Top 5 Best Laptops for FL Studio

The beat-making program Fruity Loops has risen in the ranks of the music production industry as a dependable DAW. Before embarking on your creative process, your laptop must meet the system requirements. But, if your laptop only meets the minimum requirements, this means it will only work at the base speed.

If you want better performance, you’ll need to upgrade your workstation. This simple guide will help you find the best laptops for fl studio. You’ll need to understand what aspects of your hardware

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Reducing Latency

All DAWs or Digital Audio Workstations work with a process known as latency. When using a MIDI controller, or any device that writes digital notations for your songs, you’ll need to reduce this latency.

High latency affects your music production, causing delays in fl studio’s response time. When using virtual instruments and plugins, laptops must use the right combination of RAM and CPU to support this process. If you have a  strong enough laptop, this will help prevent fl studio from crashing.

RAM or Random Access Memory

One of the most important aspects of fl studio running requirements is your RAM or Random Access Memory. Entry-level music production requires at least 8GB of Memory. However, if you’re looking into using virtual instruments and plugins, we recommend at least 16 GB minimum.

CPU or Processors

Your laptop’s Processor, also known as CPU, works hand in hand with your RAM to help your program function. We recommend settling with an i5 or i7 Intel chip, as they have become industry standard. But, the i9 and the latest release of Apple’s M1 chip are also available, albeit more expensive, options with each laptop brand.

SSD or Solid State Drive

Your laptop needs to have enough storage capacity for your music portfolio. Instead of HDD drives, we recommend an upgrade to the SSD. These drives are meant for quick startups and accessibility.

After much research, we’ve compiled a list of five great laptops that meet the maximum fl studio running requirements. These are the best laptops on the market right now at a great value:

1. Razer Blade

Razer has one of the best laptops for FL Studio. It has an ultra-thin design, a full 15.6″ Full HD Display, and it’s powered by an industry-standard Nvidia graphics card making dual monitors an easy task. It also has a sleek backlit keyboard for further aesthetic.

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The sizable RAM will allow you to better handle the intensity of high-end plugins and virtual instruments. But, this powerful computer can only handle around 3 hours of battery life while using fl studio.


  • Sleek Look
  • Nvidia Graphics Card
  • Slim and lightweight


  • Low Battery Life
  • A Little Heavier

2. Dell XPS 9570

This Dell laptop is another great alternative to the Razer Blade with infinity bezels around its 15″ display and an aluminum lid/base. It also contains a powerful i7 Intel processor and 16 gigabytes of RAM.  Like the Macbook, it also contains options for an OLED dock for easy navigation through the apps.

It also leans on the lighter side weighing in at around 4 pounds, making it easily transportable. It also contains an extra security feature: a touchpad that doubles as a touch I.D. 


  • i7 6-core processor
  • 2 Upgradable memory slots
  • Upgradeable SSD PCI slot


  • Average storage capacity.
  • Low Battery Life

3. Acer Helios Predator 300

This is easily one of the best laptops for fl studio out right now. It provides all the latest hardware specifications for fl studio’s maximum settings. It also offers great thermal management for those extended recording and editing sessions in the studio.

It comes packed with an i7 processor 2.8Ghz with Turbo Boost technology up to 3.8Ghz and can be easily modded. The RTX 2060 card will be the best GPU you can obtain within this mid-level budget range. The use of many displays while editing tracks is easily doable with this GPU.


  • Fast Processing Power
  • Cooling system
  • PCI/NVMe compatible for upgrades


  • Single USB 3.0 port
  • Weaker battery life

4. Acer Swift 5

If you’re looking into fl studio laptops on a lower but equally reliable budget then the Acer Swift 5 is the way to go. The laptop is powered by Intel’s i7 processor with 16 GB of RAM. It also includes an upgradable 1TB SSD, which is more than capable of handling all of your storage needs, enough to fill multiple album’s worths of music data.

It is also equipped with two stereo speakers, which can mix down both tracks into one channel. This is a great laptop for combining the use of various MIDI controllers while still using your audio interface, as it has extensive connective capabilities. Check out our ASUS selections on a similar budget.


  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Moddable PCI ports
  • Battery Life


  • USB-C is not Thunderbolt 3
  • 16 GB Maximum RAM usage

5. Macbook Pro 15

The Macbook Pro serves as the most accessible and dependable fl studio laptop. It’s easily transportable and holds up to 10 hours of battery life. It also includes Thunderbolt 3 ports for fast data transfers or low latency MIDI controller usage. But, one of the most impressive features of this hardware is its sharp retina display.

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The ultra-portable laptop weighs around 3 pounds making easy trips to music studio locations. It provides a sharp display that feels less claustrophobic when navigating through your plugins.

The multi-functional Thunderbolt ports provide up to 40 gigabits per second. Awhile the base configuration comes with an 8th generation i5 Quad-Core processor for strong computing power. 


  • Touch ID and TouchPad
  • High-End Retina Display
  • 512-2TB of Storage


  • Additional adapters required for MIDI
  • No easy modifications

pCloud Premium


Best Laptops for FL Studio

Your laptop will serve as the center of your music creation space. So you want to make sure you choose the proper laptop with the right specifications. Regardless of your choice, all the available laptops will serve as powerful tools to serve your work. 

Each laptop varies in power, you’ll want to consider your own experience before purchasing. If you want more information on how to build your perfect setup, be sure to check out our laptops for music production!

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