Some Tips on Writing a Good Technology Research Paper

technology research paper

Have you been looking for quick simple tips to write an education technology research paper? There is no guarded secret for creating a well-written research paper. Your success in this area is dependent on your ability to organize research materials and use your time effectively. In this post, you’ll find a few simple tips that will serve as a general guide for writing your technology research paper. By reading the tips that we’ve covered here, a college student will learn how to choose a good topic, organize the entire research process, create an outline and submit your paper on time. Let’s get started!

Defining a technology research paper

Before diving into the tips, you need to know what a technology research paper is. A technology research paper is an assignment that requires students to identify broad areas of research in the field of technology, come up with a research question and find sources that answer the research question comprehensively. In most cases, a technology research paper has this structure:

  • Abstract: Summary of a research paper that is no longer than 250 words
  • Intro: Provides readers with background information of key terms
  • Body: Breaks down different sections such as methods, literature review, discussion, findings, and conclusions
  • Reference page: Contains a list of sources that the author used to get information

Choose a good topic to do homework quickly

Technology is a broad topic that offers a wide range of excellent topics to choose from. Technology is always evolving and lots of subjects are being added every day. You should always go for a topic that interests and excites you. When you do this, you’ll enjoy the entire writing process and your passion will be reflected in the entire paper. If you cannot find a good topic, you should seek
research paper help to complete your homework quickly and avoid wasting precious resources. Always ensure that there are enough primary and secondary sources. The topic shouldn’t be too broad or narrow.

Conduct extensive research

If you are not familiar with the topic, you should conduct background research to get a clear idea of it. You should read handbooks and encyclopedias since they give concise overviews of important aspects of a wide range of topics. You also need to read and find relevant sources that meet the requirements of your assignment. There are lots of electronic and printed sources. Read the most interesting ideas from the sources that you’ve found.

Create an outline

The best way to plan your technology research paper is by creating a detailed outline. You need to start by creating a thesis statement that will communicate the subject of your research paper. It will keep you on track as you write your research paper. As you write, remember to use brainstorming techniques to create a sketch or diagram of your argument.

Write your first draft

Write a rough draft of your research paper using your outline and notes. Record the flow of your ideas and don’t worry about the spelling or punctuation of your piece. With your outline, you can start writing any section of your paper without worrying that you’ll miss key points. As you write your paragraphs, you should ensure that they are strong. Every paragraph should have a key idea.

Include the references

Every academic paper should have a list of references. You should create a list of the academic sources that you used when doing your research. You should follow the format that according to the guidelines of your research paper. After writing your first draft, you should take a break. Doing this will enable you to find mistakes easily and correct them.

Editing and proofreading

As you edit your paper, you should look at the level of your paragraphs and the transitions between them. Always read your research paper out loud to notice sentences that need to be changed. When proofreading, ensure that you’ve followed all the guidelines. While grammar and spelling checkers are good enough, you shouldn’t rely on them solely. Finally, remember to check for plagiarism. There are lots of reputable plagiarism checkers that you can use to find and eliminate plagiarism. Plagiarism is an offense that has serious consequences.


Most students taking technology-related courses will be required to write a technology research paper. This type of assignment requires students to conduct extensive research. While it might seem like a daunting process, using the tips that we’ve outlined here will make this process easy. You have to manage your time and resources well to complete and submit your paper on time. You need to study your paper as early as you can. Create an outline and a schedule that will help you stay on track. Finally, don’t forget to proofread your work. Eliminating spelling and grammatical errors and checking for plagiarism will greatly increase your chances of success.

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