Top 9 Benefits: Why Laptops Should Be Allowed In Classrooms?

Why Laptops Should be Allowed in Classrooms
Why Laptops Should be Allowed in Classrooms

Why Laptops should be allowed in classrooms?

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No one can argue that the advent of technology and the Internet has drastically changed the way. We learn, educate and deal with the world, however, no one can also argue that spending time in front of the screen distractions our technology and brings in a piece of overwhelming information that it brings can be a loss for children to handle. Why Laptops should be allowed in classrooms?

There are a lot of pros and certainly some obvious benefits. But of course, everyone is just doing all this other stuff on Facebook, and Twitter, and it’s just harming them.

It’s a double-edged sword, we really have to think about how these students are being taught research.

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It’s a whole new world; nobody has the World Book Encyclopedia on the shelves anymore like in the past. It has become easier for schools to regulate educational behavior when they do not have to constantly monitor them and check that this is what they’re doing with their laptops. So it helps them to provide better opportunities for focus and learning which schools should highlight.

So one of the things that the students being distracted and ensuring that they aren’t goofing off or things like that. However once that is in high school, it’s important to make sure that we’re giving them some responsibility to prepare them to go out into college and things like that and a laptop is a really good way to do this.

Because you want to make sure there, when they’re on their laptop they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing and things like that and giving them this responsibility.

However, some people abuse this and should say shopping online these privileges can be taken away and you can use things like site blockers to dis-encourage people from doing things like that to forget to distract them.

So, if you give them that little bit of responsibility it will really help them in the future and then also you mentioned how they a lot of there’s a lot of screen time which is spent.

However, even if this isn’t necessarily something we want it’s going to be required in the future because computers, as time goes on, will become even more relevant than they are already.

For example, a study at Oxford University concluded that 47% of jobs in the United States are at risk of computerization but at the same time banning laptops is not an option. So it’s important that the workforce of tomorrow knows how to seamlessly and intuitively interact with machines which they do by spending time on their laptops at school and things like that.

Important insights into computer use in the classroom were that first, participants spent almost 40 minutes out of every 100-minute class period using the internet for nonacademic purposes, including social media, checking email, shopping, reading the news, chatting, watching videos, and playing games.

This nonacademic use was negatively associated with final exam scores, such that students with higher use tended to score lower on the exam. Social media sites were the most frequently visited sites during class, and importantly these sites, along with online video sites

But as we’ve been mentioning earlier laptops become more and more relevant in the future according to psychological science. We want students we’re trying to prepare them to go out and get jobs and go to college instead watch videos or play games.

We want when they’re at that point for them to know how to use a laptop and not spend our time browsing social media like that. If you get your thesis written by a pro visit

Most Important Benefits of Laptops  in Classrooms

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  • So we’re going to be agreeing with the idea that laptops should be allowed in high school Classrooms. Our first point is that laptops are more effective for learning and functioning in an academic environment than with other methods.
  • There was a meta-analysis done due to Michigan State University Wood reviewing 96 other studies and it showed that overall laptop programs where each student was provided with an individual laptop.
  • Access to Software Laptops can enable students to use software programs that serve as valuable classroom aids. Examples include active learning tools, such as video clips and PowerPoint presentations, and statistical analysis programs.
  • There was a significantly positive average effect on the academic achievements of students in English writing, math, and science. So the students were able to perform that in all these areas, because of their individual laptops and what they gained from them.
  • With a laptop, college students tended to light write more in their classes. They are able to get higher education more of what they were thinking about the paper and the teachers are able to analyze this better. Now also with laptops, taking notes is much easier. You don’t have to worry about the student learning and students while the teachers are giving a lecture don’t have to worry about writing down everything saying.
  • With laptop use, it’s much easier to type something than it is to write it. So the students can kind of keep up with the teacher and appreciate the lecturer while also taking their notes. They can also easily reformat notes using a Google Doc or something like that.
  • Just with a click of a button, they can delete it, and then also while it has shown that writing things down can increase memory. If they have it in a Google Doc they can easily transfer it to a site like Quizlet, where they can study a variety of methods. Not just writing they can use audio or other things like that whichever way they prefer to study and they learn best they can use that.
  • Then also not only for students but also for teachers, they can help the students that have more academic achievement. Teachers can use applications if each student has their own laptop. The teachers can get an assignment and use an application to track to see if the students are how when they’re completing the assignments.
  • The teachers can isolate the problems. For example, if a student doesn’t have good study habits the teacher can isolate this problem and talk to the student about it. If the students fundamentally approach a problem the wrong way. The teacher can show the student where he or she is making a mistake. The teacher shows them how to fix that so they can see it on the assignment.

Laptops are good for both Teachers and the Students

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So, it is the best time to teach them would be now by giving them this responsibility and teaching them how to correctly use it, and molding them into someone who can responsibly use a laptop. So laptops can also be used if a student is far ahead of the rest of his or her.

They can be used to help that student keep learning instead of being held back by his grade level and having to say they’re the laptop with minimal disruption to the class. The student can just go on their laptop and learn the new curriculum at their own speed.

However, if you’re getting a student to a laptop this is something that they’ll be able to take home usually and things like that. So they can use this device anywhere. Most students who use laptops to take notes during lectures are fully convinced that doing so will help them do better in class.

The study that we were talking about it documented how these programs actually went into effect. We wouldn’t normally consider this tracked and or didn’t necessarily track them. One source of the distraction is visual — students sitting behind laptop users are often transfixed by what the student is doing.

But looking at the outcome of what students reported of them. Because these are documenting actual laptop programs which happened in schools and showing how the students did actually have higher achievement.

Unfortunately, studies have found that when one student goes off topic with a computer, that also damages the learning environment for other students.

In the past couple of years, we’ve gone to be in three different schools where they’ve had laptops. And in all three these teachers have used laptops for monitoring the progress of the students. They ensure that they’re learning to the best of their abilities they’ve been really using the laptops to make sure the students have been learning the best that they can and it’s had a good effect on the students.


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That’s all. It’s clear now why Laptops should be allowed in classrooms. We covered all the points and convinced you guys that Laptops are an essential part of the study. As the days are passing technology is surpassing too also. If you want to keep your pace with that you have to be aware of the gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will allowing laptops in classrooms lead to distractions and decreased productivity?

While it is possible for laptops to be a source of distraction, proper guidelines, and monitoring can help ensure that students stay focused and engaged in their learning.

  1. Can’t students just use pen and paper to take notes? Why is a laptop necessary?

While some students may prefer to take notes by hand, laptops offer several advantages such as the ability to easily edit and organize notes, access online resources, and collaborate with others.

  1. Are there any potential health risks associated with laptop use in classrooms?

Extended use of laptops can cause eye strain and discomfort, but proper positioning and frequent breaks can help mitigate these risks.

  1. How can teachers ensure that students are using laptops appropriately and not engaging in unrelated activities during class?

Teachers can establish clear expectations and guidelines for laptop use in the classroom and monitor student activity using classroom management software.

  1. Will allowing laptops in classrooms create an unfair advantage for students who can afford them?

Many schools and universities have programs in place to provide laptops to students who cannot afford them, and educators can also design activities that do not require expensive technology.

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