports to connect to other systems, 3 USB ports, an HDMI port, and a VGA port.

2.Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 720

This Lenovo laptop is specifically designed for those who have to carry their laptop from all sides and need capacity and Power at the same time. This Thinkpad is a professional traveler’s laptop. At just 3.3 pounds, you will hardly notice that you are wearing it.

With a 13.3-inch screen, a 1.6 GHz processor with 8GB of RAM, you will have all the Power you need to do any work and a battery that will last up to 5 hours on a full charge.

But merely labeling this computer a lightweight laptop would sell it a bit short. This has a few tricks up its sleeve in addition to Yoga in its name. The screen folds flat to lay flat on the computer’s bottom and features a touch screen, effectively turning your laptop into a tablet. No matter how they are more comfortable interacting with this little travel companion who has your back.

3.Lenovo Yoga 920 13

The successor to the Yoga 910 13 is not just an ordinary laptop. It is a powerful machine aimed at workaholics who do not escape the premium aesthetic aspects. An Intel Core i7-8550U supports the Yoga 920 with an integrated Intel HD 620 GPU and 8GB DDR4 RAM which can be doubled up to 16GB.

 The screen is 13.9 inches with support for 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). These specs give him the Power to bully all forms of productivity and entertainment.

The hinge design on the Yoga 920 13 (and any other Yoga series) looks unique in its own right. This hinge reminds you of the strap design of a luxury watch. Not only is it beautiful, but it also offers strong durability and long durability to fold and flip continuously in four different modes: laptop, tent, stand, and tablet. 

Lenovo Yoga 920 must already work on the Windows 10 operating system (Home edition). There is a fingerprint sensor that functions in line with the Windows Hello feature to log-in more safely.

pCloud Premium


HP and Lenovo produce several lines of laptops. Users know HP and Lenovo laptops all over the world. The line of laptops from these companies include many gadgets that perform versatile tasks depending on the area of ​​activity. 


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