How To Use A Bluetooth Headset In A Laptop? [Quick and Easy Trick]

How To Use A Bluetooth Headset In A Laptop

In this day and age, using headphones has become a widespread practice. Many improved models with the capacity to link with any device are available on the market. Using a splitter, you may quickly connect additional wired headphones to a laptop. What if you wish to make the switch to wireless?

That may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Thanks to technological advancements. You must connect two headphones at the same time if you want to play actionable games with a friend or connect with two people on the same call in an enterprise scenario. However, it’s always annoying when you learn that linking the devices isn’t enough.

How to use a Bluetooth headset in a laptop?

A Bluetooth headset is a kind of wireless device that can be used for communication. The Bluetooth headset is also called the Bluetooth headphone; it has earphones and Bluetooth receivers in one unit. It can connect to Laptop, mobile phone; tablet PC, etc. through Bluetooth. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of Bluetooth headsets in laptop, one is a stereo wireless headset that not only uses Bluetooth technology but also has the characteristics of an MP3 player. The other one is a mono Bluetooth headset that just serves as a hands-free device for mobile phones or computers without any features of an MP3/MP4 player. As time goes by, both kinds of these products have grown up quickly in the market because more people have started using them for their daily life communication.

Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more popular, especially for PC users. Headset manufacturers like Plantronics model M2500 Office Wireless show that this trend is here to stay. It easily plugs into your laptop or netbook via USB port, while enjoying wireless freedom within 10 meters (33 feet) range without worrying about the location of the USB adapter (USB Bluetooth dongle). Those models can be purchased in retail shops for around $100 – $150 bucks. But if you need a Bluetooth headset instantly for limited-time use, I have another way to do it at no cost using computer speakers.

Basic Checks for Bluetooth headset in a laptop:

Make sure,

  • Bluetooth on Windows 10 is properly set up. If you’ve been having Bluetooth problems with other devices, you need to fix them before you can connect a device. You can connect Bluetooth headphones from both the Settings app and the Control Panel app.
  • Make sure the device i.e. the Bluetooth headphones are properly charged. Additionally, make sure it isn’t paired and connected to a different device like your phone.
  • Make sure the device is in range.

What do You need?

You will need;

  • Your Bluetooth headphones on hand
  • The manual for your Bluetooth headphones. You can probably find it online if you’ve lost the one that came with it.

Bluetooth headsets aren’t designed specifically for usage with mobile devices, but also they are designed for Bluetooth headsets laptop. Your headphones can pair and connect with almost anything that can connect to a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth headphones often have the means to authenticate the connection to prevent them from pairing or connecting with unauthorized devices. Authentication is usually done by pressing or holding a button on the headphones. This is where the instruction manual for your headphones comes in handy. Look under the portion that explains how to put it together. Although the instructions are for a phone, they will work on other devices as well. Learn how to fix connections to Bluetooth audio device and wireless displays. Mac iOS Pairing Most older Mac operating systems through Mac iOS 10 have Bluetooth capability with a variety of devices, including a Lenovo Bluetooth headset. The icon is seen in the upper right corner of the screen in the menu bar, with the date, time, battery life, and wireless connection strength.

Here are simple steps:

  1. To begin, make sure you understand how to pair your headphones with your phone via Bluetooth. Plugin your pc speakers with a headphone jack, and then turn on your speaker volume by rotating the volume knob at the back of the speaker. when a notification appears that a new Bluetooth device was found, select Connect. Put the headphones in pairing mode, type “Bluetooth” into the Start menu field, head to the Bluetooth settings menu, and select the headphones to connect them to the PC.

Settings 1

  1. Select Settings from the Start menu on your PC. Above the Power button is a gear-shaped symbol. If you prefer, you may search for the Settings app in the Start menu search box by typing “settings.” Plugin your Bluetooth dongle into the USB port on your laptop. In order to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Windows 10 PC, you need to activate the pairing mode on your headphones.
  1.  Click “Devices.” Checking if the Bluetooth icon dongle is working. To check if the Bluetooth dongle is working properly, open up “Bluetooth devices” by right-clicking on “my computer”(+R) then clicking “manage”. Then choose “device manager”. Check that there is a device called an HID-compliant consumer control device. If not, then the Bluetooth dongle is not functioning, or its driver/Bluetooth software is missing from your computer so you need to download and install it first. Click “Add Bluetooth or other device,” and then in the Add a device window, click “Bluetooth.”

windows settings devices

  1. The “Bluetooth & other devices” portion of the Devices page should open immediately. If it doesn’t, go to the left-hand window and select “Bluetooth & other devices.” Connection of laptop with pc speaker. Wirelessly connect your laptop and pc speakers by opening up “Bluetooth devices” again, then click add device (+B). Your Bluetooth headset should pop up in the list of available devices called “headset”.To set your Bluetooth headset as the default audio device on your computer, launch your computer’s Control Panel and click “Manage Audio Devices” under the Sound heading.

windows 10 settings devices bluetooth turn on

  1. Place your headphones in Bluetooth pairing mode. Click on it and press pair. You will be asked for a password which is 0000 (four zeros), just type that in then press ok. Now you should be connected wirelessly to your PC speakers! Test it by making a call using your Bluetooth headset, if the sound quality when speaking over the headset is good, then you are all set to use it as a Bluetooth headset or other device. Click “Add Bluetooth or other device.”

windows 10 settings devices bluetooth add a device

To check if the sound quality and volume are ok, go to Control Panel, Hardware, and Sound (under multimedia). Right-click on your speaker/laptop sound icon and choose to configure speakers or adjust audio properties. Under the levels tab, move the volume slider for both, headphones and pc speakers up to the maximum limit so you can hear the sound directly from your PC speakers.

The same steps can be applied in Windows 7 too but instead of going to Device manager, just right-click on “Computer”; Manage, choose “Device Manager”, Click on the “+” symbol next to Bluetooth Radios to expand its items. Check if your Bluetooth dongle is listed there then follow the remaining steps shown above.

Note that the sound quality when using this “speaker plus Bluetooth headset combo” will not be as good as when you use a USB-connected Bluetooth dongle with USB connected PC speakers, but for a few minutes of calling here and there, it’s ok. The range in which this setup can work in my experience is about 10-15 meters (around 30 feet). This setup only works in Windows XP, Vista, or 7. For Mac users, I don’t know what Bluetooth driver they are using in Leopard OS X, but try searching mac forums on how to connect Bluetooth devices via computer speakers. Plantronics X200N is the only Bluetooth headset I have tried with this setup, but other models can also be used if it has “Hands-free Profile” support.

What Bluetooth headset does?

A good Bluetooth headset in laptop can not only reduce the effect of radiation on our ears but also provide a more practical experience in some scenarios. For example, when we are playing games or watching movies on smartphones, we do not need to hold the phone in our hands so that it feels tired. If you choose a quality Bluetooth headset with long battery life, you can still play several hours of mobile games without interruption.

Suitability of Bluetooth Headsets. 

Bluetooth headsets for laptops are suitable for using laptops because they are usually small enough to fit into any pocket. Unlike traditional wired headphones, no annoying wires will limit your mobility when using Bluetooth headsets with laptops. Click on the name and the MacBook will automatically connect.

In addition, as a kind of wireless device, Bluetooth headphone has some advantages over the traditional wired headset. Firstly, no wire will limit its movements and more importantly, it can be used for communication anytime, anywhere once it is turned on. In addition, some high-end headphones have built-in FM radio which provides you good audio entertainment wherever you go.

When choosing a Bluetooth headset for a laptop.

However, when choosing a Bluetooth headset for laptop, we need to know what kind of device we want to connect to our earphones? Most of them allow us to connect with two or more devices at the same time so that we can chat through two different devices at the same time. In this case, it is suggested not to choose one which can only connect with one device. Or if you want to connect to only one device then it will be better for us to choose a Bluetooth earphone that can connect with more than two devices. At the same time, we should know whether there is Bluetooth function on our laptop? If there is not, it will be better for us to buy an external Bluetooth dongle and install it on our notebook to use Bluetooth headphones. Although this method seems quite troublesome it is quite useful and convenient especially when we are traveling.


In conclusion, as the world advances in technology, phones and pcs will be the most advancing in terms of technology. Bluetooth headsets can be used with a variety of devices, including your smartphone and computer. However, depending on the brand of Bluetooth headphones you have, you may only be able to connect it to one device at a time. If you have difficulties connecting the headphones to your phone after completing this setup, you may need to detach the headphones from the PC or switch off the PC’s Bluetooth if you want to connect to the phone while the computer is still in Bluetooth


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