Top 20 Best Appointment Scheduling Software In 2022

Best Appointment Scheduling Software

Sending emails can take a lot of time. Just ask a content marketer and they’ll explain how much effort they put into email marketing campaigns. But is putting so much effort into sending emails to potential customers and waiting for their replies necessary? No. With gratitude to an appointment scheduling software, scheduling emails has become easier than before.

Scheduling apps offer multiple benefits. Perhamost significant biggest advantage of these tools is that they provide peace of mind. Good scheduling applications let users complete complex and time-consuming administrative tasks easily. Moreover, they let you reduce the number of emails for scheduled emails. That said, let’s look at the top automated meeting tools of 2021.

Perks offered by the best appointment scheduling software:

Email reminders

Email Scheduling

Live Chat

Live Calls

Calendar management

Emails Tracking

Meeting planning

Documents Organization

Sales teams Management

Managing appointments


An app called Calendly can be used to schedule meetings, events, and appointments. Its objective is to stop the ineffective back and forth when establishing times. You can send a link to your availability on Calendly (even if the folks booking time with you don’t use Calendly) as an alternative to email chains and phone tags.

Invitees can choose the appointment that best suits them from among all the openings in your schedule that are visible to them. That guarantees the most convenient time slot for both parties, removes time zone misunderstandings, and stops endless arguments over who is accessible and when.

This tool offers both comfort and convenience when it comes to scheduling emails. Calendly comes in three versions: Basic, Premium, and Pro. The first tier is free. It lets you perform functions such as connecting calendars, booking meetings creating custom links, and email notifications.

The premium tier, on the other hand, comes with additional features. It lets you schedule different types of meeting like one-on-one and group meetings. You also get access to team pages and metrics and reporting. The Premium version costs $8 per month (for a single user) while the Pro version can be accessed for $12 a month (for a single user).

Calendly Reviews: 1320+ User Reviews and Ratings in 2022 | G2


A cloud-based scheduling tool called Appointy assists organizations and professionals in managing their scheduled operations and habits. More than 200,000 clients in more than 110 nations trust it.

Businesses in a variety of sectors, including healthcare and wellness, education, medicine, professional services, and many more, can adapt the solution to meet their needs.

The answer to your question is a resounding “YES!” if you are asking whether Appointy offers an affiliate program.

The main characteristics of Appointy include:

  • Send automated reminders via email or SMS.
  • Embrace social media integration
  • Link individual calendars
  • Boost omnichannel marketing efforts
  • Permit customers to reschedule or cancel appointments
  • Make reports and research business analytics.
  • Accept prepayments online
  • assisting companies to create a Reserve with a Google listing
  • Create offers, gift cards, and a lot more.

Appointy Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2


It is also one of the best appointment scheduling apps. You might’ve heard of Doodle. It is a great app that lets you schedule meetings with friends and team members. Unlike Calendly, Doodle comes in four versions: Basic, Starter, Team, and Enterprise. The free (Basic) tier lets you create meeting polls, suggest meeting times and dates, and vote on dates. However, you will see ads while creating polls.

The meeting scheduler on Doodle makes it simple to set up meetings quickly. To allow your participants to select the ideal time to meet, create a poll and distribute it to them. Regardless of the size of the group, you’ll have determined the optimal time to meet in a matter of minutes!

Just like the Doodle website, the Doodle Android app is simple to use. Following a sequence of questions will allow you to create a new poll. An old poll can be used again as a model for a brand-new ever-for-recurrent event. Additionally, you can vote in polls that you have been invited to take part in.

The monthly subscription for Starter and Team is $6.95 (per user) and $44.75 (5 users), respectively. These tiers come with additional features including dashboard access. The paid version lets you pick the final time from the proposed time slots for a meeting. You can also collect contact information from participants (also available with the free version).

Doodle - Easy Scheduling - Apps on Google Play


With the aid of emails, landing pages, and a sales funnel, Appointlet, a cloud-based appointment scheduling service, enables businesses to engage with their prospects. Key features include calendar integration, automated reminders, different timezone support, and individual or organizational scheduling pages.

Appointlet provides tools for custom branding that let companies add their logo and colors to emails and booking pages. By specifying the available hours for each day of the week, users can further customize their appointment schedule. Users can easily share the scheduling page with consumers via email or integrated on the company website.

Clients can choose any team member’s calendar to book an appointment on Appointlet, which shows the availability of the entire team on a single page. Members can also accept an appointment using their scheduling page. Integration with numerous third-party sources, including Google Calendar, Office 365, Leadpages, and Wishpond, is provided by the solution.

Support is available by email, chat, and an online knowledge base, and services are available on a per-user per month subscription basis.

Appointlet: Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Square Appointments

Professionals can manage reservations, and appointments, generate leads, and accept payments thanks to Square Appointments, a cloud-based appointment management tool. The system is appropriate for all sizes of merchants across numerous service sectors.

Customers may schedule appointments for one or more locations while on the go using Square Appointments. Customers can also prepay for scheduled appointments using the offered option. From any mobile device, users may check their calendars and organize their days appropriately.

The solution automatically notifies clients through email or text messages when an appointment is approaching its due date. Trainers can also jot down notes for later use while working with customers. Customers can use Square Appointments to pay with credit cards.

Price plans for Square Appointments can be difficult to understand. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to undermine the excellent features of the said app. Square Appointments offer flexibility and control over calendars like no other.

Whether you want to create a free customer booking website and activate email reminders, Square Appointments let you do it all. Moreover, it provides a single platform so that you can easily accept payments from clients. It is worth mentioning that the app has both free and paid versions.

Marketers may run promotions and loyalty programs for both prospective and current customers with Square Appointments. The solution incorporates Xero, QuickBooks, and Square Point of Sale.

Square Appointments – Apps on Google Play

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a technology for meeting lifecycle automation that aids sales teams in maintaining contact with customers. Chili Piper is good at scheduling simultaneous meetings for multiple people and sending email reminders. Although we just acknowledged that exchanging emails back and forth to set up meetings isn’t the most effective method, Chili Piper’s scheduling widget is the exception to this rule. You may add helpful buttons to the end of an email to book a meeting with just one click, saving you from having to direct the prospect to a landing page with your calendar.

The top inbound conversion platform, Chili Piper, powers today’s high-growth B2B teams. The company’s cutting-edge routing and booking software offers quick lead times and effective handoffs, allowing the sales and marketing teams to schedule meetings right away and increase revenue while reducing costs. Chili Piper helps businesses like Intuit, Twilio, Forrester, Spotify, and Gong quadruple their inbound conversion rates and increase revenue.

Chili Piper Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2


A system for scheduling appointments online called Simp IBook. I am available to both small and large businesses in all service-related sectors. All service providers, including beauty salons, spas, gyms, hospitals, veterinarian offices, pet services, restaurants, universities, child care facilities, financial advisors, counselors, and more, are catered to by the solution as long as they take reservations on a time-scheduled basis. Additionally, we offer top-notch business solutions that enable organizations to retain high-level overviews of each outlet while also enabling online bookings for each of their outlets from within the admin interface.

With the help of the software, you may build personalized online booking websites or widgets on four own websites, and accept reservations there as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and through Booking. page, a global marketplace for services. The number of customer services that a company can provide is unrestricted, as is the number of employees or customers that can be kept on file by the system. SimplyBook. It can be customized to meet specific corporate needs, and administrators can decide what data each user can view. Staff access levels are also fully programmable.

In addition to the fundamental features offered, SimplyBook. I enable businesses to manage memberships, classes, and more, accept payments online and in-person with a POS feature, launch promotions, sell products when customers book, sell gift cards, offer coupons, generate reports on sales and website traffic, and more. Clients will receive appointment reminders through email or SMS automatically from the system, which will help to decrease no-shows. With, businesses can start referral programs and email customers asking for reviews—features intended to aid with customer acquisition and retention.

In addition to the free version, SimplyBook has three paid versions. The Basic tier costs $9.90 per month. The Standard tier can be accessed for just a little shy of $30. The Premium tier, on the other hand, is available for $59.50 per month.

If you run a service-based company, SimplyBook is worth your consideration. This online booking system lets you create a custom booking page and accept bookings from social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Also, you can integrate the platform with your business website. Amazing, isn’t it?

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Setmore is a free meeting scheduling software. It lets you take control of your staff’s calendars and payments. What’s more, it automatically sends email notifications to participants so you don’t have to. This automation feature accounts for the primary reason behind the popularity of broadband service providers like and email scheduling tools like Setmore.

You can connect with your consumers using the free online scheduling tool provided by Setmore. Through one sophisticated calendar system, you can schedule and manage appointments, video meetings, and workshops.

Recruit additional clients, hone your brand’s image, and manage your working hours. Your consumers can self-book the services they want by viewing your availability online. Let Setmore handle the paperwork as you concentrate on giving exceptional customer service.

Pros of using set more include; Scheduling as many appointments as you want to, and keeping customer data close at hand. With the Square integration, you may take online payments rather than chasing down invoices. By accepting reservations through your website, Facebook, and Instagram, you can convert visitors into customers. Up to four employee profiles can be created to enable your team to manage schedules. By adding 1-tap video meetings to your appointments, you may advertise your services online. Automate tailored email reminders to reduce no-shows. Register for a free account to quickly schedule your first appointment.

Also if you are using Setmore Pro or Pro+ by upgrading Setmore to premium then you will have additional benefits.

  • As your team expands, provide even more employees access to their calendars.
  • Keep your clients informed with personalized, automatic text messages
  • Sync your calendars in two directions with Google and Office 365.
  • Schedule repeating appointments and save special times on your calendar for your VIPs.
  • Use Stripe or Square to conduct safe online card transactions for customers.
  • Reach clients worldwide with Setmore’s robust Zoom integration.

Subscriptions for Setmore Premium, Pro, and Pro+ can be renewed automatically. At enrollment, a fee will be charged to your Apple ID. Unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current billing period, your subscription renews itself automatically. After making a purchase, modify your Setmore subscription preferences in your App Store ID account settings.

Setmore Appointments - Appointment Scheduling App – Apps on Google Play


The calendar is purposely designed for scheduling meetings and time management. This AI-enabled tool might be the ultimate meeting scheduling solution on the market today. It is an all-in-one platform for hosting Outlook, Google, and iCal (Apple) calendars. Moreover, it lets you customize and share your calendars with others.

Perhaps the best thing about Calendar is that it seamlessly syncs across multiple devices. Also, it has a virtual assistant to take care of everything, from scheduling meetings to sending invitations. The paid tier comes with additional features such as analytics and meeting transcriptions.

Calendar is a complete calendar app, not just a tool for scheduling meetings. It has mobile and web versions available, and the entire user interface is quite evocative of Google Calendar. Additionally, it provides meeting planner features including the ability to customize time slots and share booking links.

However, Calendar offers these same options for free, in contrast to Google, which hides some of its best appointment scheduling tools behind a subscription. With the free plan, you can link the app to one of your existing calendar services and create up to two customizable scheduling time slots.

The substantial statistics part of the Calendar makes it stand out from the competition. It keeps track of each of your encounters and notices when trends emerge. Along with the apparent information, such as the duration of meetings you’ve attended over the past day, week, month, or even year, attendance records are also noted, including the proportion of attendees who declined or skipped a meeting. Even the people you’re most likely to meet are highlighted. It’s the kind of thing that might be quite beneficial when attempting to increase engagement. And it’s all neatly condensed into a beautiful and educational overview part.

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HubSpot Meetings Tool

You can sync your Office 365 or Google Calendar with the HubSpot Meetings Tool, establish your availability, and allow prospects and customers to schedule meetings with you. To collect contact details like name, phone number, email address, and more, add form fields to your meeting page. The meeting page can be included on a website or landing page, or it can be delivered as a link in an email.

When a prospect or client schedules time with you, the requested time is blocked out on your calendar and a confirmation email is sent to them. This makes scheduling easier, allowing you to schedule more meetings in less time. Additionally, it has direct CRM integration, allowing you to keep track of your contacts and meetings. as potential

This free tool is arguably the best appointment scheduling software on the market today. It comes with a wide range of excellent features. With HubSpot, you can perform functionalities like synchronizing your Office or Google calendars and finalizing time with clients. Also, it lets you obtain contact information from prospects and clients.

Moreover, it has an integration feature that lets it connect with the CRM. That means you can easily keep track of your appointments and contacts. Whenever a meeting is scheduled, the tool creates the compilation of a record for prospects.

Setting up the Meetings Tool | HubSpot Tutorial - YouTube

Calendar Hero

In that you can establish various meeting types with differing lengths and distribute links so people can arrange meetings with you, CalendarHero (previously is comparable to Calendly. You can manually adjust availability or integrate it with your calendar so that it learns when you’re free.

The program also offers a plethora of customization options, such as the ability to add meeting location information (if you’re meeting in person) or video conferencing information (if you’re meeting virtually). Without any further preparation, CalendarHero can automatically create video chat meetings if you log in using Google or Microsoft single sign-on.

With a premium subscription to one of CalendarHero’s plans, starting at $8/month. ]

There is a lot of overlap between CalendarHero and Calendly, but CalendarHero offers more pre-built meeting types in the free tier and has a few extra features for personalizing your meeting information. CalendarHero is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a step up to handle all the different types of meetings you need to organize.

Calendar Hero - YouTube

Schedule Once

You may establish a variety of meeting types using ScheduleOnce by OnceHub, including the standard 15-, 30-, and 60-minute meeting types, and then share a single link with visitors so they can arrange a meeting with you. Then, individuals can choose a date and one of your open windows of time to schedule an appointment.

The fact that it provides one of the more generous free tiers out of all the meeting scheduler applications we looked at sets it apart from many of the other services we evaluated, so yes, it is similar to many of those we tested. You may establish an unlimited number of meetings and meeting types, sync it with different video meeting providers, and use it for free for up to 25 members.

All of Microsoft’s calendar services, including Exchange, Outlook, and Office 365, as well as iCloud and Google Calendar, are all synced via this program. It can also link to Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and Webex Meetings for video conferencing. This is also a part of the free tier in addition to having a larger selection of video providers than many of the other apps we evaluated.

You can gain unlimited users, connectivity with programs like Salesforce, and the option to alter the branding for your meeting schedule pages if you choose to upgrade to the higher tiers. You are almost probably looking at corporate use cases at that point.

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Rally is a wonderful place to start if you’re seeking Doodle substitutes.

A gadget that accomplishes a single job well has an attractive simplicity to it. Rally enables perfect anonymity for all users, including the one who created the poll. No accounts must be made, and the organizer’s email address is the only one required. The project is open source, so it is easy to look at the code, and the site guarantees that your data is “never utilized for any commercial purposes.”

You enter a few potential meeting times and invite people to participate in your poll by emailing them a link or their email addresses. A conversation box with a commenting area appears beneath each poll you make.

Rally’s biggest flaw is that it only allows you to suggest dates—not times. It lacks calendar integration as well as administrative tools and sophisticated scheduling functions. But there are moments when little is more. This is the best course of action if all you and your friends need to do is arrange a movie night.

Rally Cost: Free appointment scheduling software

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There are no better online solutions than when2meet if you want to arrange a meet-up with folks without disclosing any of your personal information. You can use this tool to establish an anonymous manner, specify the possible days and hours, and then send the URL to the event to anyone else.

When a different person clicks the link, they are taken to the event page where they may input their name—or any name, if they want to be extra cautious—and select the time windows they are available for. A time slot can be highlighted to see who is available and who is not by hovering over it.

Naturally, because of the entire anonymity, it is impossible to confirm that the respondents are who they claim to be. However, if you’re just organizing a gathering with friends you can trust, it should be fine. Users can, however, provide a password beside their name so that they—and they alone—can return later and modify their responses.

When2motally free, however, if you want to give the developer some money, there is a donation link on the website.

Pricing for When2meet: Free appointment scheduling software

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The drawback of many meeting planner apps is that they frequently demand access to your calendar, which might raise serious privacy issues. Even the ability to remove entire calendars was requested by several of the apps we evaluated. Even while this may be standard for some services, it would be natural if you felt uneasy making that choice. Arranger concurs and provides a special guest mode that could aid in closing that confidence gap.

You can test setting up events in guest mode by visiting Arrangr’s website and clicking Start Now (Free). The wizard that will assist you to set up every aspect of your event, including who you want to invite, what time slots are available, and where the event will take place, will then guide you through the process (online or in person).

It’s not the most private online tool because you still need to provide your email address after you’re finished, but it has a tonne of features that let you tailor every aspect of your appointments. Unlimited 1:1 meetings, unrestricted group meetings (for up to 15 recipients), and one booking page are all included in the free tier.

Paid tiers offer more booking pages and more attendees for group meetings and start at $4 per month. This makes Arrangr one of the friendliest services for new users who want to ease into using a meeting planner more frequently when combined with the guest mode.

Pricing for Arranger is free, increasing to $4/month for additional group meeting attendees and booking pages.

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Acuity scheduling

It’s simple to schedule appointments with clients and prospects using Acuity Scheduling. Prospects, clients, and customers can use it to schedule appointments and view your real-time availability. You can use the tool to send personalized confirmations that are consistent with your branding. Additionally, follow-up messages and appointment reminders can be sent via email or text message.

Once your account is set up, scheduling appointments with Acuity is simple for your clients and completely passive on your end.

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SuperSaaS is a program for making reservations and scheduling appointments. It is one of the best appointment scheduling software. It is a user-friendly, adaptable, and reasonably priced web solution that can be used for a variety of enterprises, organizations, and scheduling needs. To meet particular demands, it is expandable, adaptable, and integrated with well-known apps and programs. Users may handle their booking system in a more effective, quick, and user-friendly manner as a consequence.

All types of businesses and organizations can use SuperSaaS. They can be used as a method for arranging service appointments, group scheduling, bookings, and rentals. Examples of clients include therapists, fitness centers, rental companies for equipment and spaces, spas, and more.

The maximum number of incoming appointments, or the total number of planned appointments, determines SuperSaaS cost. Appointments are not included in the total once they have occurred. Up to 50 forthcoming appointments are available in the free edition, and there can be no more than 50 registered individuals. Unlimited users, an ad-free interface, and iCal sync are features of paid plans.

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Connect your Google or iCloud calendar to set your availability so that you may start scheduling meetings and a booking grid. Share the booking grid via email, Facebook, or your website. Utilize endless fields, add custom styling, and manage your bookings using sophisticated features.

Pros: Most people like how simple and pleasant it is to use. It offers its website so that customers may book directly with you. You can even slightly alter it to match the colors of your company while maintaining a clean, user-friendly appearance. The emails that are automatically delivered to people who make appointments can be customized. If you are setting up a video call, a Zoom link is instantly generated and provided to your clients. You’ll appreciate how many laborious tasks this program automates.

Cons: The inability to sell several appointments at a discount is something that customers do not understand. For instance, they would like to provide 1 lesson at X euros and 5 classes at a discount. This option is not available on YouCanBookMe; instead, clients must schedule (and pay for) 5 separate classes directly with me. That would be a beautiful enhancement to its features.

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Bookeo Appointments

Bookeo Appointments is the tool for you if you’re searching for one that offers appointment setting and sophisticated tracking for how your meeting contacts progress through the sales pipeline. This software interacts directly with HubSpot to keep your contact list current depending on booking reservations, and it automatically adjusts your schedule time-time for optimal booking.

While your appointment book fills up with bookings, you can concentrate on what you enjoy thanks to Bookeo’s flexible scheduling and reservation system. Customers can effortlessly make online reservations and payments from any device through your website and Facebook page. A booking confirmation and reminder will be automatically sent by Bookeo.

Additionally, Bookeo provides cutting-edge solutions like gift cards, promos, and prepaid plans to help you boost sales.

Start accepting reservations on your website right away! Register for a free 30-day trial. No credit card is necessary.

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You may manage reservations using HoneyBook during the full sales process. Prospects can be scheduled for initial meetings, and after proposals, contracts, and bills are prepared, you can even mail them. HoneyBook connects with other programs like Gmail, Google Calendar, and others to help you manage your clients.

Cost: $9 per month (Starter), $34 per month (Unlimited), and $390 per year (Unlimited Annual)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Best appointment scheduling software

What are some challenges of an appointment scheduling system?

  • Organizing the many appointment kinds
  • Assembling all required paperwork and authorizations before a meeting
  • Modifying choice with providers’ preferred appointment types
  • Dealing with referrals and the corresponding authorizations
  • Maximizing People Access and Scheduling, a recent MGMA Research & Analysis report, contains the results of a June 2017 survey of patients in the United States. The results include reasons why patients miss their appointments (52.4 percent forgot to attend or cancel the appointment) and the ways patients say their practices can help them keep appointments, such as reminders via email, text, and phone calls.

Why is scheduling more important than planning or production?

Production planning is essential for streamlining production processes to achieve optimal effectiveness while reducing or removing delays, unneeded waste, or unexpected interruptions. Organizations can distribute resources in a specific timeframe in the most effective manner by employing production scheduling.

How does appointment scheduling software work?

The programme makes scheduling and changing appointments simple, and your staff can confirm appointments with clients to avoid wasting time. It lessens no-shows: The program keeps track of upcoming appointments and automatically notifies clients of their appointments through phone, text, or email.

What are the advantages of appointment scheduling apps?

The benefits of appointment scheduling for service providers and enterprises are control over the arrival process and client traffic on the property. Also, service requests and staff competence match with the increased effectiveness of the workforce and operations. Staff are under less stress in online appointment scheduling.

What is online appointment scheduling software?

A sort of digital solution known as online appointment scheduling software, often referred to as web-based appointment systems, enables users to book, schedule, or cancel appointments via web-based systems.

Who uses appointment scheduling software?

Businesses most frequently employ appointment scheduling software in customer-facing positions. Finding the ideal appointment scheduling software for your company is essential because these organizations have to manage numerous appointments and meetings. In particular, appointment scheduling software is useful in the following sectors: Hair salons, spas, and medical offices all fall under the heading of “health and beauty.” Customers can either set up appointments with the individual they want to see directly through this program, or they can be matched with an employee who has an open time slot. Yoga studios, gyms, and personal trainers all fall under the category of fitness and recreation. Through an appointment booking system that connects with the fitness center’s website, clients sign up for a variety of instructor classes and personal training sessions. Cleaning services for houses are an example of field service.


The best appointment scheduling software has been discussed in detail. There is various software that deals with appointment making and appointment scheduling. Every appointment scheduling software has a different pricing plan and policy. The appointment scheduling software can be used on Android or ios devices to schedule appointments and do meeting planning. By using the best appointment scheduling apps one can get several benefits. They can have live calls, live chats, meeting planning, live meeting, email sequencing, and team management. Hence, appointment scheduling software provides all one solution to the problems of businesses.

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