Differences In Gaming Mouse Vs Normal Mouse I 7 Best Things To Know

gaming mouse vs normal mouse

Gaming Mouse vs Normal Mouse

A gaming mouse looks not much different from a regular mouse, but of its configurations and advantages of selecting the right one for you. If you are not sure which one is the best option for you then you must learn about the differences between the gaming mouse vs normal mouse.

The gaming mouse is an extension of your hand, a conduit, or a way to explore your talent as it fits in your palm. If you love gaming and are serious about it then you should have an optimum gaming mouse for your needs.

7 Things to Think About When Purchasing a Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse vs Normal Mouse

Only if a mouse suits their playing style and is comfortable to use will gamers be able to enjoy the gaming experience. Gamers can play games with a conventional mouse, but the experience won’t be the same as when they use a gaming mouse. The gaming mouse differs from a standard mouse in that it has special functionality.

For instance, a gaming mouse now supports high DPI and CPI and has better software for customizing settings. Compared to a gaming mouse, a conventional mouse is noted for having a significant latency. Furthermore, a gaming mouse needs to have sensors to keep up with faster motions than a standard mouse to be effective. The previously listed characteristics highlight the distinction between a gaming mouse and normal mice. The special features make playing games more enjoyable.

Before purchasing a gaming mouse, keep the following seven things in mind:


The specifications for a gaming mouse vary depending on the kind of game you play. As a result, the qualities that you value the most in a gaming mouse will depend on the game you intend to play. For instance, contrary to FPS players who prioritize precision and speedy tracking, RTS and MMO players will need more buttons that can be assigned to other purposes and macros.


Your unique preferences will determine which sensor is optimal for your gaming experience. On whether to use optical or laser sensors, gamers are divided. The pro-optical mouse claims that because it can give customers a more responsive sensor and gaming experience, it is the greatest sensor. Additionally, an optical mouse does not typically experience lag, in contrast to a laser mouse.


The delayed responsiveness required for fast-paced, reactive games was once thought to be present in a wireless mouse. Wireless gaming mice may now do the same tasks as wired mice thanks to advancements in technology. The two’s prices are significantly different from one another. Wireless gaming mice are thought to cost more than those that are tethered.


The definition of DPI is the number of pixels your screen cursor will move per inch of mouse movement. Therefore, the optimal DPI will be determined by the size of your screen. A higher DPI mouse is necessary if you have a larger screen since it causes a larger mouse movement on the screen per inch of movement. Your game experience could be improved by the procedure.

The physical resolution of the camera that is employed in the mouse sensors, on the other hand, is known as CPI. It displays the sampling rate per inch. Your mouse sensitivity can be determined by both the CPI and DPI. Therefore, to enhance your gaming experience, your mouse needs to have a wide range of sensitivity.


The weight of a gaming mouse is important since it affects how much fun you can have while gaming. The weight of the mouse will be important if you play video games and flick your mouse around. Depending on the user’s preferences, the weights on some gaming mice can be added or deleted.


The majority of gamers employ palm, claw, or fingertip grips to improve their gaming experience. Because it defines the weight and shape of the mouse that you will find to be the most comfortable, the sort of mouse grip style is crucial.


It is imperative to purchase a mouse that is simple to personalize to your preferences. So, when looking for a gaming mouse, think about whether or not the illumination would be distracting. Additionally, take into account the option of customizing the software and buttons to suit your preferences.

Differences in Gaming Mouse vs Normal Mouse

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Normal Mouse:

An ordinary mouse moves its position using optical sensors. There are only three buttons on it: a right, left, and scroll button. They only function for the purposes that their manufacturers have given them.

The weight of standard normal computer mice cannot be increased or decreased to meet our needs because they lack module parts. If you don’t play games and merely use computers for browsing and downloading, these menu gaming mouse are excellent.

Gaming Mouse:

For more advanced gaming, a good gaming mouse uses optical sensors as well as laser sensors. The sensitivity of the gaming mouse can be improved by using a Laser sensor to get a high DPI. It is not constrained to 3 buttons like a standard mouse. It may have many buttons, and the user may designate each button with a different purpose.

For instance, in a shooting game, you can fire by clicking either the right or left mouse button, and you can reload your weapon by pressing the R key on the keyboard. You can make this easier by designating one of your mouse’s buttons to reload the gun.

However, most of the mice have the same physical shape but they are pretty different from each other. The main differences are given below:

  1. Sensitivity / DPI

DPI means dots per inch if the mouse has a higher DPI, which means it has greater sensitivity. This is the main difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse.

When we compare them, we get to know regular mouse comes with 1000 DPI whereas even the cheapest gaming mouse has a DPI of 3200. From this, you can understand the super sensitivity of gaming mice which makes them better for playing games.

You must have read “how to hold gaming mouse” for a better gaming experience.

  1. Responsiveness / Polling Rate

The second thing is to notice the polling rate or responsiveness of a gaming mouse, as it is measured by Hertz. It is very important to know how responsive your mouse is.

The cheaper models do not display the polling rate. You can check the high polling rate gaming mouse for better performance and best playing than a normal mouse.

They usually come with a price of $20-50 but a premium gaming mouse can be 100 to 250 dollars.

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  1. Grip

Different grip patterns, such as palm, fingertip, and claw patterns, are built into the gaming mouse. Your gaming experience may be significantly impacted by the grip you select. The weight and shape of your gaming mouse are also influenced by how you hold it. Therefore, it is excellent for you to give this considerable thought before making a purchase.

Many gaming mice also include rubber grips, which will keep you firmly in place even if your hands are sweaty. If you play games with a high level of speed or aspire to be a professional player, this feature can be quite helpful. Your movements will be as accurate as when your hands are dry, regardless of how sweaty your palms are.

  1. Optical Mice vs Laser Mice

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As we all know, there are two main types of computer mice. Differences between both optical and laser mice are mentioned below:

  • Illumination Source

Optical mice and laser mice are typically different in technology, which they use to track movement. The Source of illumination in optical mice is LED light when in use. On the other hand, laser mice use a laser for illumination & indication.

Both mice have tiny low-resolution camera sensors. It is just like smartphones to take pictures of the surface and determine the movement of the mice.

  • Laser Mouse with Higher DPI

Differences in gaming mice are can be elaborated by the DPI; the laser mice have higher DPI or sensitivity. However, both optical and laser mice are proclaimed with a high DPI now for the best usage and playing games.

Graphic designers and gamers have their own choice, as they prefer optical mice with 3000 DPI or laser mice that have a resolution of around 6000 DPI for personal use.

  • Surface vs Deeper Illumination

The main difference between the optical and laser mouse is the surface. The optical mice do not work on glossy or informal surfaces but are best with mouse pads. Its sensors have less variation than one percent in tracking speed and would not work if it is not on top of a smooth surface.

Whereas, the laser light with deep illumination of a laser mouse makes it more sensitive for different variations in no time or high speed with 5 percent. A laser mouse works well on any surface, glossy or informal and this is the best advantage of a laser mouse.

You are not bound by the mousepad along with your movements because of its deep laser light.

They usually come with a price of $20-50 but a premium gaming mouse can be 100 to 250 dollars.

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  1. Customization

You should be able to modify your gameplay with the help of an excellent gaming mouse. The extra buttons of a gaming mouse will greatly expand your key binding options.

These choices are crucial if you wish to play more effectively. Depending on the manufacturer, this will be handled differently by the program. While some feature a single set of bindings that apply to every program on your PC, others let you choose multiple bindings based on the task you’re working on.

  1. Aesthetics

Many gaming mice differ significantly in appearance from regular mice. Although it’s not a necessary feature, a gaming mouse that matches the appearance of your gaming PC, including the matching LCDs on the keyboard and other components, will be a huge plus.

  1. Buttons

The majority of gaming mice will include a couple of extra buttons. You can map these extra buttons so that you can make more inputs without having to move your hands. This makes it easier for you to keep your hands relaxed while gaming and reduces the need to often switch to different keys.

Another feature that distinguishes gaming mice from regular mice is their additional buttons. In addition to a scroll wheel and left and right click buttons, most desktop mice have these features.

However, gaming mice are designed with those three as well as two or more buttons, with a maximum of 14 buttons squeezed onto the side. Additionally, the left and right click buttons of gaming mice are more durable and responsive.

Do Gaming Mouse Make Sense?

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If you take your gaming seriously, a gaming mouse is unquestionably worthwhile. What kind of games you play, though, does matter. You don’t need the additional sensitivity and buttons for a fun independent game.

A gaming mouse will be essential if you want to play a multiplayer game competitively at a high level. Only if you intend to use these functionalities does a gaming mouse make sense to purchase. You probably don’t need the mouse either if you don’t need them.

Investing in a good gaming mouse is very crucial. The difference in response time between a mouse with an absurdly high DPI and one with a reliable 2000 DPI is so negligibly small that your PC won’t be able to keep up with it anyway.

If you choose a white elephant of a design that wrecks your hand after a few hours of consistent use, the extra effort and money you put into purchasing a superb gaming mouse won’t be worth it.

If you play video games seriously a lot, a gaming mouse is a smart investment. What matters more, though, is choosing the best gaming mouse.


Gaming mice are the best options for gamers. No doubt, it gives you more customizability and options for your comfort and ease. Of course, it will make you a better player with its cool features and make you a top-level PUBG player in a short time.

The above article explained the differences between a gaming mouse and vs normal mouse. Now you have to select one by keeping good things in mind that are in gaming mice. Just you need to focus on the use not on the tools, the best fit in your palm, and make you feel comfortable.

To wrap it up, the normal mouse cannot use for playing games, but a gaming mouse can be also used for regular work. Gaming mice are pretty expensive though but if you go online and search for the best option you can get one, like on Amazon.

We are waiting for your feedback about this article. If the article is helpful for you, leave your comment in the below box.

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