The Best Laptops For Interior Design In 2023. Top 15

Best Laptops for Interior Design

Best Laptops for Interior Designers

Interior designers need to have a laptop that is powerful and reliable at all times. These laptops are great for interior design projects because they can easily handle being on the go with you!

This list won’t let you down if you’re looking for new laptops that will help your career grow. In fact, they’ll be powering it from day one! Here are our most popular laptops for interior design.

Interior designers are the only ones who understand the genuine worth of a nice laptop. It’s not only about how many hours you can spend on one project when it comes to interior design; it’s also about how much time you squander seeking inspiration online.

Any interior designer needs a decent laptop because they are usually on the road and need to have their work with them at all times; if this describes you, then check out the most popular laptops for interior designers that we have compiled for you!

There are a few things to consider while purchasing a laptop for interior design. The first is that you’ll want a large amount of storage space because you’ll be storing all of your files and photographs on it. Second, the laptop should have a powerful graphics card so that you can work on high-resolution projects without experiencing any slowdown.

Interior design, contrasting to yesteryear, is almost entirely done on the computer. The limits of the designer’s imagination are only restricted to the tools at their disposal. Finding the proper computer to get the job done right and efficiently should be the number one priority when starting.

One of the prerequisites of design is always being on the go. You can’t have your workstation tethering you to your office. It’s entirely necessary to get a laptop for interior design.

Choosing the right laptop can be a tough choice, particularly for those unaware of what will work best. It’s not a requirement of design to be well-versed in laptop tech, so this is a guide for those uninitiated.

1. Acer’s Aspire 5 or Swift 3

Acer’s a great budget line of computers. They offer some higher-end units, but for a budget, they’re about as good as you can get. The Acer Aspire 5 Slim is an extremely high-quality laptop that is ideal for interior design. While you are working on it, this laptop provides fast performance.

There are multiple ways for you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously with this amazing Acer laptop thanks to its 8th-generation Intel i7 processor. There are two wireless connections on the Acer laptop. Your laptop can be charged quickly without having to wait for hours. Graphics are provided by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 on the Acer Aspire 5 laptop. A high graphics resolution makes this laptop suitable for gaming as well.

You can do more work by using the 15.6″ wide HD display on the Acer Aspire 5 laptop. Colors and brightness are ideal, as well as the display. According to your requirements, the memory can also be upgraded to 16GB 2400 MHz.

With the Acer Aspire 5, you can log in with just a touch. The system uses bio-metrics for authentication. Logging in via this method will save you time. Also important is that this laptop has high-quality speakers and an audio system built-in. Playing music on the laptop can be a good way to relax when you’ve been working long hours.

The Acer Aspire 5 and Swift 3 both come with their own dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU). Most laptops have integrated graphics, which are onboard units packed with the CPU. Having a dedicated driver will allow for more graphically intensive processing to be done – perfect for designers.

Depending on the model you spring for, they’ll either come with the NVIDIA MX250 or the MX350 inside. Both are plenty capable of running moderately intense graphics.

The Swift 3 and Aspire 5 both come with something wildly important and often overlooked: a full HD IPS display. It ensures crystal-clear viewing angles and a crisp image.

They both include Intel’s i5 “U” chip, which is their mobile processing unit for laptops. Included with that is 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. If the storage isn’t adequate, there are expandable options.

NO 1

71vvXGmdKWL. AC SL1500

Acer’s Aspire 5 or Swift 3


  • The Swift 3 and Aspire 5 both come with something wildly important and often overlooked
  • You can do more work by using the 15.6″ wide HD display on the Acer Aspire 5 laptop
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • 3:2 display is very useful
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Good system performance
  • No SD card reader
  • RAM not upgradeable
  • Display with low PWM frequency

2. Microsoft’s Surface Book Line

We wouldn’t recommend one of the lower-tier Surface laptops, as they don’t usually include an i-Series chip or an acceptable amount of storage. They’re gimped in a lot of ways other than these two key factors.

Microsoft’s newest offering comes with a 10th-generation i5 and i7 processor. It’s a powerhouse that’ll certainly run any design program you have in your toolset.

It comes in either a 13.5″ or 15″ display, but we’d suggest getting the larger screen for more real estate. Having a wider canvas is certainly important during the design process.

It includes, up to, 32GB of RAM, which is an astronomical amount of memory. If you can find a make with half of that, it’d likely save you a few bucks. 32GB is — currently — overkill.

There’s also an option for an upgraded, dedicated GPU: the GTX 1660 Ti. If you’d like to play some semi-heavy games in your downtime, it could be a worthy investment.

Its most important feature is its suite of tools tailored for designers. The screen is a little higher resolution than full HD (3000 x 2000 or 3240 x 2160) and its touchscreen is. Along with the screen is its compatibility with Microsoft’s Surface Pen and Surface Dial.

They’re both groundbreaking design tools and will most definitely change your workflow for the better.

NO 2

71Bb84K+DZL. AC SL1200

Microsoft’s Surface Book Line


  • It includes, up to, 32GB of RAM, which is an astronomical amount of memory. If you can find a make with half of that, it’d likely save you a few bucks. 32GB is — currently — overkill.
  • Well-constructed design
  • Excellent performance
  • Great battery
  • Brilliant pixel display
  • Great keyboard and trackpad
  • Feels heavy
  • Does not lie flat when closed
  • Display wobbles and feels top heavy
  • More storage get very expensive

3. The Macbook Pro

It wouldn’t be interior design without a Macbook. There’s a reason the entire creative industry has transitioned to Apple’s offerings. They just, plainly, work. There’s not a lot of hassle with us and it’s stylish — people love to be seen in front of their Apple logos.

Aside from the prestige of owning an Apple computer, there’s a lot to be said about its obscene power. This year, the Macbook isn’t coming with Intel’s offering. Apple has severed its ties with the chip manufacturer and turned to its own engineers instead. Included in the new line of Macbooks is Apple’s M1 silicon. In hand-to-hand combat with its competition, the M1 destroys all that opposes it (at least in the realm of laptops). What makes it so good? Apple’s optimization. Through the years of producing their own mobile chip for the iPhone, they’ve fine-tuned their software and hardware to work as well as peanut butter and jelly do. Aside from its software and CPU, the laptop comes with all of the trimmings. It’ll run you a hefty price tag to get “the works,” but by golly, it’s a magnificent combination of technology.

A lot can be said about the suite of software offered on the MacBook, too. Because of its creative nature, a lot of software companies tailor their product to just Apple’s line-up. You might not find every tool you need on a Windows equivalent machine.

NO 3

61Y30DpqRVL. AC SL1500

The Macbook Pro


  • A lot can be said about the suite of software offered on the MacBook, too. Because of its creative nature, a lot of software companies tailor their product to just Apple’s line-up.
  • Improved M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips
  • Larger Unified Memory Capacity
  • Improved Display Technology
  • Better Audio Input and Output Systems
  • Bulkier and Heavier Physical Specs
  • Notch on the Retina Screen Display
  • Lacks Face ID

4. Acer Nitro 5

This laptop is a great option for interior designers who are looking for a powerful machine without breaking the bank. If you’re in the market for a new laptop that will make your interior design work easier than ever before, then be sure to check out the Acer Nitro!

With its octa-core Ryzen processing speed, GeForce RTX graphics card, and a large amount of storage space, this laptop has everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Plus, at just under 5 pounds, it’s lightweight and easy to transport from one job site to another. So don’t wait any longer; order your Acer Nitro today!

This laptop also comes with 16GB of RAM and a whopping 1TB of storage! This is more than enough space to store large interior design files, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of room. And fast storage will help you save time when transferring files between devices.

The Acer Nitro features a 15.06″ full HD LED-backlit IPS display with 1920 x 1080 resolution for sharp and clear images. This laptop features a full-size keyboard that interior designers will love! The keys are comfortable and have great travel, making them an excellent option for long design sessions. And the large touchpad is smooth and responsive to every swipe of your finger across it.

You’ll get around 6 hours of battery life from this laptop, which is great for all-day interior design work. And at just under 5 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go!

NO 4

81bc8mA3nKL. AC SL1500

Acer Nitro 5


  • Storage can be expanded
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6
  • Impressive performance
  • Storage can be expanded
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6
  • The keyboard might be difficult to use
  • Lacks SD and microSD slot

5. Asus ZenBook 14 

The Asus ZenBook 14 is a great laptop for interior designers because it comes with a powerful AMD octa-core Ryzen processor and Radeon graphics.

This machine is perfect for quickly opening and working on large interior design files. The Asus ZenBook also has a slim bezel around the screen, making it easy to view your designs from every angle, and it’s lightweight, so you can easily transport it between meetings or client consultations. Overall, the Asus ZenBook 14 is a great laptop for interior designers that comes with a powerful AMD octa-core processor and Radeon graphics.

This machine offers plenty of performance for quickly opening and working on large interior design files, plus it has a stylish all-black finish and a sleek bezel around the screen.

It also includes three USB type-A ports, one HDMI port, two Thunderbolt three ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and up to nine hours* of battery life per charge!

NO 5

61KluCd8+HL. AC SL1200

Asus ZenBook 14 


  • It also includes three USB type-A ports, one HDMI port, two Thunderbolt three ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and up to nine hours* of battery life per charge!
  • Impressive design
  • High contrast IPS LCD panel with narrow bezels
  • Excellent Keyboard and trackpad
  • Powerful performance
  • Battery backup
  • Display is reflective and attracts smudges.
  • No fingerprint sensor
  • No Thunderbolt support

6. Dell Inspiron 15

This Dell Inspiron 15 is a laptop computer that interior designers will be able to use for many years. With its powerful 11th-generation Intel Quad-Core i-series processor, interior designers can easily multitask while working on interior design projects or running other applications simultaneously without any problems!

It also features an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card with four gigabytes of VRAM which allows interior designers to play simple games and perform basic tasks such as watching movies online when they’re not at work.

Plus, it has a solid-state drive so you’ll have plenty of storage space available for all your interior design project files and media content! This lightweight, the elegant machine will impress interior design clients no matter where you are! The Dell Inspiron interior designers can easily connect to Bluetooth-compatible peripherals such as computers, smartphones, or even your favorite headphones.

Plus, with its 15.60-inch screen, it’s the perfect laptop for interior designers who need large screens when working on projects in their office or at home!

NO 6

61zRDADh+YS. AC SL1500

Dell Inspiron 15


  • Plus, with its 15.60-inch screen, it’s the perfect laptop for interior designers who need large screens when working on projects in their office or at home!
  • Interesting surface haptic.
  • Good price-performance ratio.
  • Acceptable battery runtimes.
  • Rickety input devices.
  • Imprecise
  • Sharp-edged clearances.

7. Dell XPS

This model is one of the premium ultrabook laptops. This compact and lightweight device doesn’t have any cracks or loose or sagging parts. The case materials (metal and carbon fiber) look great and practical. The model has a touchscreen covered with glass. However, you won’t notice any glare when working in a bright room.

This is one of the best laptops for interior design as it provides plenty of space, speedy performance, and a super bright image. You can install many design programs, work on various 3D modeling projects and solve other complex tasks.

NO 7

91MXLpouhoL. AC SL1500

Dell XPS


  • A lot of storage
  • Great brightness
  • Enhanced watching experience
  • Killer Wireless card
  • A lot of storage
  • Great brightness
  • Enhanced watching experience
  • Poor battery capacity
  • Too heavy
  • Black level not ideal for dark rooms

8. Lenovo Legion 5

The Lenovo Legion 5 is the best laptop for interior design students who want to learn how to use architectural design software. You are getting a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with 6 cores and a dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti graphics card with 4GB of memory. Thus, it works great for 3D interior design. Besides, the maximum frequency reaches up to 5.0 GHz.

The Lenovo Legion 5 has a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This results in a smooth viewing experience. Thanks to the anti-reflective coating, you will not encounter glare issues.

The laptop comes with preinstalled Windows 10 Home and a built-in 60Wh lithium battery. Due to support for fast charging technology, you can charge it by 50% in 30 minutes. Alternatively

NO 8

81PbOX7ZtaL. AC SL1500

Lenovo Legion 5


  • Impressive performance
  • Expandable RAM and storage
  • Great hardware controls
  • Great screen
  • Impressive performance
  • Expandable RAM and storage
  • Great hardware controls
  • Heavy
  • Weak mic and speakers

9. Dell Precision M5510

A stylish laptop from Dell, the Precision M5510. It can be easily transported and carried wherever you want due to its lightweight. A budget of under $1,000 and high hardware specifications makes it a better choice for interior designers. The Core-i7-6820HQ processor is installed on this laptop from Dell. It is a 6th-generation quad-core processor.

With a clock speed of 2.7GHz, this processor can handle graphics applications that are complex with ease. Having 32GB of RAM will help this processor operate swiftly and without any delays, allowing applications to run faster.

There is also a lot of storage on the laptop. The system and user data can be stored on a 500GB SSD in this machine. The NVIDIA Quadro M1000M graphics card is installed in the Dell Precision M5510. The GPU has 2GB of VRAM.

This laptop comes with a display that measures 15.6 inches in size. A 3840 x 2160 resolution Ultra HD display is featured. Thanks to the high screen resolution, every visual on the screen are breathtaking for the user. In addition to the touchscreen, this machine also features a stand-alone keyboard.

This laptop is equipped with all the necessary ports for connecting peripheral devices. With a weight of 3.42 lbs, this laptop has Windows 10 Pro operating system and comes with an operating system of Windows 10 Pro.

NO 9

61aeDMN3 sL. AC SL1500

Dell Precision M5510


  • High-speed RAM with a huge capacity.
  • Touch screen display with stunning graphics.
  • CPU with Hexa-cores.
  • High-speed RAM with a huge capacity.
  • Touch screen display with stunning graphics.
  • There is no Thunderbolt III port.

10. HP – Pavilion 15.6″

Another excellent laptop option when it comes to graphics-intensive tasks is HP Pavilion. Powerful processors are one of the reasons HP has become so popular. Ryzen 5 4600H processors are known for their high performance. With 8GB of DDR4 RAM memory, this PC is quite capable of multitasking. Y

ou can store and save a lot of data on your system using the 256GB SSD slot. You may not find such an option with other ordinary laptop models when it comes to storing huge data files. Interior designers typically look for laptops to avoid system crashes, system glitches, etc. In this case, HP Pavilion will help you draw out the blueprint for your design.

Your interior design sketch can be carefully edited and reshaped on the full 15.6″ inches display screen if any changes need to be made. This particular HP Pavilion model will always be popular among gamers. With a 1650 GTX graphics processor from NVIDIA GeForce, this super-thin model is famous for its slick appearance and thin and sleek design. 

The majority of you might wonder what purpose this article serves after mentioning the MSI gaming laptop series name GS65 leopard.

Let me summarize it this way. MSI’s gaming laptop series might be difficult to find at a reasonable price. MSI makes some of the best laptops. Users of HP’s pavilion models can use them for two purposes.

In addition to gaming, you can use it for graphically intensive tasks such as designing interior blueprints. You can store and save data files quickly and easily in this device thanks to its 256GB memory slot.

NO 10

71PBF02qnbL. AC SX300 SY300 QL70 FMwebp

HP – Pavilion 15.6″


  • Additional 256GB SSD memory slot
  • NVIDIA GeForce 1650 Graphics processor
  • 15.6” inches full edge MicroSD display
  • Lightweight and Slim
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM memory
  • Additional 256GB SSD memory slot
  • NVIDIA GeForce 1650 Graphics processor
  • 15.6” inches full edge MicroSD display 
  • If you’re going to play multiplayer games on a rough server, it might not be as rugged as MSI’s gaming notebooks.

11. Lenovo Flex 5

When you need a reliable laptop for professional interior designing, the 2-in-1 Flex 5 from Lenovo is always your first choice. In contrast to ordinary laptops that may encounter multiple problems when trying to perform interior design-related activities, this model will never experience these problems at all. Two-in-one Flex 5 offers the most benefits for that reason.

Display screens with folding features such as those found with this model are quite useful for editing interior frames and designs. Performing graphics-intensive tasks on an ordinary laptop can occasionally lead to technical errors. Lenovo’s Flex model rarely has such occurrences.

As well as having a touchscreen option, this model belongs to Lenovo’s “Professional” series, which is capable of supporting RAM. With AMD Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor memory, you can perform heavy tasks with ease. Hence, if you plan on running highly graphics-intensive applications, this beast is worth considering. 

With its excellent graphics processor, the IdeaPad Flex 5 can easily handle architectural renderings. The view mode is quite convenient when what you are looking for is a briefing-up of your entire presentation.

One mode requires that the display screen be flipped 360 degrees. Flip the keypad over and check out the design you’ve framed from the other side. You can flip the design back to its original position if you decide that editing is necessary for your design. The laptop mode has been restored. Your privacy is not compromised with this model.

The privacy concerns you have are generally under your control. Using this model, you can edit multiple blueprints simultaneously with the help of the smart, active pen. Feel free to give it a go, even if it seems hard! Active pens are capable of performing the same tasks quite reliably.

NO 11

71zZiQGzc5L. AC SL1500

Lenovo Flex 5


  • Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor AMD
  • Within seconds, you can go from 0-to 360 degrees
  • Speakers with 2 watts of power 
  • It weighs just 3.64 pounds
  • IPS touchscreen display with 10 points 14 inches FHD
  • Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor AMD
  • Within seconds, you can go from 0-to 360 degrees
  • Speakers with 2 watts of power 
  • Webcam of the older version 

12. ASUS Zenbook Pro UX501VW

The ASUS brand makes beautiful and very attractive laptops. ASUS’s ZenBook Pro UX501VW can be said to be similar. It’s a beautiful laptop with an appealing design. In addition to producing visual masterpieces, this laptop provides mobility as well. 

This laptop can be taken anywhere you like. Both its components and their performance are of high craftsmanship. As a masterpiece by ASUS, it can also serve as a tool for graphic designers who can use it to create their masterpieces. It features a quad-core processor and is one of ASUS’s high-performance laptops.

Though the processor is from the 6th generation, it is fast enough to process large amounts of data. The laptop in this review is equipped with an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor. Based on the clock speed of 2.6GHz, the turbo boost is up to 3.5GHz.

Supported by an enormous amount of RAM, the processor is very powerful. The speed of the memory in this machine is 1600MHz, and it contains 16 GB of DDR3L memory. A 512GB SSD is included on this laptop for storing data from the user and the system. As compared to others, this is a faster SSD. There are four PCIe lanes on this SSD. This ZenBook starts up very quickly due to its fast SSD, and it opens large programs very quickly.

The graphics card in this laptop is fast and perfect for graphics-related tasks as well as gaming. The machine has a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card and 2GB of VRAM, resulting in the best graphics we have ever experienced. A GDDR5 VRAM has a higher bandwidth per second. Over 8 million pixels help make it a reality thanks to its wonderful graphics.

In this laptop, the touch screen is 15.6 inches in size and gives an ultra-high-resolution display of 4 K. It’s 4 times higher resolution than Full HD, its 3840 x 2160 pixels, and its 10 points of touch control make it even more impressive. The PPI of this screen is 282, and it can navigate through web pages and documents with smart gestures. Any design-related task can be accomplished on this display using Photoshop, video editing, and video conversion.

Bluetooth and 802.11ac are available for wireless connections. Added to that, this laptop features a thunderbolt II port that enables smooth 4k video. Sonic Master Premium (ICEpower) also produces exceptional sound quality. This laptop weighs about 5 pounds. A graphics machine like this will run for up to 6 hours on battery backup, which is pretty decent.

NO 12

ASUS Zenbook Pro UX501VW


  • UHD 4K display.
  • RGB and NTSC at 100%.
  • ICEpower sound in SonicMaster Premium.
  • Performance is high and the design is beautiful.
  • Touchscreen with 10 points.
  • UHD 4K display.
  • RGB and NTSC at 100%.
  • ICEpower sound in SonicMaster Premium.
  • None

13. Lenovo Thinkpad P52S

Lenovo ThinkPad P52s laptops are excellent for professionals. Consider Lenovo ThinkPad P52s if you will work with a great deal of software. It is well integrated with AutoCAD and Sketchup as well as Autodesk Revit. Despite the strong hardware, all of this software doesn’t run efficiently and provides the best experience when working. 

This laptop comes with an Intel 8th generation quad-core i7 processor and 32GB of RAM. Its high RAM capacity makes multitasking simple. There is an added security feature that allows its buyers to create a fingerprint list that prevents others from breaking into your system and copying your designs.

Having a backlit keyboard gives your fingers a delightful experience while typing, increasing your speed while making assignments. An interior designer needs a laptop with decent graphics and decent brightness since interior design is an art.

The display measures 15.6 inches (1920 x 1080) and provides accurate colors. Art models will definitely appeal to you, particularly when they are given life by you. A good viewing angle is also provided.

It provides an above-average battery life of 8-9 hours, which is not extraordinary. It also comes with a webcam, which isn’t very good and shouldn’t be used for video calls. There will be a price increase for these features, the webcam, and the battery time since they demand it. Even so, it’s still profitable to have hardware with such great graphics and an amazing keyboard in its price range.

NO 13


Lenovo Thinkpad P52S


  • Durable
  • Perfect design
  • A great keyboard
  • Durable
  • Perfect design
  • A great keyboard.
  • Webcam is terrible.

14. ASUS Rog Strix G15

Asus manufactures a class of laptops that is ideal for graphics-intensive tasks, making it one of the best brands for laptops. With these laptops, you can launch a variety of video editing software programs, as well as AutoCAD 3D modeling software. Other laptops crash when trying to launch these heavy program files, but the G15 gaming laptop from Asus does not. 

Interior designers will appreciate its compact size. There may be technical troubles with laptop computers with limited CPU power, such as executing heavy Exe program applications. Asus, on the other hand, won’t cause you any trouble at all.

The powerful GeForce GTX graphics processor enables it to handle graphically intensive tasks without any difficulty. It is a perfect accompaniment to running Xbox-oriented gaming applications. You can easily accomplish heavy tasks with the 5% larger screen display. 

For heavy program files to run smoothly, the same option is required. 10th-generation CPUs, i.e., the next generation of the processor, provide maximum flexibility in editing and modifying the designs to suit your needs.

In the event you need to demonstrate your blueprint as a professional interior designer, you can use this laptop to play through your entire project. Even without Dolby Vision or HDR 400, the display will help you in any case. 

You will be able to run such demonstrations on your system with the help of the quad speakers. This laptop was designed to be used by game enthusiasts, which is one of its most intriguing features.

Those who enjoy gaming franchises such as Uncharted: 4, The Last of Us: 4, or Witcher: Hunt should have this laptop in their personal collection. Xbox games can be played on a laptop. For a one-month free trial, you can play video games on both Windows 10 PC and Xbox. A manufacturer’s marketing policy will determine the offer (although this might vary from time to time).

Since the ROG cooling system barely interferes with your processor, your activities will not be impacted when the CPU gets too warm. The cooler will always maintain optimal CPU performance, so you will never have a problem with overheating CPUs.

NO 14

ASUS Rog Strix G15


  • 8GB VRAM
  • 16GB DDR4
  • Updated to support Windows 10 Home
  • Noiseless  performance
  • RGB backlit keyboard
  • 8GB VRAM
  • 16GB DDR4
  • Updated to support Windows 10 Home
  • The graphics processor’s memory may be affected by rough gaming sessions 

15. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

In our list of best laptops for interior design, we find another great performer, which is Microsoft Surface Pro 7. With this, you won’t have to worry if you are on a student budget or worried about getting your interior design work done.

Let’s take a look around a bit and see what we’re up to. I will be honest, not make a lot of praise about it like on any other laptop, and I will do so honestly. See how sleek the design is. Its chunky bezel turns into a reasonable cone, despite the chassis design is mediocre. The 1.7-pound laptop is thin, lightweight, and portable. It can be carried in a backpack or held in the palm of your hand.

The tablet design makes it possible to use it standing up. The build quality and finishing of this product are being criticized in mixed terms. Featuring Intel’s 10th generation Core i5 processors, 8GB of memory, and 256GB of SSD storage, this smarty is a performance champion. Safeguard your data with its SSD storage as it runs faster. Surface Pro 6 – which was the previous version of this Surface book – has a faster CPU. 

While you will not get a cinematic experience, you should at least have a good chance to see your work or projects displayed. Intel Integrated Graphics 620 presents quality images on its 12.3-inch FHD touchscreen. The integrated graphics will provide a big boost to your work speed when you run your desired application. 

Nevertheless, you can have a good camera, wireless connectivity, and much more within this budget. Furthermore, its long battery life of at least nine to ten hours and its fast charging capacity of 80% per hour lets you get more done in a single charge. Take your creativity anywhere with a tablet and studio. Creating is as simple as drawing, touching, watching, and listening. 

For those who wish to explore more, you can also get a Microsoft Surface laptop 2 within the same budget. Despite its chunky bezel and lack of brightness in direct sunlight, then, I would say that it is a fine piece for many students of interior design. 

NO 15

71kBlSKi3eL. AC SL1500

Microsoft Surface Pro 7


  • Connectivity is good
  • Affordably priced for students
  • Battery life is good
  • A thin, ultra-portable, smart device
  • Connectivity is good
  • Affordably priced for students
  • Battery life is good
  • Bulky bezel

Knowing What Makes a Laptop for Interior Design Perfect

It’s a good idea to get the gist of what’s on your computer. Knowing what powers your machine and the different components of silicon will help you decide. If one of the laptops on the following list won’t do for your needs, you’ll be able to make an informed decision elsewhere.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Laptops For Interior Design

Let us explain to you all the features that you should keep in mind while buying the best laptops for interior design.


The processor is the main thing interior designers need in a laptop. This determines how quickly you can run your interior design projects and open files, so getting one with an advanced processor is important.


There are high resolutions involved with interior designing, which will require good graphics cards for the smooth running of designs without lag or slow loading time due to poor graphic card memory or speed. GPU plays a very important role for interior designers.


Interior design projects usually require a lot of files to be opened at one time and also large software. Get yourself a laptop with plenty of RAM space to avoid any issues while you’re working on your project.RAM (random-access memory) is a temporary storage technology that allows for multitasking. It keeps application software in the immediate foreground for quick use. For interior design, you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM – but 16GB and higher is better.


As an interior designer, you’ll know the importance of having lots of storage space on your device! With all the images, videos, and designs you’ll be storing, you don’t want to run out of space halfway through your project. So make sure to get a laptop with a big hard drive or SSD. Storage space, used to keep your data offline permanently, should be plentiful. CAD designs and other design software can make for heavy files. Get something with at least 512GB and make sure it’s an SSD.


A laptop with a good display is important for interior design work because you’ll be opening many files and need to see them.

In addition, interior designers usually work on projects that require high-resolution images, so the better your screen resolution is, the easier it will be to edit designs easily.

You also want one that has accurate color reproduction and brightness levels as well since interior designing requires precise measurements of objects in real-life settings (which means having multiple windows open at once).

Battery Life

For interior designers who are always out of their studio or office working on project sites, battery life becomes very crucial! Make sure the device has long hours of battery backup while you’re away from an electrical socket; It’s recommended not to go below about four hours of battery life.

Wireless Connectivity

The laptop you choose should ideally have wireless connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB ports to make your interior design work easier.

This is because it will make the designing process faster as there are no wires involved, which would otherwise be distracting or inconvenient if found in a project site workspace.


Since interior designers work with a variety of devices, it’s important that your laptop has plenty of ports. This includes USB ports (for connecting to printers, scanners, and other devices), an HDMI port (so you can easily connect your laptop to a TV or monitor), and a Thunderbolt port (which is useful for transferring large files quickly).


A good interior design laptop has a backlit keyboard, so you can work in low-light conditions. You’ll also need big keys for interior designers who have bigger hands and fingers!

Another important feature is ergonomic, which means it’s comfortable to type on with full key travel distance. This will reduce hand strain while working on your project files or designs.


The interior design laptop should have a large and smooth touchpad that will allow you to navigate accurately on your screen. It is important for interior designers as they need precise movements of the cursor while working on their projects.

Also, make sure it has two-finger scrolling so you can easily scroll through web pages or open project images without having to use the trackpad buttons all the time!


Since interior designers are always on the go, it’s important to get a laptop that is lightweight and easy to carry around with you. The device should not exceed more than four pounds in weight, so it doesn’t cause any back or shoulder pain while carrying it around all day long.

So these are some of the most important things to look for when choosing a laptop for interior design work. Make sure to keep all of these features in mind when shopping for your next device! It’ll definitely make your design workflow much easier and faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best laptop for interior designers?

The best laptop for interior design is the 2020 Apple Macbook pro. With Apple MacBook Pro New Air, you never have to worry about other laptops crashing or being hesitant to run those programs. In this laptop, the fast SSD storage unit smooths out even the most graphics-intensive file applications.

Q. What is the best PC for interior design?

Microsoft Surface Pro is the best PC for interior design. It will enhance your computing experience. In terms of the price range, the Microsoft Surface Pro is a good option for interior designers, but it does not have a high-end price point. The Windows 10 Pro version includes a 7th generation processor and 16GB of RAM along with 1 TB of storage.

Q. How much RAM do I need for interior design?

It is highly recommended that you have 16 MB of RAM when modeling and rendering 3D models in either SketchUp or Rhino. For editing one Revit model, 16 GB is adequate, as long as 700 MB is available. The recommendation for 32GB RAM is essential when working with complex 3D interior models, real-time rendering, and VR.

Conclusion: 15 Best Laptops for Interior Design

Now that you have made it to the end of the list, you know that these devices are one of the best laptops for interior designers. These devices come with powerful processors and impressive graphics cards so interior design students can work on multiple projects at once without any lag time.

This laptop also features a thin bezel full-HD display that interior design students can adjust to various angles while working outdoors or around bright lights.

All of these interior design laptops also come with an aluminum chassis, back-lit keyboards, and fast load times so interior design students can produce high-quality designs without any hassle!

Interior design students know that all these laptops are strong competitors to other interior designer laptops due to their outstanding performance, speed, and graphics, making it easier for interior design students to work efficiently without having any lag time while they’re working at home or in the office!

Interior design students should also appreciate that their battery life lasts up to six hours, allowing them more free time for doing things outside of their interior decorating studies, such as going out with friends or exploring their local area.

These interior design laptops are the best for any interior designer who wants to have a powerful device that is easy to transport and comes with long battery life! So, if you’re looking for one of the best laptops for interior designers, then these devices are perfect for you!

Design is no longer done on mounds of scratch paper and in sketchbooks. It has entirely transitioned to the modern space.

Finding the right laptop for interior design can be tough, but it’s important to know what makes a good laptop. Acer offers a budget-friendly choice. While Microsoft and Apple offer more powerful tools for creativity: a touchscreen and a plethora of software goodies.

Are you having trouble choosing what’s right for you? Reach out to us, we’re always willing to help.

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