Best Study Apps for College Students | Top 16 Study Apps

Best Study Apps for College Students

The advancement in technology has significantly revolutionized the entire student’s learning experience. Apparently, children and people from various age groups have been driven towards using their mobile phones and laptops for almost every purpose in the current generation. With a laptop connected to a secured internet connection, scholars can access almost any information regardless of their geographical location.

Best study apps there has been a significant decline in the chances of people visiting the library to complete their assignments and revise for their examinations as in the ancient days. It is essential to note that studying is a continuous process, and there has been a significant shift in eLearning over the recent past. 

Numerous applications have been developed to enhance students’ learning experience. Scholars can now study at their own pace. In addition, they also have less difficulty understanding concepts that seemed complex in the past. It is important to note that most students had difficulty pursuing their education due to financial constraints in the past.

However, things have significantly changed, and studying has become more affordable. Students no longer have to go to expensive learning institutions to be successful. The majority of the students have agreed that books and classrooms have become boring recently. As a result, the traditional classroom environment has been replaced with colorful and moving animations that make the entire learning experience more fun. This article will discuss the eight best studying apps for college students.

My Study Life

My Study Life  (iOS, android, windows, chrome) is among the best apps to start the school year or new semester with. It is one of those study apps that functions as a planner, but with much more flexibility than your regular paper planner.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to selecting a planner is the rigidity of the schedule. It’s hourly, daily, or weekly but every page looks the exact same. That’s not real life. Sometimes you’re busy–sometimes you’re not.

The coolest thing about this app, in my opinion, is you can add rotating schedules. Have a class that meets every other day or every other week? No problem. Have a schedule that runs Block A or Block B? That’s fine. This app allows you to choose your layout. It is a must-have app for college students

In high school, there are quarter, trimester, and semester schedules. Some schools even go all year. Add extracurricular schedules into that mix and it’s a scheduling nightmare.

Once you hit college it’s the same. You have fall semester, and quarter classes, then winter term, spring semester, plus quarter classes, May term, and then summer classes. Colleges set their own schedules–they can do what they want.

You’ll also get reminders of upcoming classes and assignments through this app. The task lists allow you to plug in more than just school work, so you can keep your life organized in one place. Your daily page doesn’t just show the classes you have and the times you need to be there. It will also show you what you have that’s overdue, or what’s due at the end of the week.

My Study Life is pretty cool–I wish I would’ve known about it when I was in high school. It also would’ve been a great tool while in college.

My Study Life - Digital School Planner You Need - Apps on Google Play


If you’re looking for somewhere to store all your research, data, or notes, then Evernote is the platform for you. The basic version is free and syncs between your computer and your mobile devices. For new and occasional users, the basic package is all you’ll need.

Evernote allows you to collect your information and store it all in one place. For example, if you’re writing a research paper, you can “clip” information from different websites and articles and save it all on one page. It’s basically an electronic folder for all your notes. No more flipping through stacks of papers to find what you’re looking for.

If you live in the world of group projects, you can also collaborate with your groupmates. In addition to chat capabilities, you can also share pages with them, and they can share their work with you. Pretty handy.

For those that live on Evernote, there are upgrades (like a presentation mode) you can purchase. You can find pricing information and additional capabilities on their website.

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The Brain. FM

The primary objective of this application is to enhance students’ sleeping patterns, concentration, state of meditation, and relaxation by utilizing its iPhone features. One of the great things about this app is that students can use it without paying for the best study apps.

The app is known for enhancing an individual’s cognitive abilities by utilizing its patented music. One unique feature of the app is that it offers a couple of free sessions where the user is allowed to monitor the impact of particular music as well as how technology impacts their lives.

iTunes University

Looking for free lectures and other content from some of the most prestigious schools in the country to improve your studying? iTunes University is just for you. In fact, there’s a chance your own professors distribute their lectures through this portal. With their growing podcast library, you can even follow educational programs to give you that edge at school or in your professional life.

Harvard and Stanford are just the tips of the iceberg in terms of the universities from which content is posted. This means if you’re struggling in a course at your local college or university, hop on the app to get a lowdown on whatever topic you find challenging for further discussion and explanation from leading instructors.

Content on this study app is available in text form, audio, and video.

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iStudiez Lite/iStudiez Pro

Are you the type of person who needs a GPS to help guide you where you’re going? You’re not alone.

Much like a GPS for transportation purposes, iStudiez Lite can help you map out your semester so you know what path lies ahead.

If you use the free iStudiez Lite study app, you can manage up to 5 courses each semester. This includes managing the assignments and exams you’re required to complete in each course, along with instructor contact information. You can even set up alarms to help you keep track of everything.

iStudiez Pro is a very inexpensive version that lets you use push notifications and removes the limitations of the free version.

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The Duolingo 

There is no doubt that learning a new language can, at times, be challenging. Duolingo is an app designed to assist people from all age groups to enhance their learning experience, especially when it comes to mastering new languages.

One of the great things about the app is that it provides lessons in more than 35 languages and aids people in writing, listening, reading, speaking, and learning new vocabulary. The other great thing is that there is a free and paid versions, and therefore, an individual can choose the version that works best for them. 

This app keeps track of your emotional progress in the app and explores dozens of other activities to help you grow, broaden your perspective, and find peace during your stressful college life.

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The Study Buddy app is currently only available for iOS, and it is an in-app purchase
not free. However, it is quite affordable at $0.99. This ranking is based on a Metascore aggregation of other ranking lists and offers the best of the best in study apps. From free apps to those that cost a few dollars, you’ll find the perfect app for your specific study needs.

This app is the electronic version of a buddy that keeps you on track while studying. It holds you accountable by showing you the breakdown of how you actually spend your time.

Taking a break mid-study session? Unlike other study apps, this app will tell you when it’s been anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes–in increments. If you’re taking too long to get back to studying, it will let you know.

So, if you find yourself frequently distracted by things like text messages, emails, Snapchat alerts, etc., this app would be a great tool for you. It keeps track of these interruptions and they show up on the graph of time spent studying vs time distracted.

No more lying to yourself. Get studying and stay focused.

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Flashcards are an old-fashioned yet very effective way to study, memorize, and learn new concepts.

This study app for college students for general studies on a large array of academic subjects has millions of flashcard sets for users of all levels.

Plus, you can create your own flashcards, which are customizable to fit whatever you’re studying. If you use it on your computer and a mobile device, the two will sync, so you’ll always have your most recent, organized thoughts at the tips of your fingers.

When it comes to studying, some of us need help with different things. I’m really organized, but have a hard time staying on task, and procrastinating. There is also a free app (iOS and android) that you can download for on-the-go studying.

Perfect for studying during spring break! Unfortunately, the website’s homepage is also a superb procrastination tool. There’s a pretty nifty, extremely distracting map that shows what people are using Quizlet to study for, all around

Add pictures and audio to your flashcards as well to make studying a little more engaging. Additionally, you may be able to import the content you create within Quizlet into other flashcard apps.

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MyScript Smart Note

This app will allow you to handwrite notes right on your favorite tablet of choice. Then it can literally transform your handwriting into digital text. Experts say it’s the smartest app for being able to recognize all types of handwriting, and note taking and it can even pick up on written words in several different languages.

Believe it or not, you can even edit the handwriting you insert into the app. There are also options to include elements like images, audio files, and PDFs if they are stored in a cloud-based system like Dropbox. it’s really a perfect app for university students to stay organized and productive.

For additional features, you can spend a few dollars to expand the app’s functionality.

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If you’re a College Student taking several college courses, you’re likely dealing with a number of different files from each course. These may be notes you’ve typed up, PDFs your instructor has assigned you to read, term papers you’re writing, or other course materials of importance.

The document is an app that lets students organize and easily access their files from practically any device. If you use Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, or a similar service to other apps, this app can be a lifesaver and is compatible with other mobile apps.

In addition to accessing files, you can quickly edit or annotate Microsoft Office files, PDFs, Google Calendar, and a variety of other file formats.

Looking for an app that shows you all of your files in one place? Documents are tailor-made for you.

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This is a subscription application that aids students in deepening their knowledge regarding their favorite topics. It is the place to go to learn how to do just about anything you want to learn to do.

One of the reasons I love this app is that it gives an individual access to books, sheet music, documents, and magazines for an affordable amount. On the contrary, this app cannot be used by people with financial constraints or who cannot afford to pay for a subscription. 

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One of the best ways to organize your thoughts is with a graphic organizer. SimpleMind is a program that helps you improve your memory using mind maps for brainstorming, keeping track of ideas, and showing there’s a method to your madness.

There are a variety of functions available on this platform. Think of it as a web. You’re mapping out your ideas, but you can also add pictures, videos, websites, and notes to your chart.

Let’s say you’re trying to organize your final project for chemistry. You decide you’re going to explain how ice cream is made. That’s your center “hub”. From there you can find videos on YouTube explaining the process and save those.

Then you can add the temperature change and explain how it goes from liquid to solid. But does this change if you alter flavors or ingredients? That answer could be another idea balloon (or node).

If you’re trying to explain how ideas connect or need a visual for explaining your thought process, this is a great tool.

You can use SimpleMind on your computer (via downloadable program) or you can download an app (iOS, Android, and Windows). The great app is available for free, or with added features for $4.99. If you use it on your computer and a mobile device, the two will sync, so you’ll always have your most recent, organized thoughts at the tips of your fingers.

The basic version is free and syncs between your computer and your mobile devices. For new and occasional users, the basic package is all you’ll need and is compatible with other mobile apps. That’s as easy as just a few taps

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Thesis statement generator

Unfortunately, most students waste too much time trying to develop a quality thesis statement for their essays, research papers, or dissertations. That time could have been used in doing other more essential activities, such as editing and proofreading their work best study apps.

The good thing is that thanks to the thesis statement generator, students have less difficulty writing a thesis statement for their academic papers. If you often have difficulty writing your thesis statements, you might consider using this best study app. 


Sometimes, it can be challenging to read an article or a book that contains many foreign words. On the same note, regardless of whether you are fluent in English or not, the chances are high that you will come across new and complex words when completing your assignments or revising for your examinations.

One great thing about this app is that it defines foreign words and provides synonyms and audio pronunciation. The app also shows an individual how the different words are used in sentences. If you often have difficulty finding the meaning of certain words, you might consider using this app. 

The Google Drive

In most cases, students are fond of losing their lecture notes or sensitive information. Thanks to Google Drive, students can store any file they want. One of the interesting things about Google Drive is that it offers a free 15 GB, which is a lot for students.

However, if you exceed the limit, you might consider buying an additional space. With Google Drive, a student can store almost anything, from videos and photos to presentations and word documents. The good thing about the app is that all the contents saved in it are protected using a password, and hence, they cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. 

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Looking to gain an edge in one or more of your college courses? The answer just might be Coursera.

This is both a mobile app and a website from which students – or any learner – can access a wide variety of course materials. These materials come from various colleges and universities.

If you want to either supplement what you’re learning in class or get a jump on certain topics before your professors cover them, this app and site can be a tremendous resource. You can simply search through documents and other materials, or you can embark on full-fledged courses via the Coursera portal

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It is indeed true that there has been a significant advancement in technology, which has enhanced the entire learning experience. More than ever, people are using technology to advance their knowledge and understand concepts that appeared complex in the past.

The development of different studying apps has made it easier for students to study at their convenience as well as at their own pace. You should not hesitate to incorporate these apps into your studying routine.

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