HP vs Lenovo: Which Is Better?

HP vs Lenovo

All laptops, regardless of the manufacturer, are unique in their own way. They differ in appearance, capabilities, “filling,” and design. The point is not even who produces this technique, but how much it suits you personally. The modern market is replete with a variety of devices, which leads the buyer to a stupor. Therefore, people choose the perfect laptop for their requirements using the average characteristics inherent in specific brands. Today we will consider the products of such prevalent concerns as HP vs Lenovo and determine which one to lean toward when buying.

In search of an inexpensive, reliable laptop and the best laptop, many prefer such well-known companies as Lenovo vs HP. Even though the concerns are entirely different, they have various biographies and countries; the products still do not cease to compete. This is due to the affordable cost and a wide range of models. Corporations have a lot in common, although there are some differences. Let’s figure it out in order.

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HP vs Lenovo brand

Hewlett-Packard became famous many years ago with the development of a programmable calculator. Laptops in their collection appeared much later but quickly gained popularity. It is worth noting that back in 1939, the company was “blinded” by two friends; the first letters of their names are still present in the name. Today the company has turned into reliable cooperation, on account of which there are many popular devices.

Lenovo Corporation is familiar to many, and although it was created in China, the products managed to break through the country and conquer European countries’ markets. Some treat the brand with some apprehension. But most opinions agree that the equipment is really high quality and at the same time inexpensive. It was the cheapness that played in the company’s favor and made it incredibly popular. Electronics store sellers are unanimous – Lenovo products are the most popular.

1. HP – why should you choose it?

For the next section of the article, I’m going to talk to you about the reasons why you should choose IBM, and the pros of the brand, in case you like the word. So, here they are.

The quality of the screen

This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, reasons you should choose HP laptops over Lenovo. In Lenovo vs HP, the latter is the leader in screen quality and resolution. Their notebooks come with stellar displays that offer clear, detailed images. This feature is especially beneficial for those who want to play games or watch movies on their laptops.


Are you someone who thinks a lot about the aesthetics of your devices? In case you are, I would suggest you stick with HP laptops. The designs provided by HP are much better than Lenovo’s. This is an area where they are very advanced and always have been. Therefore, if you are concerned about your laptop’s appearance, you already know which brand to choose.

Games and entertainment

Looking for a laptop to play games? Do you want to watch many movies on your computer? HP is the brand to go for. The brand offers manufacturer graphics and excellent image quality, two prerequisites for the most advanced games and entertainment. So in case, this is your criteria, there is no better option than an HP laptop.

An abundance of options

HP manufactures notebooks of various classes with different specifications and features. The price also varies on a wide range of their laptops. So with HP, you are going to have a lot more options when it comes to laptops. This is another aspect in which the brand outperforms its rival – Lenovo.

Easier to fix

If a part of your notebook is damaged, you will find a wide variety of spare parts, thanks to the wide range of HP notebooks. Besides that, many of the replacement parts are interchangeable as well. This means you can use these parts on more than one laptop, regardless of the model. It adds to your benefits.

What is the difference between HP laptops and other brands?

As we are talking about Lenovo vs HP, you should be aware of the difference with other brands. When you are in the selection process, it is expected that you come across other brands that claim to offer the same or more than HP laptops. However, it all comes down to details, such as durability or the general capabilities of the equipment. Well, although there are indeed teams with a high level, resistance is its weak point.

Among the most outstanding capabilities of HP models is their high resistance to time; as long as they are adequately cared for, they will last a long time, being a long-term investment. Also, in Lenovo vs HP, HP laptops are very light so you can take them anywhere, and their price, compared to individual competitors, is low.

 HP Laptop Generic laptopCapabilitiesVery high, even for the cheapest models.Low except for expensive modelsEnduranceHigh, both at the time and the light, and accidental falls. Many require a change in a year or two.WeightVery light they can be heavySizeCompact, to take anywhere they can be enormous and cumbersome to carry.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HP laptops?

At this point, you can consider this product as perfect, and even the ideal, and the truth is that it is a very successful purchase due to all the benefits it brings. However, like other products on the market, they have advantages and disadvantages, which you should know to have greater security about your purchase.

As has been said throughout the article about Lenovo vs HP, HP laptops have many benefits: from the ability to run fast, resistance to constant use, and even slight drops, which makes them very well-created equipment. For this and more reasons, it is good that you consider this as a purchase option.


  • Modern and comfortable design
  • They are very light
  • They are fast
  • Very compact, you can take them anywhere with you.
  • They are affordable compared to their competition.


  • Due to the operating system they operate, they are prone to viruses.
  • They do not usually meet the requirements for working with editing or design programs.

2. Lenovo – why should you choose it?

Now, let’s see where Lenovo is the leader and why you should go with this brand. Check it out.


In Lenovo vs HP, durability is one of the most significant advantages of Lenovo laptops in Lenovo vs HP. They can last for years. The reason behind this is that they have incredible technical specifications and features. On top of that, they also have a physical build that can withstand quite a bit of punishment, falling to the ground, for example. Therefore, you can use a laptop for a long time, saving you a lot of trouble and money.

Business work

Are you a businessman? Looking for a laptop for business use? Or maybe you are looking for laptops to give to your employees. No matter what it is, I would suggest you go for Lenovo’s range of laptops. The brand offers great laptops that are the best for business work. For example, Lenovo’s ThinkPad is one of the best laptops out there for G Suite, MS Office, and many other large software programs used in businesses.

Price range

In Lenovo vs HP comparison, this is one of the most significant benefits of Lenovo laptops. The Chinese company offers laptops with quality specifications and functions at affordable prices. This is more suitable for students and someone who wants to save on their budgets.

The most important

  • In Lenovo vs HP, Lenovo laptops are among the laptops with the broadest range of products, ranging from personal use to work and even a state in between. They are famous for their performance on drums, as well as their innovative designs.
  • Competition from Lenovo is fierce, like all electronics manufacturing companies. Face-to-face with companies like HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, and more. It is victorious in some aspects, such as its lightness, its convertibility, and its daily performance at work.
  • Processor, RAM, Storage disk, graphics card, screen, how you will use this Lenovo laptop, and many other details are factors that will determine which model you should buy and which one you should leave behind. Our purchasing criteria will help you to achieve it from Lenovo vs HP.

What is the difference between Lenovo laptops and those of other brands?

When your growth is sustained year after year, you know that you are doing things well, and that is what happens to the Lenovo Laptop. Other than Lenovo vs HP, compared to others (HP, DELL, ASUS), this company is the one with the most extensive range of products to satisfy both the user with few resources and the one who will give it a personal or work use.

The innovation of its designs, with its convertible screens, makes it worthy of many awards and sales. Not to mention that it has the best customer service, becoming superior to the esteemed Dell. With useful components, such as the latest generation processors, Lenovo achieved a good, functional, and light laptop.

 Lenovo Other brands’ components

The latest generation of DDR4 memory and processors latest generation of DDR4 memory and processorsDesignRegular, convertible, and touchConventionalWeightMax 5.5 poundsMax 7.7 poundsPriceMinimum $200Minimum $300

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Lenovo laptop?

One of the advantages of looking for a Lenovo laptop is getting one that acts as a laptop and a tablet simultaneously. Including the touch screen to finish your projects. Likewise, one of the advantages of these electronics is that they are not heavy at all.

In Lenovo vs HP, Lenovo has a collection or line for each of your needs, from low-end for those who do not have a comfortable budget to high-end for those who want maximum performance. Something that leaves to be desired is the airflow in many of its models and the price in some of these.


  • Wide range of products
  • Innovation in design
  • Light in their different sizes
  • Excellent customer service
  • The battery lasts approximately 12 hours in use.


  • Expensive models
  • Regular ventilation system
  • A blow can break them due to their thinness.

The top gaming laptop from each brand

While looking at Lenovo vs HP, both brands have the best laptops of different categories. Let’s review all of them. Usually, notebooks for this purpose have more modern and complete processors and video cards. Thus, they can perform differently than the most basic computers, called entry models. If you are hungry for stunning graphics and an excellent framerate, your object of desire must be one of the best gaming notebooks.

1. Lenovo legion Y530

No products found.

If you are looking for a gaming notebook but do not want to sell a kidney for this, we present the Legion Y530.  Its technical specifications consist of an Intel Core i7 8750H processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 1 TB hard drive. The dedicated graphics card is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory. This is a powerful configuration that can run the vast majority of games at maximum quality.

The screen is 15.6 inches and has Full HD resolution. The cool thing is that it has fragile edges, giving the impression that the whole front part is the canvas. As a high-powered notebook, the Legion Y530 comes with a particular cooling system consisting of 2 coolers and 4 air vents. If you want a gamer notebook, perhaps this is the best gateway.

2. HP Specter X360

No products found.

The Specter X360 received a review in 2020, which was very welcome, with a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 1065G processor, and it starts with 512GB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage.

It’s a great alternative to the Envy 15 if you prefer a compact, lightweight laptop that’s easy to carry around while you work. Plus, a webcam kill switch is now included to add more privacy (a security feature that most new HP laptops have as well).

Upgrade options are also highlighted here. We particularly like the ability to switch to a 4K AMOLED touchscreen for more visual work, and the laptop can hold up to 2TB if you prefer.

You can’t upgrade to a better Nvidia GPU on this model, though, and it’s limited to Intel Iris graphics, so it’s definitely not as good for gaming and other high-end visuals as the Envy.

Ports for the model include two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 connections, a USB-A 3.1 port, and DisplayPort 1.4, which also omits the HDMI port offered by Envy for a more streamlined approach. There is a 15-inch version of the Specter X360, but we appreciate this option’s more portable nature.

The top 2 in 1 laptop from each brand

Before deciding which 2 in 1 notebook model suits you best, it is necessary to know the characteristics that must be analyzed before purchase, such as the type of device, processor, RAM, storage, and screen, among others.

1. Lenovo Yoga C940

No products found.

For those looking for a computer that offers maximum performance regardless of price, we must highlight the Lenovo Yoga 9 series. We find two models the Yoga S940 and the Yoga C940 that will surely meet our expectations.

The first of these is an ultra-light and ultra-compact notebook that offers an excellent design with a metal chassis and a level of entertainment, performance, and a range of intelligent functions designed for the most demanding.

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 powerful notebook and one of the best on the market, we present you the Yoga C940. The best 2 in 1 notebook from Lenovo! Its configuration is stout and very fast. It is equipped with a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor (the latest Intel release), 12 GB of DDR4 RAM, 1 TB SSD, and a 14-inch screen with Full HD resolution.

The screen rotates 360º and turns the device into a tablet. It is touch-sensitive and, to complete the package, we have a stylus, the Active Pen 2, with over 4,000 pressure levels. It is excellent for handwriting, drawing, and markup, or merely navigating web pages and installed programs. Looking for remote Laravel developers? Contact us.

The battery is also long-lasting. According to Lenovo, its autonomy is more than 17 hours. And with just 15 minutes of charge, you get 2 hours of use. Surely you will not be at hand with this 2 in 1 notebook.

2. HP Envy X360

No products found.

Launched in 2019, the HP Envy X360 is still one of the best options if you are looking for the best performance in a 2-in-1 notebook. With monstrous configurations, this machine is the best option for you who want to invest heavily in a high-performance device and durability.

Unlike its competitors, the HP Envy X360 has a 15 ″ Full HD screen, perfect for those who want to watch movies or series with the device. It is also equipped with a tenth-generation Intel I7 and a staggering 8GB of RAM (which some widgets on this list have internal storage) and a generous 512GB SSD, making this device an unstoppable machine!

Another positive point is its cooling, which, even in high-intensity moments (when you run some applications or heavier games), manages to keep the device warm. I know it looks like the perfect device, but it also has a weakness: its battery is like everyone else.

The HP Envy battery is not bad, especially considering the size of your screen and processing power. However, duration between 5 to 7 hours in moderate use (with a brightness between 70-8-%) is not a reputable brand! Especially for a device in this price range.

The top business laptop from each brand

Although there are currently hundreds of laptops on the market, with different characteristics and prices, the best laptops for professionals and businesses must have some particular qualities if you want them to work well and not leave you feeling sad while showing your work in the office. They are known for building a thin and light laptop, but there’s more to the brand than just that. If you’re interested in getting a new laptop, then you’ll probably see HP and Lenovo laptops everywhere. Are business laptops better than consumer laptops Generally business laptops can provide more value than consumer laptops due to the software that comes with them. This doesn’t always mean that it will be the best laptop for you, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of work on one, then it might be worth considering a business laptop.

1. Lenovo Thinkpad T480

No products found.

Why did we pick the Lenovo ThinkPad T480? We chose the ThinkPad X1 Extreme as the best overall business laptop, but that’s an expensive alternative. However, if your budget reaches around $ 1,000, don’t lose hope. The ThinkPad T480 is an option that gives you most of what you like about a ThinkPad, without the high price.

It has all the usual ThinkPad business laptop aesthetics and design quality, right down to the black frame with red accents and the excellent red keyboard, trackpad, and TrackPoint. You’ll also enjoy the fast 8th Gen Intel CPU, the full-size Ethernet port for connecting to corporate networks, and excellent battery life thanks to its 72-watt-hour capacity.

The ThinkPad T480 is one of the best laptops for professionals that will leave some money for other investments. You and your boss will appreciate it.

2. HP Elite Dragonfly

No products found.

The Dragonfly Gaming Laptop was made for workers who travel frequently or students who want an extra lightweight laptop. Because it only weighs about 2.2 pounds, it packs more performance features than some compact laptops.

That includes 16GB of RAM and a 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD. The 13.3-inch screen offers HD resolution and a 400-nit brightness limit; it blends well with the splash-resistant backlit keyboard. Combine this with the long battery life and you can run any program all day long

This travel companion has a few compromises, and one of them is an older Intel processor than our top picks, the 8th Gen Core i5-8265U, which lacks the speed of the 10th and 11th Gen Intel chips.

This laptop comes equipped with two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, USB-A 3.1, and HDMI 1.4. In addition to an external Nano-SIM slot, in case you are interested in adding data capabilities for your travels.

Finally, suppose you are concerned about privacy. In that case, there is a version of Dragonfly that comes with SureView, HP’s privacy filter that will help you prevent unwanted eyes from looking at your work. This can be an excellent option if you spend a lot of time working on planes or trains while traveling.

The top laptop for students from each brand

The best budget laptops for students should have enough power and features to see them through research and school projects. After all, students have schoolwork demands that need to be met. At the same time, it has to be affordable or at least make financial sense. Since college students already have massive expenses like tuition, housing, and textbooks, a more economical price tag is undoubtedly preferable. Students must take a complete look at Lenovo vs HP laptops.

1. Lenovo Ideapad 330s 15

No products found.

The Chinese manufacturer indeed deserves attention if we need an inexpensive laptop: here, the Chinese’s strong position is undeniable. This 15.6-inch model is compact and handy, with an adequate battery capacity: it lasts up to 7 hours, and a quick charge function is provided, which will allow you to “feed” your laptop on the way. In 15 minutes, as the manufacturer promises, the laptop in the off-state can gain a charge sufficient for two hours of operation. Well, in the rushes between audiences, you can manage to keep your laptop from getting hungry.

The choice of processors in the line – from the “plug” Pentium-4415U, with which the assembly is the most budgetary, to the i7-8550U, presented by Intel less than a year ago and is capable of “mastering” a lot in terms of performance. But on the “blue” camp, the light did not come together like a wedge, and Lenovo also offers a line on AMD processors – and here AMD E2-9000 acts as the budgetary minimum, while AMD Ryzen 7 2700U is already in the “top.”

“Constructor” continues when choosing a display – you can save money by taking a modification with a simple 1366 x 768 screen, or you can add it to a FullHD IPS matrix. In the same way, the standard keyboard can be replaced with a modified one with a backlight.

You can choose the capacity and type of drive (from a terabyte HDD to a pair of “hard” and PCIe SSDs), the amount of RAM, and a video accelerator. On modifications with Intel processors, the choice is from the most budgetary, where only the video subsystem of the central processor is used, to the discrete GTX1050, laptops with “red” processors, again, in the cheapest version use APU graphics, while in the “top” Radeon 540.

The best part about it has it be the convenience of use and portability it offers to the users. That is because you can switch from laptop mode to tablet mode in seconds.

The assembled laptop is at an acceptable level, easy to use, and reliable. In short, he deserved clear leadership in the ranking of the best notebooks for study.

2. HP Pavilion 15

No products found.

Notebooks with good value for money are produced by the renowned manufacturer HP. In the Pavilion lineup, each student can find a model to their liking. However, we recommend the Pavilion 15 – even an essential modification with Ryzen 3 and 4 GB of RAM will be enough to create notes and presentations. If programming and modeling are included in the educational process, you can take the older model based on Ryzen 7, with 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD.

If you need quick access to Photoshop and AutoCAD at work or school, you should pay attention to the video card model. In Pavilion 15, this may be one of the Vega family cards: Radeon RX Vega 10, Radeon Vega 6, or Radeon Vega 8. The laptop will be equipped with a high-quality IPS display with a diagonal of 15.6 and a durable aluminum case in any modification.

The interfaces are also rich in the model: a USB 3.1 Type-A, USB 3.1 Type-C, HDMI output, and a headset jack.

The top laptop for everyday use from each brand

There is no best laptop for everyone since depending on their needs. We will see that there are one or more suitable for each service: for gaming, study, work, video editing, and convertibles. There are many types and different sizes of display, storage capacity, or processor power.

Finding a good laptop in Lenovo vs HP, which suits our needs and is, of course, good value for money, can be a bit easier with this selection of the 2 best laptops.

1. Lenovo IdeaPad S145

No products found.

Continuing on the IdeaPad line, we will present the S145 model, which has several sale versions. This one brings an Intel Core i5 8265U processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 1 TB hard drive. We can say that it is a very competent intermediate notebook, capable of running several programs simultaneously.

The screen is 15.6 inches, but its resolution is HD (1366 x 768 pixels). This means that it is a good canvas for work, study, or entertainment. But if you like to watch movies and series in high resolution, for example, the ideal is a screen with Full HD resolution. But the positive point is that the screen can be opened up to 180º. But if you want a cheaper gaming laptop, Lenovo is worth the consideration

Another exciting feature of the IdeaPad S145 is that it can have hybrid storage. What does that mean? It means that you can easily add an SSD to work together with the HD. That way, you gain more speed when starting Windows and opening programs. 

2. HP Chromebook 14

No products found.

HP also produces some very solid Chromebooks, a very different option for buyers looking for a very affordable laptop that is suitable for lighter work and easy portability between classrooms or jobs. HP laptops tend to offer a 14-inch HD screen and a dual-core Intel Celeron N4000 processor, with a battery life of up to 13.5 hours.

It has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage to work with here. Remember, a Chromebook’s goal is to provide a super portable laptop for fast work and a dependency on the Chrome OS and cloud computing.

Speed ​​and storage are secondary concerns, so it is possible to keep prices very low. The upside is that HP’s approach to making durable laptops fits well with this rugged model, which is ready to be on the go for years to come. It supports Bluetooth 5, but unfortunately, it is not compatible with Wifi 6 at the moment.

Comparison of Laptops

When choosing HP and Lenovo laptops, users evaluate the following criteria: accessories, price, design, and build quality—comparison based on actual reviews and specifications. Let’s give a complete look at Lenovo vs HP laptops.

1. External Desing 

Everyone has different taste preferences. Both brands produce stylish devices that meet the needs of the modern consumer. Lenovo develops rugged laptops with rounded edges. They are heavier than HP.

2. Operating System

Both run on the world-famous Windows operating system. But Lenovo, unlike its opponent, offers wider choices. The user even has the option to install DOS. Right, on the OS developer’s recommendation, you should not change it before the expiration date. Otherwise, the warranty card will cease to be valid.

 3. CPU

Top configurations of Lenovo vs HP laptops have the same number of processor cores. In terms of clock speed, the Chinese brand wins. As far as RAM is concerned, there is also a draw between laptops. The user can purchase devices with 8 GB of RAM inexpensively, and their cost will be equal.

4. Video Card

Most of the HP models sold have an integrated graphics card to conserve battery power significantly. Among the disadvantages is its low power. This will become a barrier when working with resource-intensive applications. Lenovo equips its own devices with two video cards: discrete and built-in, which allows you to work with complex services.

What to choose in the end?

Both manufacturers Lenovo vs HP, are worthy of your attention. The Lenovo brand breaks ahead in terms of the number of models produced, which means that the catalog has a broader selection of devices and different prices. But if you are not a fan of Chinese products, and want to buy American products, take a closer look at HP. The lineup is slightly more flawed, but the options presented have a high build quality.

HP vs Lenovo Laptops: The Final Verdict

If you like gaming more, then obviously, you should go for the high-end laptops from HP. But if you’re on a budget and still want to play the latest games in medium to high settings, then the Lenovo Legion might be worth a try.

If you are a professional who wants a laptop to work on the go, then you should definitely go with Lenovo as they have excellent quality convertible laptops.

Now, if you are a traveler or looking for durability, HP is the brand you should trust. In terms of design, HP has a broader range of notebooks to choose from. So in durability and design, HP is a clear winner as Lenovo lacks robustness. Above is the complete guide about Lenovo vs HP. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Laptopschamp!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better for video games? HP vs Lenovo 

One of the most common uses of computers is video games. Many users are looking for a tool to play games on this type of device. First of all, we want to point out that we do not recommend using a laptop as a gaming computer, because a device of this type cannot provide the power required for this. Our opinion is that video games should only be played with desktop computers. But if you want to use a laptop for your leisure time, the best user experience will be found if you buy one with powerful RAM.

In Lenovo vs HP, we give the Lenovo brand victory because it usually offers more affordable gaming computers and users are generally more satisfied with this brand. However, it is a very personal decision based mainly on the unique experience of each one. It may be a good idea to ask those close to you who have used any of these brands to find out what their experience has been like.

2. Can they be convertible laptops?

One of the significant advances of laptops in recent years is that they can be transformed into tablets to be used anywhere, such as in airplanes or trains. It is what is called a convertible laptop.

At this point in Lenovo vs HP, the clear winner is the Lenovo brand because it offers a greater variety of convertible computers. For this reason, these laptops have become the perfect model for those who travel a lot, because it makes transport much more effortless.

3. Design and aesthetics of HP vs Lenovo laptops?

Clearly, this point does not define the quality of a laptop, but it can influence the decision. If you have to choose between two computer models with very similar characteristics, the usual thing is that you choose the one that you like more aesthetically. Both brands offer modern models. Despite this in Lenovo vs HP, Lenovo desktops tend to have smoother lines and a more refined look. Instead, the HP usually with a glossy black finish.

In this sense, it should be noted that Lenovo has a business line, the ThinkPad, aimed at creating business laptops. They are recognized by their black and square design to provide seriousness.

4. Where are HP laptops made?

HP is headquartered in the United States, specifically in Palo Alto, California. All the brand’s laptops are manufactured, with the best electronic resources and innovative proposals to improve service, always bringing to the market the best deals on electronic products, especially laptops.

5. Where are the Lenovo laptops made?

Lenovo is a company originally from China, and it is there where they have the most active factories. Beyond Lenovo factories, there are research centers in Yokohama (Japan), Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities in China and North Carolina (USA). They seek to provide new and better technologies to their customers.

6. Fun Facts: What You Didn’t Know About HP Laptops

In this section, you will learn certain information that you may not know about the HP brand and its well-known laptops, with the sole purpose of providing you with greater security about your purchase, in addition to knowing who is that company that offers you this incredible product, so that you can acquire more than a laptop, and experience.

7. Fun Facts: What You Didn’t Know About the Lenovo Laptop

The best things about buying a branded item are not just the quality but also those little details that can change the whole game. In this section, we will mention some of those curiosities that will undoubtedly influence your next purchase.

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