How To Compare And Choose Best Laptops Under $1500?

Best Laptops under $1500
Best Laptops under $1500

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Complete List: Best Laptops under $1500

A computer or a laptop is no longer a fad but a necessity. Depending on your needs, you will choose one or the other.

The guide below will help you in the difficult operation of purchasing the best laptops under $1500. A state-of-the-art laptop is one of the few devices that gives you a balance between portability, performance, and power, being ideal for movies, games, or internet access.

With the help of the information to be presented in this guide, you can start the search that will bring you one step closer to the best laptop.

1. Acer Aspire 7

If you are on a low budget and want something powerful and attractive, the Acer Aspire 7 may indeed be the best laptops under $1500. The processor on this laptop is AMD. AMD is famous for making equipment that is user friendly and powerful.

The graphics card included in the mid-range GTX 1650 will solidify its performance and provide a smooth experience when playing or running engineering applications. It also comes with a lighted keyboard to help you work in dark environments.


  • Strong, cost-effective processor
  • GPU based on Turing architecture
  • Comfortable using the keyboard.
  • Decent battery life


  • Heavy
  • Heat is trapped inside the device, making it sometimes warm.

2. ASUS VivoBook K571

Making our list, the Asus Vivobook can be considered the best laptops under $1500. The device has two storage devices; An SSD for quick boot and an HDD for storing data on it.

An ultra-powerful processor is an excellent option for running heavy, resource-consuming engineering programs without hitting any rocks on the road. It is safe to say that the Asus VivoBook means serious business.

The amount of RAM paired with the device is 16 GB, which allows the user to run and operate several programs simultaneously.

This will enable you to play cutting edge games or run your programs without worrying about performance issues. The FHD + resolution shows a sharp picture of everything and allows you to enjoy an intense and vivid image.

The only negative aspect of this device is that its energy-consuming equipment does not come with a battery large enough to meet your needs for a long time. The battery will die within the first 5 hours of use.


  • Fast and efficient processor.
  • Supports dual storage
  • A good keyboard
  • Medium range GPU


  • Below-average battery life.

3. MSI Prestige 14

Obviously, engineering applications need many resources, and it only makes sense to let a powerful device handle this situation.

This mini workstation is an excellent option as one of the best laptops under $1500. It comes prepared for the future and has a powerful processor. It also comes with a mid-range GPU to support the processor in heavy tasks. 

The screen used is ideal and will give an aesthetic feeling when used. This happens to be one of the thinnest laptops ever created, so it looks great and is also a great option if you are going to travel a lot. All in all, these may be the best laptops under $1500.


  • The included 10th-generation processor outperforms all other options.
  • Elegant and beautiful design.
  • Included support for Wi-Fi 6
  • Long battery life
  • The GPU comes with support for Max-Q


  • None

4. Huawei Matebook D14 

With a 14-inch display, this ultraportable for students is the most affordable model in this category. The quality of the construction is exceptional, and the battery is also enviable.

It also comes with two standard USB ports, along with a USB-C used for charging, and is ideal for classes or projects. It’s a light, fast notebook, and the AMD Ryzen 5 processor is similar in performance to an Intel Core i5. Another thing worth mentioning is that Matebook D14 comes with Windows 10 operating system preinstalled.


  • Premium case
  • Admirable battery life
  • Relatively reasonable
  • Premium flagship features


  • Bad viewing angles
  • The screen could be better

5. HP Spectre X30

When you are considering buying the best laptops under $1500, the HP Spectre x360 is the right choice. It has all the features of the main engine and is available in dark ash silver color. This laptop is one of the best laptops for engineering students and one of the brand’s latest models.

Also, the HP Specter x360 has two distinct versions; a 13-inch and a 15-inch version, but as a Mechanical Engineering student, the 13-inch version is an excellent choice for you.

Interestingly, this laptop has unique features that differentiate it from other laptops. Some of the virtues include; excellent viewing angles of the screen, HP Pen, and very high battery capacity. So the only downside about this laptop is that the trackpad is quite average and not portable or lightweight to carry around.


  • Lightweight
  • Active pen
  • Decent battery life
  • Amazing performance
  • Strong build quality
  • Average trackpad


  • Dim screen

6. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is the right choice. It’s a reliable laptop that’s fast, quiet, and has a clear display and good specs. While this is not the latest Samsung product, it can do your job. It can also pay attention to your video editing, Photoshop projects, and even simulations and coding.

One exciting feature of this best laptops under $1500 is that it can handle any engineering software program regardless of which area is a rare feature.

Speaking of the keyboard, when you see the keyboard of this device, you will think Apple made it. It has excellent and useful backlighting and can give you a good typing experience. The only downside is that it has an old-fashioned graphics card. But never worry, it can give you good service.


  • Great design
  • Decent battery life
  • Bright display
  • Affordable price
  • The S Pen
  • Impressive performance


  • 4k screen option absent
  • Shallow keyboard

7. Dell XPS 9370

The Dell XPS 9370 is incorporated into this device as one of the best laptops under $1500. It has top-notch features that can handle almost any software that might work for you in college.

This laptop has the heart of a Ryzen 5 along with 16 GB of RAM, which is more than enough to handle your daily tasks. Moreover, it comes with a fingerprint scanner that gives you an extra layer of security.

The only challenge you will have with this laptop is graphics. It has Intel HD 620 graphics that are not so good, and they may not be able to handle graphic simulations.


  • Efficient Keyboard
  • Great Design
  • Lightweight
  • Good Performance
  • Beautiful display


  • Noisy sometimes
  • Average battery life

8. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

This Acer laptop got a business look in a silver finish chassis with an aluminum top cover so that you can use this notebook in your college, at your workplace, etc.

Also, it has 256GB of SSD driver, and this level of storage may not be enough for you. But the SSD is more potent than the standard HDD driver and improves the laptop’s overall performance.


  • Elegant Design
  • Ample Memory
  • Speedy processor
  • Decent Battery life
  • Works quietly
  • Amazing display


  • Average Wi-Fi Performance


Cheap laptops are not necessarily without performance, but they always involve a compromise. This compromise can be with the processor, storage technology, RAM, or video card.

The best laptops under $1500 for movies and offices will run YouTube, Microsoft Office, and many other online or installed applications.

However, it will not do it as fast as an Ultrabook laptop. The most significant performance plus in the case of such a budget laptop is an SSD.

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