A Guide to How to Use Streaming Services in 2021


Streaming services offer subscribers the opportunity to watch movies, TV series, documentaries, and so on through platforms so such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many more. In recent years, these streaming services have exploded in popularity and now have millions of users worldwide watching content on their platforms every month. You can even stream live internet content now too on smart TVs.

Here we have come up with a guide to using streaming services on your device in 2021. 

How You Can Watch Movies and TV Shows on Streaming Services Offline 

In order to watch streamed content offline, you usually firstly download the platform’s app onto your device and then download the selected episode (s) you want to watch onto your device. 

However, although the Netflix app can be downloaded onto iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, the Netflix app cannot be downloaded on the Mac. There are some ways to get around this such as installing the Windows 10 operating system onto your Mac and using it to download Netflix which will then allow you to do offline downloads. For more info about how to watch Netflix offline legally on a Mac, take a look at Setapp’s blog on the topic. For a small monthly fee Setapp membership provides you with an all-access pass to Mac and iOS apps without ads.

The Different Devices You Can Use to Stream and Watch Content On

You can stream on a smart capable TV using video streaming hardware such as Roku, the Amazon Fire Stick, Now TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and more. You can also stream movies and TV shows across devices such as mobile phones, iPads, tablets, Xbox One, and the Playstation 5. 

To Stream It is Important to Have a Fast Internet Connection

Streaming is far easier when you have a fast internet connection. When an internet connection is poor or slower, the stream tends take more time buffering and may even cut out if the internet connection is lost.

Stream Live Content on Smart TVs

Some events such as sport are always much more enthralling to follow live. Plugging in a streaming device will allow you to stream live broadcast sports on your smart TV. Streaming sport is the way forward and means you can follow the game outside, in the car as a passenger, in the local park, or wherever you may be out and about. Don’t miss out on the live entertainment.

The Flexibility and Convenience of Streaming Services 

Streaming hardware devices such as the Roku Express, Now TV, and the Amazon Firestick give users freedom and flexibility as they allow you to stream from any device with a stable internet connection. In addition, the ability to stream across multiple different devices provides you and whomever you provide access to the freedom to enjoy watching shows or live events at the same time. No one should have to miss out on the fun. 

However, be careful with who you provide the details to your account to. Make sure they are trustworthy, and you are careful not to use the exact same passwords you have also used for things such as your online banking. Having too many people using one account will mean it may become difficult for you to watch on your device. With Netflix, if over 3 people are watching content on the same account at the same time on separate devices for example, the 4th person who tries to use account and watch at the same time will be unable to do so.

Netflix, Prime Video, and Peacock can all be streamed simultaneously across 3 devices at the same time. Disney + can even be streamed simultaneously across as many as 4 devices. 

How to Use a Streaming Service on a Mobile Device

Do you want to stream your favourite movie or TV show on your mobile whilst you are out and about without Wi-Fi or access to the internet? Mobile streaming is now more popular than ever.

If the streaming service you are using does not enable offline downloads, you must first download the episode(s) onto your mobile device whilst you have access to Wi-Fi or the internet and wait to let it fully download before you leave. You can relax and kick back on the bus, train, your walk or wherever you may be and enjoy watching your favourite show and rewind, fast-forward, and pause it at any point you wish to on your mobile.

How Much it Costs to Sign Up to a Streaming Service

The cost of subscriptions to streaming services varies and depends on the provider and what the package you decide to go for offers. Some plans provide customers with access to more content to choose from. Netflix is currently the streaming service which offers customers the best value for money with the basic plan for a monthly Netflix subscription costing just $8.99, standard $13.99, and premium $17.99.

How to Know Which Streaming Service Will be Perfect for You

When choosing which streaming service to subscribe to every month, it is important to know your viewing preferences and the type of content you want to watch. Do you want to stream lots of sport? Then ESPN+ may be the streaming platform you are after. Do you have children who love watching classic Disney movies? In that case, getting Disney+ is a great choice for kids and means they will be able to pick from a range of Disney content at will.

We suggest doing a bit of research and comparing the prices and services different streaming providers offer before paying for the subscription to a streaming service. 

What Happens When I Want to Stop My Streaming Subscription?

Streaming subscriptions usually operate on a monthly rolling basis, meaning you pay a set fee every month for the service. If you then decide you want to stop paying for the subscription to the service and put an end your contract, you still will have to pay up until the end of that month. 

Nowadays, there’s a fantastic range of entertaining content you can access and stream across a variety of devices and gadgets whenever you want. In 2021, there’s more content available than ever for you to watch on streaming services.

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