Can You Add Backlit Keyboard To Laptop? 10 Best Steps!

can you add backlit keyboard to laptop
can you add backlit keyboard to laptop

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The question is can you add backlit keyboard to laptop by choosing compatible products to install lights properly with no damage? With desktop computers, it is easy to replace your keyboard with an LED-backlit keyboard, as there are several products you can purchase. But on laptops, you can get already installed backlit keyboards if you must buy the same key setup as the one being replaced.

Today laptops come with LED backlights on the keyboard, although most of them are gaming laptops. LED backlights in the Quiet Gaming Keyboards improve visibility in dark rooms, which allows you to see clearly every single key. If you have a laptop without a backlight keyboard then it would be a difficult task for you to install it on your laptop at home.

If you clicked on this thinking we meant musical keyboards, and you’re actually looking for
some upright pianos, then you might be in the wrong place; however, if you want a cool light-
up the keyboard for gaming, IT work and ccna certification, then you’re in the right place!

Finding led lights and backlit keyboards is not difficult; you can purchase them directly from computer vendors or online websites like Amazon. You can shop for the best price and compatible parts for your laptop to illuminate your keyboard even in the darkest settings.

How can you add backlit keyboard to laptop?

With desktop computers, it is easy to replace your keyboard with an LED-backlit keyboard, as there are several products you can purchase. But on laptops, you can get an already installed backlit keyboard you must buy the same key setup as the one being replaced.

There are 10 steps you must take accordingly:

1. Ensure Compatibility

Before purchasing LEDs you should be well-known about the product because keyboards vary from one product to another. They could be different from the one you have like a screw holding case or even you need to change or remove keys. You can find details about the installation process online to help like forums and blogs describing troubleshooting tips. Be careful while removing parts and make a note of it to rebuild correctly.

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2. Gather the Necessary Tools

You should have specific tools to install the backlit keyboard successfully, as you can gather them from household

Can you add a backlit keyboard to the laptop items or even shop online from Amazon?

Do not forget to take pictures to keep track of the layout of the laptop’s internal components before dismantling the laptop.

No products found.

3. Turn Off the Power to the Laptop

Make sure you can do it properly then proceed otherwise you can go to some computer vendor for installing a backlit keyboard on your laptop. Let’s start to turn off the power to the laptop by unplugging the power cable.

Turn the laptop over and remove the battery easily with battery clumps located on the underside of the laptop. Do not forget these steps or you may fail to damage the laptop and personal injury.

4. Open the Keyboard

When you remove your laptop’s battery you can find screws underneath a long rectangular panel. The panel shape varies from one laptop to the next to find out the hidden screws. Open them with a screwdriver and save them in some containers. So you may not lose them as they are essential parts of your laptop.

5. Remove the Keyboard

Finishing unscrewing all, remove the cover and hold on to the keyboard by its sides gently. There would be a ribbon cable anywhere behind the keys which connect the keyboard to the laptop, unplug it.

6. Connect the New Keyboard

Now just you need simply to replace the backlit keyboard with the existing one. It has an extra orange ribbon that can be plugged into the port. You can see the slot beside the port for the larger ribbon. Make sure to connect them facing up to make the connection between the laptop and keyboard.

7. Replace the Cover

Making sure that you have put everything back in its original position and put the keyboard and cover back. Recheck the pictures you captured before to confirm the components are placed properly. Now put the screws back but do not fasten them too tight which cracks the plastic and your keyboard. Sit loosely on the top of the laptop.

8. Other Lights for a Keyboard

If you think this procedure is difficult for you, then you can buy a USB LED light or even purchase a laptop with a backlit keyboard.

No products found.

9. USB LED light

Opening up a laptop is a bit risky if you think you cannot do it then do the simple thing. Purchase a USB LED light and plugin as they are designed to light up your keyword with a flexible cord or small lamp on the end for the best position.

No products found.

You can even buy light strips that will illuminate your laptop’s keyboard in darker areas.

No products found.

Difference between illuminated or backlit keyboards

Before answering can you add a backlit keyboard to a laptop? You should also be aware of the difference between an illuminated and a backlit keyboard. Well, first, I’m going to talk about the difference between illuminated and backlit keyboards, which is basically the place where the light goes out, see?

Illuminated keyboards are those on which the keys light up, with the light passing through the letters. The backlit ones are the ones that have light between the keys without going through them. This feature is pervasive in notebook gamers, such as the Acer Aspire Nitro 5. In addition to being fully equipped for those who love games, his keyboard comes with a red backlight, so you don’t miss a thing!

Some notebooks with this type of keyboard have a command to turn off the light. So, you will not need to activate this function during the day or in more lit places. Incredible, right?

Illuminated Keyboard

On the other hand, you can buy an illuminated keyboard for your desktop can you add a backlit keyboard to the laptop

No products found.

Where to buy LED Backlights for Laptop?

If you want to purchase online LED backlights for your laptop then go to the Amazon site where you can buy new or used items. The product is available from private and commercial sellers. To shop, just search on the home page by typing the ‘backlit laptop keyboard’ you may find all items related to the search.

No products found.

The backlight is a feature that saves nighttime typing

There’s no denying it: LED-backlit keyboards are in high demand. In addition to being useful for people with nighttime habits, the feature also appeals to anyone who simply wants to impress friends and family with a light show.

There are models, for example, that light up to 16.8 million colors! Some more expensive keyboards even come with software that allows you to control the type of lighting, colors, and pattern of lights. All of this makes your table more beautiful but has little influence on performance or comfort.

No products found.

The most important

  • Lighting does not only have an aesthetic effect, but it also offers several significant advantages both for video game players and for those who need to use the keyboard for productivity in low-light environments.
  • Many backlit keyboards allow you to choose the color and intensity of the light. In this way, you can customize them to your liking. And even if you don’t need lighting, you can turn it off. In addition, they allow you to apply different effects.
  • When choosing a backlit keyboard, the first thing to think about is how you will use it. Once you have this completely clear, the main purchase criteria that you should consider are the cable or Bluetooth connection, the size of the keys, ergonomics, and, of course, deciding whether to go for a mechanical or membrane keyboard.

Why do I need a keyboard backlight?

A backlit computer keyboard is required for people who work at night. Night owls often wonder how to get keyboard lighting if blind typing hasn’t been mastered. Also, there is a need to look at the lock for some operations, which is difficult in low lighting.

Additional lighting is required for:

  • IT staff
  • Game player;
  • Night shift dispatcher;
  • On-site testing equipment of technical personnel with a keyboard connected to the device.

Worksurface lighting is not only a beautiful fantasy for aesthetic pleasure. The need to see the keys required in the complete absence of light requires the same measure. Maintaining the proper operation can save time, providing acceptable options for interacting with the device.

Advantages of the backlit keyboard

A high-quality keyboard is not so much ergonomics and modern artistry. In the current conditions of a large selection of products and competition, manufacturers pay more and more attention to the keyboard design and equipping it with additional functionality. A keyboard is having lights under the keys. These illuminating keys present a beautiful view for users and make the typing experience more manageable in the darkness. After knowing the answer to whether you can add a backlit keyboard to a laptop, you must know its advantages.

People also know the “backlit keyboard” as a “backlight keyboard.” Many people think about why they should buy a laptop with a backlit keyboard. No one can deny the advantages of backlit keyboards, because on one side they are beautiful and modern, and on the other side beneficial. The backlit keyboard is beautiful and functional. With its help, you can play or work at night without additional light sources. Let’s review the advantages of a backlit keyboard together,

1. Many backlight keyboard models are customizable.

Still talking about using it your way, many notebooks with an illuminated keyboard have the function of personalizing the light of the most used commands. Some even change color!

It is a great help for those who play a lot on the notebook or use editing programs because this type of action has several shortcuts, creating a pattern for each one.

2. You can work in the dark.

Suppose you are married, and you have to work late at night. You have a single room, and your wife is sleeping. You will turn on the lights to do work, and lighting will disturb your spouse’s sleep. But by buying the backlit keyboard, you do not need to turn on the desk lamp anymore. The lighting under the keys would be enough to work in the dark.

Furthermore, the backlight is not harsh and will not hurt the eyes. Backlit keyboards are designed for ease of the user. It would help if you got the best-backlit keyboard and can attach it to your laptop. With the progress in technology, many laptops in the market already have backlit keyboards.

3. Good for writing

If you are a student and you have to make the assignment. The backlit keyboard is way better than other standard keyboards; you will find it friendlier. Moreover, it is perfect for bloggers and writers. Most people cannot type without seeing the keys. There will be more spelling mistakes if you type without glancing at the keyboard. You can avoid all the errors with the help of a backlit keyboard.

4. Best for gamers

If you’ve ever tried to play a video game in the dark, with just the screen lighting up the keys, or if you’ve wanted to write that oh-so-important essay (or blog) with someone sleeping near you and unable to turn on a light, you must already know how frustrating something like this could be.

For people who play games, this backlit keyboard is super useful. The life of gamers becomes more comfortable, and the gaming experience more exciting. The gamers must choose one illuminated keyboard to enjoy games. Many gaming laptops have unique and futuristic backlit keyboards, which give an aesthetic look.

5. Greatest for Fieldwork

If you are working in the field, backlit keyboards are super valuable for you. They would be best for you, specifically on the night shift. Let’s take an example of an astronomer who spends more of his time surveying the stars and mostly works in the dark. Astronomers need a laptop to note down every occurrence. For this purpose, an ordinary keyboard will be a hindrance to proper working. The backlit keyboard will be more useful to perform best in the field.

Most modern laptops come with backlit keyboards. In addition to their impressive looks, backlit keyboards also play an essential role, facilitating non-stop work regardless of the room’s light level. The lights are discreet in well-lit rooms, but at night or in a dark environment, they illuminate the keys so you can work well throughout the night.

6. Improve the typing experience

Especially for those who work with or notebook or spend hours typing, the keyboard experience is very important to maintain comfort. Backlit keyboards provide a great experience, making typing much more enjoyable, especially at night.

7. Aesthetically pleasing

Here comes another fact, the backlit keyboards look very cool in appearance. Suppose your keyboard has a soothing light, and you have the option to choose it. Whenever you look at your backlit keyboard, it will appease you. If you are working in a hectic place and anything that soothes your mind and eyes, you should welcome that. Furthermore, it will make your desk more dynamic and sophisticated. The price difference between the backlit keyboard and the simple keyboard is not much; it comes in an affordable range.

Disadvantages of Backlit keyboard

I hope we have explained the answer to the can you add a backlit keyboard to the laptop? Although the advantages of backlit keyboards are many, on the other hand, there are some disadvantages of them.

1. More expensive

If you find the laptop a low cost, then the backlit keyboard will be an expensive option for you.

2. Consume more power

One of the significant drawbacks of backlit keyboards is that they consume more battery power than standard keyboards. If you often travel for business meetings, this option will be bad for you.

3. Lack of adjustments

Another problem that could be found in some backlit keyboards is the lack of adjustments. Some keyboards do not offer the ability to turn off the lighting when you don’t need it, and some can turn off the backlight, but that does not allow you to choose between different lighting intensity levels.

Backlit keyboard buying Guide

The backlights are not really important if we compare them with ergonomics or even touch, but they are a decorative element and can give a different touch to your setup. Now in the market, we can find a great variety of cheap backlit keyboards, whether wired or wireless, so let’s see what we should consider before buying one.

Backlight Types

Since this article is about whether can you add a backlit keyboard to a laptop, let’s see what types of backlighting you can find.

  • High-end keyboards have RGB light that you can also adjust to your liking; that is, you can control the level of red, green, and blue separately, thus creating a personalized color.
  • Other keyboards have a maximum number of colors that you can choose from, and some may not even be customizable.
  • The cheapest ones usually have fixed colors, usually red, blue, or white.

You should know that in the gamer world, the keyboard light not only has an aesthetic function, but some RGB keyboards also have specific functions for games, such as the light that flashes while recharging, effects for when you are low on energy in the game, flashes, and effects, etc.

Keys types

One of the essential parts of a keyboard is the mechanism that we find under the keys; depending on it, not only the touch when pressing the keys can vary, but also that they work and how they sound.

We have two types of keyboards depending on the kind of key, those that have the membrane mechanism and the mechanical keyboards:

  • The membrane ones are the most common, they can be more resistant when we spill some liquid, and they are also much cheaper. The negative part is that the touch is not as good as that of the mechanics and that its operation is not as fast. This type of keyboard is recommended for an average user.
  • Mechanical keyboards have faster response times, and the feel of the keys is much better. In addition, many of these keyboards allow you to customize the keys. These keyboards are recommended for gamers and professional writers.

Multimedia controls

Some keyboards include keys to raise and lower the volume, mute, play and pause, skip to the next track, and return to the previous one; they are shortcuts for different functions that make our lives easier.

They come in handy when you are busy with something and want to change songs or even silence the computer quickly because you have a call, etc.

RGB functions

As we have already mentioned, some keyboards allow the user to customize the RGB lighting, select various colors, adjust the brightness, and even select the style and even create different profiles to switch from one to another easily. Another ideal function for some gamers is to be able to program keys that, when pressed, perform the same position as if we pressed several keys simultaneously.

Autonomy (on wireless Bluetooth keyboards)

Suppose you are looking for a wireless keyboard. It is crucial to consider the battery life since the lighting consumes the battery, especially when we select the brightness level to the maximum.


Not all keyboards will work with 100% of devices; for example, you will have to make sure that the keyboard is compatible with a MAC or a console.

Other additional features

There is a multitude of varied features that you can find in a keyboard in addition to those we have seen; these are the ones that are worth taking into account:

Wrist rest: it comes in handy to give your wrists a rest. Some are removable.

USB connection for other peripherals: some have a USB input port where we can connect, for example, the mouse or even charge our smartphone.

Best Backlit Keyboards

Backlit keyboard lighting is not a mere cosmetic effect. For specific applications, such as playing video games and specific low-light environments, it offers significant advantages. Hence, in recent years their popularity has not stopped growing, and more and more users decide to bet on them. This article is about whether can you add a backlit keyboard to a laptop, but you must know the best ones in the market.

If you are thinking of getting one, you are in luck because you have a wide variety of models to choose from. Of course, it is essential that you are not guided solely by light effects and that you also think about the use you are going to make of the keyboard. Also, you will have to decide if you want a membrane or mechanical and wired or wireless.

1. Corsair K68

A perfect product with special qualities, which is a gaming keyboard with a complete design that has attractive lighting in the form of waves, in this way these lights will guide you at night when you want to press a key to act while you play.

The best thing about this keyboard is that it has 12 multimedia keys for the shortcuts that are needed while you play and can control the music or the lighting of the led lights of it. You can also play or pause the music whenever you want and search the internet while you play or change pages.

This fabulous Backlit keyboard for Gaming has a button, key, or switch that allows you to block those annoying Windows applications, which are often activated by accident while we play by typing badly.

No products found.

2. Redragon K552

We come to this Redragon model, undoubtedly one of the best in our comparison, especially if we use it for competitive games. Concerning quality-price, we are facing a product to consider.

The keyboard has reduced the maximum size; for this, they have chosen to ditch the number pad on the right, making it even more attractive for esports players. The keyboard works with high-quality Cherry-MX Green switches for Gaming but also for typing. The keys have an excellent finish, and the backlight is crystal clear. As we have said in this keyboard, we have tried to reduce the size. Therefore the dedicated keys for multimedia control do not exist, so we will have to press the FN key + the corresponding function key.

The backlighting is necessary to highlight the backlight is red, and we cannot modify it. Our opinion is that this is a great mechanical backlit keyboard if we do not want to spend too much money.

No products found.

3. Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer is one of the best brands in peripherals for the gaming sector on the market. Its products tend to have a somewhat high price, although it is not the case with this keyboard whose price is affordable, being as it is one of the best-backlit keyboards with a membrane switcheach key is lit individually.

Something to highlight is the soft touch that we perceive when pressing the keys. Without the quality of a mechanical keyboard’s keys, they are better than most membrane keyboards.

The multimedia section is worth mentioning in that it does not have dedicated multimedia keys or a volume wheel. Therefore it requires function key combinations. Not only do the keys light up, but so does your Razer logo found in the lower center. Finally, mention that the keyboard has a textured surface, thanks to which stains or fingerprints are avoided.

No products found.

4. Cougar Vantar

Excellent backlit membrane keyboard (as many as 8 backlit modes to choose from). It is worth noting a fascinating design – this keyboard model looks great on any computer desk. Manufacturing materials and assembly are at a perfect level – nothing creaks or staggers; the design seems very reliable. Of the advantages, it is also worth noting the low noise level when typing – using this keyboard at night is very comfortable. Of the minuses, one can note a relatively high price (although it is worth its money, nevertheless there are competitors with similar functionality for the same money), as well as some uneven backlighting.

No products found.

5. Logitech G413

The combination of quality build, versatility, and modern material for workmanship in a Logitech gaming keyboard is not uncommon. Now the user can purchase a powerful keyboard Defender Metal Hunter GK-140L RU Silver USB for a reasonable price. It combines all of the above features. Membrane keys are made on the island principle.

The white body combines metal and plastic inserts. Interestingly, this solution allows you to clearly distinguish the inscriptions on the keys and work comfortably in a lack of lighting. For the backlight, rainbow diodes are responsible, which will enable you to adjust the brightness the user “for yourself.” Twelve hotkeys are allocated for quick access to multimedia and office software. Connection to a computer takes place without installing additional drivers.

No products found.

6. Logitech G213

This keyboard incorporates an integrated wrist rest whose touch is somewhat soft; as a negative point, we can say that it is not removable as some other backlit keyboards for PC can be; this is something that must be taken into account, especially when we do not have a gaming desk with space ample.

The lighting can be customized to our liking, reaching a total color spectrum of 16M; only the lighting of this keyboard is divided into 5 zones instead of each key individually.

The switches used by the G213 Prodigy use, as we have said, mech-dome technology. This means that four membrane switches under each key, considerably improve the touch and have a more reliable response. The keyboard offers dedicated multimedia keys and volume control that will be very useful on a day-to-day basis.

No products found.

Laptops with best Backlit keyboards

Laptops with backlit keyboards are not only popular because of their appeal but also because of the exact reason they were made for. Most high-end gaming laptops and ultrabooks come with these keyboards, and they are indeed a must for those who prefer to work in dark environments.

1. ASUS ZenBook UX330UA-AH54

Here comes another of the best 13-inch laptops with a backlit keyboard. The ASUS ZenBook UX330UA is also featured in our guide to the best aluminum laptops. It may not be trendy for having a backlit keyboard, but it indeed is for its slim and robust design that is very similar to the MacBook Air.

In many ways, I would say that it is better than the MacBook Air, as it is much cheaper, has a better processor, and comes with an SSD and a fingerprint reader. Its specifications include the 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200U processor, 256GB SSD, and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

It comes with quad speakers from Harman Kardon and ASUS Golden Ear and offers evident audio quality. We also recommend it for video editing, as well as other intense tasks you might want to do on your laptop.

Overall, it’s packed with everything you’d want in a portable ultrabook, and it’s an undoubtedly outstanding performance. So if you’re looking for the best budget ultrabook, this is precisely what to consider.

No products found.

2. Lenovo Yoga C740

Lenovo Yoga C740 is a laptop with a backlit keyboard. It is made for those people who want an ultra-light laptop for work. It has a brilliant Full HD screen and the latest i7 processor that gives it long battery life. You can also use this laptop as a tablet. It has a 512 GB portable SSD and 8 GB of RAM that instantly loads applications and the operating system.

Lenovo Yoga C740 is a computer for those who require a powerful laptop with a backlit keyboard. It is lightweight and comes with an i7 processor for a great computing experience.

No products found.

3. ASUS VivoBook S15 

Similar to Acer, ASUS decided to reach as broad an audience as possible. To do this, the VivoBook S15 model is presented in 5 colors at once, among which the classics familiar to many buyers are available and elegant solutions. The brightness of the keypad backlight is sufficient for comfortable work at night. It is convenient to type on this laptop so it can be recommended to students and bloggers.

Combined with value for money, this ASUS laptop is one of the best options available on the market today. The device is equipped with the AMD hardware platform from the Renoir family. The basic configuration is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, which can now be called the minimum sufficient indicator for comfortable work. The 15.6-inch screen makes the laptop very comfortable to use.

No products found.

Best Backlit Keyboard Laptops – What to Consider?


No matter what features your laptop has, you want a machine that can last. Well-built computers are easy to come by if you know where to look. Always pay attention to the brand, the materials, and the brand. Pick a name you trust and try to get a machine with high-quality metals that you know will resist the dents that come with everyday life.

Pump a lot of power

You also want a laptop that can pump a lot of power. Many models may have exciting features, but their processor is not enough. Understand what you want from your machine. Games, word processors, and streaming require a certain amount of memory to run smoothly. If you get a laptop that can’t run your favorite programs, there’s no point in getting it.


Let’s face it, backlit keyboards look great. There are many ways to customize the lights around the keys, and you should make the most of them. Also, try looking for models with sleek exteriors that come in various color options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is they use these keyboards for?

The use of these keyboards is aimed mainly at those who live in video games. Having these keyboards is really positive because they help to identify the keys more accurately when playing.

Also, as we discussed earlier, its use is also recommended for places with low light, in this way to be able to detect the keys quickly.

Should I buy it online or go to an offline store?

Shopping online has some advantages, such as discounted prices and fast home delivery. However, if you are in a hurry or can find the product at a lower price in the traditional market, consider visiting the conventional store.

What exactly are backlit keyboards?

Backlit keyboards differ from standard keyboards only because they have a lighting system, which is usually through LED lights and can include different effects. They are mainly intended for use in low-light environments, and their primary application, although not the only one, is to play video games

What color is the light from backlit keyboards?

Most backlit keyboards offer a choice of different colors. The most basic keyboards allow you to choose between a small number of colors, although there are also cases where the lighting is of a single color. However, the higher-end ones can cover the entire color spectrum.

Can I replace the notebook keyboard with a backlight?

It can, but only if the notebook already has this feature. The backlit keyboard model is only compatible with laptops that already have a keyboard with a similar function. It is not compatible with original factory notebooks without backlight keyboards, okay?

What does an ergonomic keyboard look like?

Such a variant must offer a high degree of comfort at the level of the hands. You will recognize it because it has support for the wrists and possibly a stranger shape. Here we refer to the models that have the keys arranged in a V-shape turned to allow fast writing. Ergonomic keyboards can also be used in an inclined position if such use is convenient for you.

Review Item Listings

When the site shows results the related items click on the reviews of the product and look for its plan for payment, price, and delivery charges. You must read the description and compare it with your existing laptop’s keyboard specifications for size and compatibility.

Review Amazon Sellers

You can check the product reviews and feedback ratings and completed transactions. This information will show you the product’s reliability and performance from the previous buyers. Just like the way when you complete your purchasing leave feedback about your experience to improve their performance.


Sometimes little things mess up in our daily life just the way using a dark keyboard in the darkroom urges you to have a backlit keyboard. I have explained the procedure of how can you add backlit keyboard to laptop in easy steps. This will illuminate your keyboard as well as increase visibility to stay connected to your laptop.

Keep visiting LaptopsChamp to learn more about laptop reviews and buying guides. Leave your feedback below in the comment box about this article.

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