What To Look For When Buying A Laptop For School? 10 Important Things To Look For

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

Complete List: 10 Important things to look for when buying a laptop for school

The option is sensible, just because a laptop could be brought anywhere. It’s simpler to connect with the web so long as there is Wi-Fi available. This season, 2023, digital tablets are mushrooming everywhere. What to look for when buying a laptop for school?

College students usually need Microsoft Office to do college work; others use a desktop computer for academic purposes. A laptop with long battery life, a good processor, and a graphics card is in demand because these demanding software features are the pivot of new laptop models.

With technology today, individuals are becoming a lot more mobile. Students, business people, homemakers – all sorts of individuals – prefer running a laptop to the usual desktop.

The option is sensible, just because a laptop could be brought anywhere. It’s simpler to connect with the web so long as there is Wi-Fi available. This season, 2023, digital tablets are mushrooming everywhere. Could it be still practical to purchase a laptop?

1. Size and form

Size matters when it comes to computers. Make sure you choose the proper size for you when selecting your next laptop, depending on what you intend to use it for. Size cannot be upgraded afterward, unlike a laptop’s RAM or ROM. Make a sensible choice because you are locked into the form factor you chose initially.

The standard range for laptop sizes is 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. Three different display sizes—13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches—are typically offered by most companies and OEMs like HP, Dell, ASUS, and Acer. However, some retailers do offer laptops that are larger than this, such as 11.6-inch, 12.5-inch, and 14-inch models.

You should choose a smaller-sized Windows laptop if portability is your first goal. Compared to their larger counterparts, they are typically lighter and thinner. Look for laptops that weigh between 1kg and 1.5 kg and have a screen that is either 12.5 inches or 13.3 inches in size.

However, keep in mind that 13.3-inch laptops frequently can’t accommodate the same premium Intel Core CPUs or discrete graphics cards as their 15.6-inch equivalents.

They often also have a less varied assortment of ports. Most students need a graphics card to execute the tasks. You’ll likely need to consider a larger size if the type of work you intend to do on your new laptop calls for a larger display or separate graphics.

Beyond specific sizes, there are several different laptop classes available. Ultrabooks typically prioritize a thin and light form factor over top-tier performance. These include products like the HP Elite Dragonfly Max and the Asus Vivobook Pro 15 OLED (reviews here and here, respectively).

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

2. Display quality

You’ll probably want to make sure it’s as painless as possible to do so since you’ll likely end up looking at your laptop display for hours at a time. You will need a display for this that is relaxing to look at and easy to use.

You should first decide if a touchscreen is something you want in your future laptop. Touchscreens are widely used these days and can make some jobs easier than others. This functionality is standard on some brands. Others will request a small premium for its inclusion.

Unfortunately, choosing a touchscreen occasionally causes the display to become glossier. Glossier screens are frequently a little more prone to glare, however, this is not a characteristic shared by all touch-sensitive displays.

If you’re gaming, watching content, or performing video editing tasks, this can be a real disadvantage. Modern touchscreens are far superior to their forerunners, but some of the aforementioned aspects still exist, so if you’re more of a natural typist, you might want to think about choosing a laptop without a touchscreen.

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

3. Keyboard Quality

You should get a laptop with a comfortable keyboard if you want to type for extended periods. You don’t want to get a keyboard that includes every key imaginable (think of keyboards with crammed-in number pads), as this can make it difficult to find specific buttons like the delete or arrow keys.

The ideal keyboard should have full-sized keys, the adequate room around the arrow keys, and a comfortable layout. When you let off the keys, they should respond quickly and with enough downstroke travel.

If you plan to type on a laptop for a lengthy amount of time, you should invest in one with a comfortable keyboard. It can be challenging to locate specific keys like the delete or arrow keys if your keyboard has every key you can conceive of (think of keyboards with crammed-in number pads).

Full-sized keys, enough space around the arrow keys, and a comfortable layout are all requirements for the perfect keyboard. A good laptop bag is needed to save the keyboard.

The keys should respond promptly and with enough downstroke travel when you let them go. Similar to the display, it is advisable to try before you buy, especially if typing will be your primary work. You’ll probably feel the most at ease with what you already know here.

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

4. CPU

Any of Intel’s Core-based CPUs is difficult to beat when purchasing a new laptop. Even if you don’t understand the technical jargon, you’ve likely noticed the stickers for Intel’s Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors that are affixed to all new laptops.

When it comes to multitasking and multimedia applications, an Intel Core Processor provides the optimum performance for many consumers. Entry-level systems often use Core i3-based notebooks, while mainstream systems typically use Core i5 or Core i7 processors.

It has cloud storage space and the needed technical specifications. You can run multiple windows on a windows pc along with an external webcam to carry out the tasks.

For those of you who demand the best performance out of your laptop, choose Core i7-based computers. However, keep in mind that with a Core i7-based system, heat coming through the base of the laptop can be an issue or might lag in web browsing.

This is particularly true if you intend to use the laptop a lot on your lap. Intel’s i9 Core processors are now also seen in certain bigger laptops. Even more powerful than laptops with Core i7 processors are those with Core i9 CPUs. Although they can operate on par with desktops, they are substantially more expensive than laptops with i7, i5, or i3 Core Processors.

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

5. RAM

Hard drives were formerly extremely popular, but they are now largely out of style, especially for tiny and light laptops. This is because they may produce a lot of heat and noise, and are rather bulky and slow. On the other hand, a solid-state drive (SSD) delivers significantly more speed than a hard drive, operates quietly, and can be fitted in a form factor that doesn’t significantly increase the weight and size of a laptop.

The majority of OEMs now consider SSD storage to be the norm for laptops. If you choose an SSD for your new laptop, you’ll appreciate how rapidly it can load apps, access your files, and start up your system because storage space is an important feature.

How much storage is required is always an important question; for instance, a gaming laptop needs laptop accessories to function fully and this is why storage is important.

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

6. Battery life

The excellent battery life a manufacturer claims is rarely representative of how a laptop will perform in practice. Simply put, there are too many factors that might affect battery life. The screen’s brightness, resolution, amount of background programs, and whether or not you actively maintain a connection to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks are all factors.

Even word processing on a gaming laptop needs good battery life. The battery life of a laptop can also be significantly influenced by the operating system that it uses. Because of this, Chrome OS-powered ultrabooks and convertibles typically have longer battery lives than Windows 11-powered devices. If you play graphics-intensive games, stream a lot of web video, or operate programs that require a lot of processing.

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

7. USB Type-C

These days, you should probably consider purchasing a different laptop if it has just one USB Type-C connector. Ideally, you ought to search for a laptop with a few of these ports. Although you can get a dongle for anything on Amazon, it’s always a better bet to just make sure your next laptop has them. They’re the most used connection port in the industry.

Additionally to the standard functionality that USB Type-C ports provide (which enables you to connect an external hard drive or SSD and backup your data, as well as utilize a traditional mouse or a fancy keyboard with your laptop), USB Type-C connections are far quicker than USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors.

Thunderbolt 4 ports are the greatest option among Type-C ports. The maximum data transmission rate for Thunderbolt 4 ports is 40 gigabits per second. They also provide faster charging, which is an appealing feature, that lets you attach one or more 8K screens or multiple 4K displays to your laptop.

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

8. Biometric Security

With its Windows Hello feature, the newest version of the Windows 11 Operating System makes additional use of fingerprint readers, which are excellent for logging into mobile devices. Nobody can fake a fingerprint, yet many people can guess your password.

The best option is typically a portable PC with a fingerprint reader if you want to keep the contents of your laptop secure. Thankfully, big OEMs like ASUS, Dell, and HP frequently include this capability on many contemporary laptops.

Some people have even incorporated the fingerprint sensor into the keyboard, making it seem more like a natural addition rather than an afterthought. The processing power of traditional laptops lacks this feature, however, MacBook laptops have this in-built quality which gives it price points to stand out as the best laptop.

Furthermore, some manufacturers have gone a step further and added facial recognition technology similar to FaceID, enabling you to unlock your laptop with a quick glimpse.

Similar to Android phones, there is a difference between devices that use a 2D face unlock model and those that enable complete 3D biometrics.

Even if the extent to which it matters is primarily a question of personal preference, it’s good to see that new computers are still raising the standard on this particular front. A typical fingerprint sensor will offer more than enough security for the majority of users.

What to look for when buying a laptop for school

9. Build quality

Despite our best efforts, most laptops will eventually find themselves being dropped, thrown, and knocked around by the rigors of daily use. Because of this, it’s important to find out how much testing a laptop has gone through (the maker frequently brags about it) and whether it has any form of accreditation you can trust.

To survive rain and dust, modern laptops are frequently ruggedized. Some have military-grade protective certifications and are created specifically for harsh educational environments. MIL-STD 810G is the one you’ll encounter the most frequently.

Despite our best efforts, the rigors of daily use will eventually lead to the majority of laptops being dropped, thrown, and knocked around. In light of this, it’s critical to learn how much testing a laptop has undergone (the manufacturer frequently boasts about it) and whether it possesses any reliable accreditation.

Modern laptops are usually ruggedized to withstand rain and dust. Some are designed expressly for challenging educational situations and have military-grade protection certifications. The one you’ll come across most frequently is MIL-STD 810G.

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10. LTE, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet

Should I buy a laptop with LTE?

This is a crucial query to ask before making a laptop purchase. Laptops with LTE can connect to mobile data signals, unlike laptops with built-in network cards. This implies that to execute basic tasks your laptop can connect directly to a mobile ISP for internet access rather than having to connect to a wireless network at home, at the office, or Wi-Fi hotspots.

The biggest advantage of this is that you can use your laptop almost anywhere—outside, on public transportation, or even on the beach. This choice can be ideal for you if that convenience appeals to you. There are a few restrictions, though.

You will have to pay for the privilege because LTE technology is only available in more expensive laptops. Additionally, to use your LTE, you must either have a data plan or purchase prepaid data, exactly like with your phone. As a result, the speed of the network connection on your laptop and the quantity of data included in your plan will both have an impact on how you experience the service.

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What to look for when buying a laptop for school?

What is the greatest laptop for me personally? This Laptop buying guide 2023 can help people to find the most useful laptop for them. Especially students can get help to find the best laptop for school.

Laptop for students

For students, especially those in Senior high school and college, laptops have become essential. Students won’t make use of a laptop purely for study purposes. Students love watching videos, hearing music, just taking and sharing images, playing games, and downloading anything interesting they find online. It is recommendable that the laptop must have a large memory.

All your files on a traditional laptop might have problems because more demanding software is needed to do the work.

A tough drive over 500 GB is going to be enough for them. The laptop also should fit the stale taste of the students. Students, especially those in senior high school, wouldn’t prefer bringing a bulky laptop, or they’ll end up getting their classmates laughing at them.

It might be better to truly have a screen size of significantly less than 15 inches. The bigger the screen, the bulkier and weightier it is. Oh, keep in mind an extra battery, since the laptop will surely be employed for a lot more than 7 hours.

It is not enough to guide you to select the best laptop for school in this buying guide. Furthermore, let me know some basic guidelines if you are running a business.

Most students need demanding applications to do the same tasks which were previously easier to execute. Tasks such as making presentations need more power and a bigger screen size to work.

Here I will guide you with some important points that must be considered before buying a laptop for business.

Laptop for businessmen

However, businessmen would rather have a laptop that may have the task done as quickly and effectively as they possibly can. It is recommended to purchase a laptop with a Corei7 processor that runs on 2.6 GHz or faster. The hard disk should be 7200 RPM or even more. Fast hard disk drives could do the duty faster.

Do not worry about the memory. A businessman centers on work, maybe not on leisure, unlike students. So 250 GB memory must be enough. It’s also essential that the laptop is manufactured by a known and trusted company. Therefore it should either be considered an HP, Lenovo, or a Dell.

Just about all notebooks still include cheaper HDMI hook-ups and Wi-Fi, so make sure that you’ll be in a position to handle the workload as well as your load of entertainment for an extremely affordable price. Please don’t settle for under it deserves, and don’t hesitate to shop around between retailers.

You can have a laptop budget savings without sacrificing substance. Writing papers for business models require a laptop processor and good battery life to complete the work. The latest tech news is talking about operating systems and mobile workstations for new business ideas.


I hope this Laptop buying guide will help clients purchase the most useful laptop for daily computing.

Discover the laptop that is right for you. At LaptopsChamp, you can compare top-rated laptop computers. Our latest laptop reviews in 2023 help you to sort out the best laptops, make informed buying decisions, and update laptop reviews every day!

Furthermore, you can find the best answers to your questions related to laptops. Our editors are waiting for your response to your queries. So, feel free to post your questions in the comments. The budget laptops possess all the software in discounted laptops to be the best laptops.

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