Top 5 Best Samsung Laptops to Enhance your Boutique Marketing Strategy

Best Samsung Laptops
Best Samsung Laptops

You’re a business owner with your own online boutique and you’re generating some pretty decent leads. However, you know it’s time to invest in incorporating a market strategy. As nailing biting marketing can seem, it is the key to success.

Whatever beneficial articles you’ve found discussing “the best marketing strategies for online boutiques” or “top innovative ideas for company growth”, firsts things first, you’ve got to invest in one of the best Samsung laptops in order to even cross those two bridges of leveling up your online business be you a small business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, or blogger.

Determining how to make your small online business grow fast first involves investing in a good laptop. You know this, you’ve done a bit of research and maybe even compiled a list of prospects, but you still haven’t “jumped the gun” as there’s perhaps a nagging feeling keeping you from making the investment. And we get it, no worries.

This is why we decided to write today’s article. Hopefully, we can help you in your quest of deciphering which is the best laptop for you, particularly, the best Samsung laptops for your online business.

Best Samsung Laptops

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What Makes a Good Laptop?

Before diving headfirst into our lineup of best Samsung laptops, it’s worth discussing what qualifies a laptop to be the best for this specific need. So, what makes a good laptop for boutique owners? Specifically, what qualifies a laptop to be the best for enhancing a boutique owner’s marketing strategy?

A good laptop must have long battery life, high-quality and comfortable keyboard, a high-quality display, at least 250GB of storage, at least 4GB of RAM, at least an Intel i5 processor, whilst simultaneously remaining lightweight and, hey, beautiful. These specifications are standard for both mid-tier and premium laptops.

Best Samsung Laptops for Marketing Strategy

1. Galaxy Book Flex

We’re kicking off our list with Samsung’s Galaxy Book Flex as not only is this laptop high-end, it proves itself worthy of its price. This is a two-in-one laptop with Samsung’s S Pen, functioning both as a tablet and laptop, ideal for business owners who are in charge of their marketing and brand identity. It gives you all the functionality you would need in coordinating an online marketing strategy.

Equipped with a gorgeous QLED display, Inter Core i7 chip, 8GB of RAM, 20 hours of battery,  512GB of storage, Intel Iris Plus graphics, and more, this laptop is a powerhouse. If you’re looking to invest in a computer that can allow you to conduct all the design, advertising, writing, branding, marketing, and so on for your boutique, look no further.

2. Galaxy Book Ion

Second, on our list is another laptop in Samsung’s Galaxy series, the Galaxy Book Ion. This is the best laptop for boutique owners who are not in need of the 2-in-1 and S Pen duality of the Galaxy Book Flex.

This laptop is gorgeous. With a traditional laptop design, beautiful QLED display, 22 hours of battery life, similar processors, and speed of the Galaxy Book Flex (such as Intel i7 chip, 8GB of RAM, and Intel UHD graphics), outdoor mode display to avoid the screen’s display being compromised by the sun, this laptop is stellar. It’s lightweight, beautiful, and jam-packed with all the necessities and more needed to manage and market your online boutique.

Also, the trackpad of the Galaxy Book Ion can wirelessly charge your Samsung phone. Amazing!

3. Galaxy Chromebook

The Galaxy Chromebook is a wonderful alternative for those who would like the 2-in-1 functionality found in laptops such as the Galaxy Book Flex, however, do not yet have the budget for such an expense. Yet do not worry, while the Galaxy Chromebook comes at a lower price, it too has quite the specs making it worthy to include in our list.

The Galaxy Chromebook serves you beautiful performance and it looks the part as well. With a 4k AMOLED touchscreen display, powerful Intel Core i5 chip, and 256GB of storage, the Galaxy Chromebook will not disappoint. It also features Samsung’s built-in S Pen and additional storage slots.

We love the Galaxy Chromebook due to its affordable price and functionality. Samsung defines its Galaxy Chromebook as “hustle meets workflow” and holds up to this title.

4. Galaxy Book S LTE

Just like the Galaxy Chromebook, the Galaxy Book S LTE is the perfect alternative to the Galaxy Book Ion. If you’re seeking a laptop with similar specs and performance but at a more affordable price, seek no further.

The Galaxy Book S is not only absolutely stunning, but it is also incredibly powerful despite its light-weight design. This laptop is ideal for business owners, freelancers, bloggers – just about anyone who is on the go. Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, with Ultra-fast Gigabit LTE, a long-lasting battery, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD the Galaxy Book S LTE more than delivers.

5. Notebook Flash

To conclude our list of best Samsung laptops, we’re stepping away from Samsung’s Galaxy lineup and taking a look at their Samsung Notebook Flash. A part of Samsung’s former Notebook series, the Samsung Notebook Flash shouldn’t be ignored.

It’s simple in its specs but makes up for this in its affordable price. It’s a lightweight, all in one laptop with a uniquely designed keyboard, Intel processor and UHD graphics, anti-glare LED display, and 64GB of storage.

We find the Notebook Flash to be ideal for boutique owners just starting out in the trade. If you’re not ready to make any major investments, yet want a quality laptop to get started, the Notebook Flash is your laptop.


Invest in the Best for Your Business

That’s our list of the best Samsung laptops! Samsung is known for having some of the best laptops on the market and we hope we’ve made your decision making a bit easier. Investing in a good, quality laptop takes time but the results are the payoff.

If you’re in need of any other resources such as a buyer’s guide, we at Laptops Champ have these resources readily available for you. Our website features other topics such as Editors Picks, reviews, and more. We specialize in all things laptop and are here to help you with your online laptop inquiries.

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