Handshoe Mouse Review

HandShoe Mouse Review
HandShoe Mouse Review

In this particular HandShoe mouse review, we are covering a distinctly developed mouse by Hippus. The HandShoe mouse is certainly the very best ergonomic mouse to prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) or (CPS).The HandShoe Mouse looks similar to a traditional two button mouse, but it’s much larger and provides a place for your whole hand to rest instead of just two fingers and your thumb.The HandshoeMouse is the only mouse on the market that is truly ergonomic, with a design based on extensive scientific research. Prevents and may even cure RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Based on extensive field tests, we have developed a mouse that actually tackles RSI and CTS. While you can still work comfortably. Especially suited for creative professionals, in all fields Being productive is important. The HandShoe mouse is available in wired and wireless version. Luckily, you can use the mouse while it’s recharging and connected to a USB port using the included mini USB cable. The HandShoe mouse does not use Bluetooth as a connection method.

Hippus Wireless Light Click HandShoe Mouse M2UB-LC (Right Hand, Medium, Black)

Hippus Wireless Light Click HandShoe Mouse M2UB-LC (Right Hand, Medium, Black)Designed for right hands, sizes 6.9″- 7.7″

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HandShoe Mouse Review

People will instantly recognize its patented contour when you see it. This specific ergonomic mouse was in fact designed by means of professional medical research. It is built with a particular specific purpose to address RSI and CPS in your workplace.

The medical research was completed by scientists at the Dutch medical Erasmus university. Needed 2 years of screening prior to launching the actual HandShoe Mouse on the market is a really ergonomically mouse.

HandShoe Mouse Review

HandShoe Mouse Review

The tests were done in large organizations. Distinctive equipment was used to evaluate and appraise the HandShoe mouse along with eight additional ergonomic mice.

There are plenty of health-related publications showing that, indeed, the HandShoe mouse reduces the pain a lot better than every other (ergonomic) mouse. This ergonomic mouse shows up more and more in ergonomic mouse reviews all over the web.

A small modification to the mouse technique

Not everyone can easily acclimate to using their forearm as the mouse; some people find it challenging. Although we’re accustomed to moving regular mice with our wrists, this is hazardous for them (the wrists, not the mice). The wrist can stay straight with forearm control, but movement precision suffers as a result. The secret is to lower your mouse pointer speed all the way in the Windows control panel to begin with. This pace will feel slow as you become more adept at using a forearm-controlled mouse like the Handshoe, but you can increase it again.

Your arm needs assistance.

Even though the Handshoe user manual is brief, it makes one thing quite clear: When using the Handshoe mouse, keep your arm tight. Regarding arm supports, I’ve heard a variety of viewpoints, but for myself, I have to concur with Hippus. Without a chair arm, using a large mouse like the Handshoe will only result in aching, fatigued muscles from the neck to the wrist.

Durable and well-built

The Handshoe seems to be fairly durable, in contrast to several specialist mice. The buttons seem strong even though they are simple to press, and the scroll wheel is smooth but firm. I can see the mouse lasting for a number of years as long as you don’t do anything dumb with it, like swing it from its cord or let the dog use it as a Frisbee.The finish is matte, not gloss, so it feels nice to the touch and doesn’t show fingerprints.

This mouse needs room to roam

If your current mouse is clinging to a small corner of your desk, some changes will need to be made. The Handshoe has a big enough footprint to completely cover some mouse pads, leaving no room at all to move the mouse. Personally, I’m not a big fan of mouse pads anyway. They’re a leftover from the bad old days of ball mice, which actually needed friction to operate. The Handshoe, like all current mice, is optical. If you have a reasonably smooth desk surface, I suggest that you throw away your mouse pad and clear an area at least 10″ wide, more if you can manage it.


The Handshoe mouse dwarfs this Microsoft 4000 ergonomic mouse

To get the space needed for the Handshoe mouse, you may even have to switch to a narrower keyboard. I think everyone should consider doing this anyway – the numeric keypad on a standard board simply pushes your mouse too far away. If not, it causes you to move the keyboard itself, placing the leftmost keys out of reach and twisting your wrists. If you don’t need the numeric keypad at all, you can buy a keyboard without it, like one of these narrow models. If you use the numeric keypad, Logitech’s affordable K300 compact keyboard has a smaller footprint without giving up ten-key. I have one of these Logitech keyboards myself, and while it’s not my favorite, it totally beats a standard board.

Trying to operate the Handshoe mouse without sufficient space can be a little frustrating. I know this from experience, because I’m doing it right now on the platform I normally use for my smaller Contour Mouse. Every so often, the Handshoe bumps into the keyboard and I have to pick it up to reset its position. Only it’s hard to do that, because there’s no great way to pick this mouse up with one hand. The best I’ve been able to do is rock the mouse to the right and scoot it over – less than ideal, but it works.

It’s sort of portable.

Although the Handshoe is the world’s largest mouse, Hippus has attempted to make it portable as well. This is useful if you want to transport your Handshoe from work to home or on trips. The cable on the wired model is detachable, which I have never seen before on a mouse. It’s not even a special cable; it’s just a regular tiny USB connector on one end and a basic USB connector on the other. Winding up the cable individually may make the mouse more compact for travel. Of course, if you spend a little more and get wireless, you won’t have to deal with the cable at all.

Additional buttons, but no programming

One reason I went for the extra-large rather than the large is because you get one extra button. I like center-clicking but don’t like having to smack down on a small mouse wheel to get it.

Unlike other mouse with extra buttons, the Handshoe does not come with any software to customise its functionality. Everything is set to the operating system’s default settings. So, on Windows, there are three types of clicks: left, right, and centre, with the centre click serving as both the scroll click and, confusingly, the rightmost button.

In some ways, I wish the buttons were programmable, as they are on the Evoluent vertical mouse, but in others, I’m pleased they aren’t.

Why use HandShoe ergonomic mouse?

In this article, we would like you to know, that a Western European study demonstrated that one in six laborers are affected by RSI. So this is a widespread issue that the HandShoe Mouse endeavors to handle.

In Dutch, the word “HandShoe” in fact means “glove” and so Hippus, the makers of the ergonomic HandShoe Computer mouse, want you to remember their computer mouse as: “the sole computer mouse that fits like a glove.

It truly is a clever marketing buzz. Although in this exceptional situation these people, in fact, have got a fabulous champion on their hands.

8 Benefits of HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse

  • The particular patented form of the HandShoe mouse is unlike others that you can buy as it totally supports your hand.
  • It also stops “gripping and pinching” which is proven to be the most common cause of RSI and CPS.
  • On this ergonomic mouse, the thumb gets its relaxing very own groove to rest on. With different ergonomic mice, your thumb is actually along the side of your mouse.
  • The purpose of this is to take care of the entire hand from touching the mouse pad and also from gripping in addition to pinching.
  • There is no skin connection whatsoever, and it also results in a far more comfortable operating condition when your hand or thumb isn’t continuously rubbing a person’s desk surface.
  • The rest of the fingers are placed on the opposite side of the computer mouse, with smaller-sized left and right buttons that require very little effort to push.
  • This is exactly to avoid the event generally known as hovering, which can trigger soreness in the hand entirely up towards the wrist, elbow plus neck.
  • By using your HandShoe computer mouse, you can feel immediately stress-free.

More about HandShoe mouse

You know that Hippus is serious about ergonomics because this computer mouse can be purchased in different sizes, depending on the size of a person’s hands. There are actually 3 mouse sizes for small to large hands. And on top of that these people offer these products for right and left-handed persons.

Ergonomic Mouse Review

HandShoe Mouse Review

Many suppliers of ergonomic mice just stop at one size and also overlook the actual left-handed consumer; nevertheless, you won’t be kept in the cold with the HandShoe Mouse.

It’s available in wired or wireless and utilizes Blue Ray Track technologies for laser precision. Additionally, there is a scroll wheel that we have come to expect in all our mice naturally. It is a universal serial bus (USB) compatible.

At the end of 2010, the product earned the highest endorsement from an ergonomic mouse review at the Ergo Expo. It is also the receiver of rewards in 8 ergonomic categories which include hand, joint, wrist, as well as shoulder pain relief.

Hippus Wireless Light Click HandShoe Mouse M2UB-LC (Right Hand, Medium, Black)

Hippus Wireless Light Click HandShoe Mouse M2UB-LC (Right Hand, Medium, Black)Designed for right hands, sizes 6.9″- 7.7″

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For RSI or carpal tunnel patients who want dimension options as well as a mouse that will suit these people like a glove, the HandShoe is the best ergonomic mouse to get.

FAQS handshoe mouse review

What exactly is a HandShoe mouse?

The Hippus HandShoe Mouse is an ergonomic mouse that fits perfectly. The normal computer mouse is frequently too small for the hand. Because of its design, your hand and fingers are forced into an awkward grasping position. It is uncomfortable. The HandShoe Mouse was created with these issues in mind.

How long does it take to become accustomed to using an ergonomic mouse?

It may take some getting accustomed to, as with anything. We advise you to use your new ergonomic mouse for at least one week. If the vertical mouse is the right one for you, you should notice an improvement in symptoms during this time.


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I’ve been using the HandShoe mouse for several weeks and have noticed a minor improvement in my hand. It’s not the mouse’s fault that I haven’t noticed additional improvements because I’ve only been using it at home. At my day work, I use a standard mouse. So far, I’ve only used the HandShoe about 35% of the time. I intend to use the mouse at work and will return to this evaluation in a few weeks.

The HandShoe mouse’s major flaw, in my opinion, is its inability to perform delicate cursor motions. I perform a lot of image editing and noticed that I kept moving the cursor past the place where I required it to be. I adjusted the mouse sensitivity settings on my MacBook, which helped, and I’m hoping to become better with practise.

Aside from the fine cursor movement issue, I really like this mouse. It’s easy to use and could be just what the doctor prescribed for my hand issues. Time will tell, so stay tuned for an update in a few weeks.

If you usually undertake routine computer jobs that don’t demand pixel precision and wish to protect your dominant hand, the Handshoe mouse is a must-have. It may appear to be a clog sitting on your desk, yet it is a joy to use. Strongly recommended!

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