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Can you hook up your laptop to your TV?

Sometimes you imagine can you hook up your laptop to your TV? It is really fun if you can hook up a laptop to TV because you can share a lot of things like YouTube videos, PC game online, movies, music videos, or Flickr photos with your family from your small laptop screen to a large TV screen in the family room.

There is an electronic appliance developer that offers a product of TV that can connect to the internet. It is a very expensive TV of course, and that internet TV is claimed as the future technology which combining TV and internet connection.

Here I would like to explain you can we hook up laptop to TV? If yes, then how? This is easy and simple, so you do not need to spend a lot of money to get this future technology.

Can you hook up your laptop to your TV?

So, how you can hook up a laptop to your TV? The first thing you have to do is checking at the ports on your laptop & TV. You will recognize that your laptop has at least this following connection ports;

  • VGA (Video Graphics Array)
  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • RCA
  • S-Video Cable

These ports will be your main ports to connect your laptop to the TV. Identify which port available on your laptop. Here are some explanations about the ports that usually found on your laptop.


VGA is a connector with 15-pin that commonly found on a laptop or personal computer. This port needs a converter from PC to TV before you can connect a laptop with TV. You only need to plug a VGA cable into a converter then use RCA or S-Video cable out to your TV. The converter uses a USB, so it needs not an external power adapter.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

HDMI port is 19 pins rectangular port that one-half size of DVI port. HDMI’s function is to complete the connection between laptop and a TV by providing a sound for your digital video. This port is commonly found on the latest HDTVs, usually, there are two or more parts that you can find on the HDTV. The additional audio cable is not required if you use HDTV.

DVI (Digital Video Interface)

DVI is 24 pins port that arranged in three horizontal rows. The shape of this port is rectangular and usually found on a laptop that produced by Macintosh. Some DVI ports sometimes are smaller than normal DVI ports and you will need an adapter.

RCA (Composite/Mono Plug) or S-Video

RCA is also known as phone connector that has a function to compose the analog video and audio components. There are three RCA connectors, red jack for the right audio, white jack for the left audio, and yellow jack for composite video. These three colored jacks are the standard port that commonly found on the laptop, personal computer, and old TVs.

Using RCA connector is considered as the easiest way to connect the TV with your laptop.

S-Video Cable

It is the most important advanced analog video connector that using four program round plug. S-Video has the same color to separate the cable connectors. White cable for left audio, red cable for right audio, and yellow cable for composite video. S-Video usually found on some laptops and old TV.

Proper Tuning For Screen Resolution

The next thing you have to do to connect your laptop to a TV is proper tuning. Sometimes laptop and the TV have a different aspect ratio and screen resolution, without proper tuning, the picture on your TV will be distorted. Screen tuning is needed whether you use Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), or flat-screen LCD.

The aspect ratio is a proportion between the width and the height. Laptops usually have a 16:10 screen ratio and HDTV have 16:19 screen ratio. A problem that usually occurs because of the different screen ratio is when the standard screen is to show a widescreen video.

Several monitors have several different screen resolutions. Resolution is wide of pixels that can be measured by multiplying the number of across and down pixels on the screen.

There are several ranges of the LCD resolution on laptop and TV nowadays, 1024 x 768 pixels to 1920 x 1200 pixels that usually for 15” or 17” laptop screen, 1920 x 1080 pixels to 1366 x 1768 pixels that usually for HDTV or widescreen TVs.

There is no problem if your laptop and your TV have the same resolution, but if they have different resolution, you have to make some adjustments in order to get the best picture on the screen. Check whether the resolution and aspect ratio of your laptop and TV are compatible or not.

If you use a Mac laptop, adjust the setting for ratios and resolution will be automatically set for you.

For Microsoft Windows users

There are several ways, that are explained step by step as under;

  • Open display settings from your laptop control panel
  • Go to the Run Box and type “connect to external display” and by pressing a shortcut Windows + P that can access the display setting quickly.

The last step is turning your TV Use your TV remote, open the menu, and choose “external inputs”. Change the default Video 1 to Video 2 or HDMI 1, which depends on your connection setting.

Most Important Points

To prevent failure of external display detection, you have to connect the cable to the TV first before you can turn on your laptop. If you do not change the resolution setting, the picture on the screen will be distorted. These are the few tips on how can you hook up your laptop to your TV The right connection and setting will make the picture on your TV screen clear.

If you are facing any problem with your laptop or you have any question related to the above topic or something else that you want to know, feel free to leave your comment below. Our experts will assist you and I will publish a dedicated article on your question to guide you. So, keep visiting LaptopsChamp

Good Luck

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