What to do with old computers that still work

What to Do With Old Computers That Still Work
What to Do With Old Computers That Still Work

Everything got up an update or upgrade every year, same in the case of computer systems. They are running with the time up-to-date and getting smaller and smaller but more efficient. But it doesn’t mean, you have to waste the old one. So here is the question of what to do with old computers that still work? Means how we can recycle them how they are working perfectly but not up-to-date.

Here we will suggest the best ways to reuse old ones. Yes! You heard right you may use your old computers in different ways.

At a certain point in your computing period, your system loses that shiny and attractive look or its design doesn’t remain in the trend anymore. But that’s working perfectly, what is its mean? You have to waste that computer! No never. You can again keep that system in your room by just changing its body or design.

It’s quite better to reuse that system by just changing some parts of it instead of buying, spending, and wasting money on the new one.

Recycling of Old Computer Systems

According to the latest record electronic waste in which old computers are majorly involved, is the most increasing waste stream globally. As we mentioned up there, computer systems are upgrading day by day and everyone demands the latest and upgraded device. This is the main reason behind this, people are not really familiar with recycling and they threw old ones out of the door. These objections clear our purpose of this content, yes you got right! You should recycle old systems instead of wasting them.

What to Do With Old Computers That Still Work?

A lot of us don’t know old electronics can recycle in local electronic recyclers and there are also many companies that are providing this service online. You can find trusted recyclers near your residential area. Moreover, various recycling companies offer pickup services too.

Another option is selling its equipment out, but before selling those, ensure that they are totally waste and can’t be reused or recycled. Because there is no better option than using old equipment in a modern way by just changing minor things.

Anyhow, you can also use many parts of old computers in the new one. First, find the reason why are you wasting the old computer. Are you changing your system due to its old look? you can use a new body on that. Are you wasting old one for just less memory or such other certain things? You can just replace and upgrade these things. In short, my motive is, if you are buying a new laptop or desktop system don’t waste the old one. However, to find excellent laptops you can visit pcgearhunt

You can sell it

As you are buying a new computer, but at the same time, someone is searching for a computer at an affordable price with the same specification that you are wasting. So, your old computer can be at the right price and according to his requirement and he can appreciate you on this deal.

Different websites are there, that are holding an online market where you can buy or sell goods. But it is not such easy as you think, many scammers are there who are spoiling this marketing. Anyhow, to sell your good you have to provide your postal address there and some other basic info. While posting to sell your good make sure that you are providing exact specifications and information about your computer.

Moreover, you can also sell its parts like Graphic cards, RAM, ROM, and motherboard separately. There is a great demand for such things in the market.

Donate it to a local school

If you are taking more interest in buying a new computer and don’t want to sell or recycle the old one in any way. You can donate this system to any local school or hospital. Where your useless System can be beneficial for them. They can use different parts of your system in their PCs. Even this is a better way to invest your computer.

When you are donating your old computer, make sure that you had removed all your licensed software’s from your system. Because your license information can go in the wrong hands. Furthermore, much software has its privacy policy that you can use their software only at one place at a time. As in such a case they have the authority to remove your software account registration from the latest installation.

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Turn your computer in the experimental box

Have you heard about Kalli Linux? If not let me tell you about that. Linux is a small part of the black hat world used in the hacking field in the most efficient way. However, this can’t be run on every system or it can destroy your computer system badly. So if you use old pc for this purpose it will be a better way of your experiment. You can use your old system freely without any fear of out of order.

Moreover, you can also test all those hardware devices were not in use for years.

Use it as the game server

Are you a gamer and have an interest in multiplayer gaming? You know at local server multiplayer gaming there is a hosting System that is required, where you have to run the server of the game. You can donate this system to a dedicated game server. We know some people will claim that we can use a PC for both purposes of playing and dedicating servers at a time. But you should know it affects the speed of working in your system.

In case, if your pc has a high specification and can hold both things at a time, there is also one more limitation in that. The hosting server also slows down the spend of the internet in that PC as it is holding and hosting the entire server, which can be a cause of higher your ping of the game and lagging.

Make it secondary System

What to do with old computers that still work? You can use old computers in the office for holding data. If you are a content creator and it irritates you to switching different programs in a system at a time. You can open the required application on another PC which will make you a complex of your projects quite easy.

This step will not only make your work easy but also improves the speed of working of your computer, as it has not to open different applications at a time.

You can also use the old computer system to manage and holding data. It’ll not only save your memory but also keep your data separate. In such a way you can also save the old data that you may need in the near future. It can be used to represent anything on the projector in office, where it would be permanently attached to the projector where you just have to insert your data to represent.

Security systems

As we all know about the coverage of CCTV cameras, it just shows and saves the recorded video. If your question is what to do with old computers that still work? Here is the best way of it, to use for security purpose. Your computer can be permanently attached to the cameras, where it can show live coverage moreover it can safely store all recorded data.

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