The Definitive Comparison of Dell vs HP Laptops

dell vs hp laptops
dell vs hp laptops

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As businesses continue to modernize, the need for technology only increases. Studies show that 85% of businesses use some form of technology to gain success. Most of the American population have devices at home for entertainment.

In recent months, people began to rely or more on their devices. Since the pandemic, businesses and schools have adapted to digital platforms. If you’re looking for a good laptop brand, you may have heard of Dell and HP.

However, what’s the best laptop brand? In this article, we cover the key differences between Dell VS HP laptops. Read on to discover which laptop is right for you!

The Definitive Comparison of Dell vs HP Laptops

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Dell, founded in 1984, is a world-renown American computer technology company. Dell focuses its products on the development, distribution, and repair of computers. As one of the most popular companies, Dell has also released many impressive laptops.

Anyone familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating system will appreciate Dell. Dell offers many products at varying price points. This allows them to cater to their diverse clientele.

If you’ve heard of Dell, you may be familiar with its famous laptop models. These include the Inspiron Laptops, G-Series Laptops, and the Inspiron Chromebook. Here’s a brief run-down of Dell’s features.


Dell offers some of the most diverse designs for both their laptops and desktops. You can find almost any type of laptop, from thin notebooks to bulky gaming laptops. If you’re looking for attractive laptop designs, check out Dell.

Laptop consumers know Dell to be one of the most creative companies. All laptops ranging from 11 to 18-inch screens offer great resolution and quality. Some models may even offer touch-screen capabilities.

Dell’s gaming laptops offer large and attractive logos for any hardcore gamer. Gamers will appreciate the backlit keyboards, phenomenal heat exhausts, and strong carbon bodies. Any laptop consumer will tell you that Dell is one of the strongest competitors in the market.

Laptop Components

Dell produces its laptops with some of the most high-quality components. If you’re on a budget, you can trust Dell to provide quality machines. Dell laptops come with the most powerful CPU processors and RAM.

Your options will also include the battery, graphics card, and intel. If your primary concern is the battery, Dell utilizes 3-cell batteries. While HP may provide a better battery, it allows you to enjoy long battery life.


Dell is one of the most innovative brands in the laptop industry. The laptop industry has seen many creative experiments with Dell’s laptops. Dell strives to provide its customers with the highest quality devices.

Thus, the company often experiments with new technologies and design concepts. As far as innovation goes, Dell’s Alienware laptop takes the cake. Dell Alienware offers the latest features and offers the best performance and technology.

If you’re looking for a more compact device to take with you to work, you may like the XPS series. Graphic designers may enjoy their 2-in-1 products.

Customer Support

Dell gives its customers many options for customer support. If you ever encounter issues with your device, you can contact the company through chat, email, or phone call. You may even get service requests to contact customer support.

Dell assigns a personal assistant to help its customers with problems. Your assigned support assistant will walk you through the troubleshooting process. Upon purchasing a new Dell laptop, you will acquire the standard 12-month warranty.

If you ever need to put that warranty to use, you can expect an immediate replacement. Dell will provide immediate solutions to under-warranty components.

HP Laptops

HP, otherwise known as Hewlett-Packard, is one of Dell and Lenovo’s strongest competitors. This American multinational information technology company was first founded in 1939. In 1996, HP joined the computer industry.

HP is one of the best brands for developing, manufacturing, and selling laptops. HP caters to loyal customers all over the world. You may be familiar with models like Envy, Stream, Pavillion, Omen Gaming, and Spectre.

HP offers some of the most affordable but quality laptops on the market. If you’re looking at how Dell VS HP laptops differ, keep reading to find out more.

Brand Design

When looking at old laptop designs, HP is not the most impressive. However, HP upped its design game in recent years. One of the most attractive laptops by HP is the Spectre X360.

This laptop features a silver aluminum framework. Its quality hinges allow users to turn the Spectre X360 laptop into a tablet. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, take a look at HP’s Omen Laptops.

HP features the world’s first gaming laptop with dual-screen capability, the HP Omen X 2S. This model comes with the standard 15-inch display. It also offers two variants to interested buyers.

Laptop Components

When it comes to laptop components, Dell offers better parts. From Graphics cards to processors and Intel, Dell provides better quality. However, this doesn’t mean HP doesn’t have quality components.

HP offers similar specific hardware components in their devices. If you’re more concerned about battery, HP is one of the best providers. With 3-cell and 4-cell prismatic batteries, you can enjoy over 6 to 12 hours of battery life.


In its early life, HP did not deliver the most innovative products. HP’s primary product was scanners and printers. However, in recent years, HP began to explore the laptop landscape.

HP began releasing new laptops in the market. New products range from enhanced-performance laptops and gaming series products.

Customer Support

HP offers many customer support options. You may contact the HP support team through calls, emails, blogs, and even social media. All laptops have a one-year warranty with free phone support for 90 days.


The Definitive Comparison of Dell vs HP Laptops

Now you know the key differences between Dell vs HP laptops. Dell and HP are two of the strongest companies in the computer industry. Choosing the best brand will depend on your needs as a laptop user.

Thank you for reading our article! Are you looking for quality but affordable laptops? Contact us today to find some great deals!

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