5 Tips to Get the Best Sound Quality From Your Laptop

Best Sound Quality

Audio constitutes a very important part of the laptop user experience. Most of the activities we do these days involve audio or sound hence our reliance on audio is increasing best sound quality at a rapid pace.

Despite audio being this crucial, there exists a dilemma in the laptop industry where laptop speakers are treated as an afterthought. Most laptops have pathetic tiny sounding speakers with lacking sound level.

This deteriorates the experience of a user hence leaves many users disappointed. If you also have a laptop with abysmal sound then don’t worry as although quite frustrating there are ways in which you can improve your laptop audio.

These ways mainly rely on using external components to extract the best possible sound from your laptop best sound quality. This article will explain these ways and also guide you on how to extract the best sound from your laptops.

1. Upgrade to an External DAC

A DAC short form for digital to analog converter is an integral part of any device. The DAC is responsible for covering digital signals that are coming from your device into analog so that they can be read by your headphones or speakers.

Therefore, every device with audio capabilities like a mobile phone, computer, or laptop has a built-in DAC. The issue however is that laptop

manufacturers don’t invest in a quality DAC for their laptops. This results in poor sound quality.

One way to fix this issue is to get an external DAC unit. External DACs are great because well for starters they are made by reputable audio manufacturers and hence have good quality. The quality alone is a good enough reason to invest in an external DAC but there is also another reason.

You see, unlike the DAC that is already a part of your laptop, these external DAC units are free for any static interference. Hence, they carry out their operation with much greater efficiency and therefore can help enhance the audio of your laptop.

2. Use a Good Headphone

This goes without saying that any headphone is going to produce superior audio than your laptop speaker but for the best audio experience I would recommend you go with wired headphones since wireless headphones still need some time to mature and they also cost a lot more than a similarly sounding wired headphone for best sound quality.

In the wired headphone class, there many many different types of headphones but the best when it comes to sound is open-back headphones.

Open-back headphones from the ground up are designed for professional audio listening and hence have a near-perfect sound. Pitching your ears against some of the best open back headphones like the Sennheiser HD 800s or the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro is going to be a life-changing experience for you. You will get to enjoy audio in its fullest form with subtle details that you haven’t noticed before.

I should iterate that for enjoying laptop audio you don’t necessarily need an open back headphone; a wireless headphone may also work but if you want that textbook audio experience then an open back headphone is the way to go.

3. Resort to Using External Speakers 

The built-in speaker of most laptops is no good but that does not mean you necessarily have to use headphones because external speakers do exist. 

The laptop audio can be enhanced with the use of an external speaker. External speaker when connected to a laptop will cut off the use of the default laptop speaker hence allowing you to enjoy a better audio listening experience on your laptop. 

When it comes to buying a speaker, you can either go with a wireless speaker or a wired one. As the case with headphones, a wired speaker will sound better compared to wireless speakers, but the latter is much more best sound quality convenient.

4. Use a Hi-Fi Music Streaming App

Music streaming is the popular way of consuming audio, but you would be surprised to know that the applications we commonly use like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music don’t support the full range of Hi-Fi audio streaming.

Not having the full range of audio capability can limit the enjoyment of your favorite songs therefore if you enjoy music this might be the right time to switch to a Hi-Fi streaming app like Tidal or Amazon music.

These applications offer 24-bit FLAC streaming you can also download your favorite songs at this bitrate. So, what are you waiting for grab a pair of your favorite headphone or even better an open-back headphone and enjoy listening to the best quality audio on Hi-Fi Music streaming applications?

5. Adjust the Setting for best sound quality

Every laptop comes with its native audio player. If you are using a windows laptop there is a great chance that you might have Realtek Audio while Macs have the propriety Apple audio player.

Regardless of your platform, most audio players include EQ settings. Open this EQ setting and here tinker with the different sliders shown on your screen best sound quality. Remember the low frequencies represent bass, mid frequencies represent the mid-range while the later end represents treble. 

You can adjust the slider to tinker with the sound profile on your laptop according to your liking. Boosting the sliders to the maximum gain will also make your laptop speakers slightly louder than they are currently. All in all, the EQ is a great place to tinker around to achieve better sound for your laptop.


These are some of the ways you can potentially enhance the audio of your laptop. Some of the solutions stated also work in tandem like using a headphone and a Hi-Res audio streaming app together to achieve the best possible sound output.

We hope that you found this article helpful and were eventually able to achieve a better sound on your laptop.

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