Best Of The Best:What Brand Of Laptop Lasts The Longest?

What brand of laptop lasts the longest

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What brand of laptop lasts the longest?

The most durable laptop brands are Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell.

Why are these so durable? Because of their build design, software updates, and some brand customization options.

Apple and Lenovo are leading the market on durability while making sure the other things
like specs are more than okay. Most students use them to make money online, study or search for answers to assignments through various services such as mymathlab answers. In this article, we’ll cover the basic arguments on why these brands are the longest-lasting laptop brands on the

Are you looking for the answer to what brand of laptop lasts the longest? You have come to the right place.

1. Apple

The most reliable laptops are those made by Apple.

When you buy a Macbook, you know that you are purchasing a device that will not give you practical problems for many years.

This is due to the company’s design and manufacturing philosophy. The aluminum body and heavily optimized hardware have made these computers a safe bet. The keyboard is terrific, the displays are super sharp, and the battery life tends to be among the best on the market.

What is the only problem with these computers? 

Its price is usually somewhat high, above 1000 dollars (and much more depending on the model) … and it is not as easy to update your hardware as in other models. You also have to find the right time to buy since hardware updates are often requested.

1. MacBook Air 

In an excellent presentation by Apple in 2008, Steve Jobs (Apple founder) brought a brown document envelope to the podium, an envelope he opened. He took out a fragile laptop, well that laptop is the first variant of MacBook Air, and at that time, the world was astonished by a thin laptop with a thickness of less than 2 cm.

Today’s MacBook Air, which is still available on the market, has 2 sizes, namely 11 inches and 13.3 inches. We will find a laptop with an aluminum base material in terms of design, which looks premium because of its metallic finish.

From the innards side, it is relatively the same; all today’s MacBook airs are armed with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and SSD hard disk, as well as perfect battery life, around 10 to 12 hours for regular use.

The MacBook Air laptop is perfect for those who have high mobility, because of its reasonably good specifications and fairly durable battery life, for a laptop size.

2. MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is an ideal variant of Apple laptops; this type of device offers a competent mini workstation ability.

This variant has 2 sizes as well, namely 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches, with a retina display. Apple’s term for pixel density is so high, that the human eye cannot distinguish between seeing on the screen and reality.

The MacBook Pro is already armed with the latest Intel Core i5 processor, at least 8GB ram, and SSD hard drive, and for certain types, there is a VGA card. These specifications are minimal, meaning you can buy a higher variant with a higher spec, but automatically the price will be higher too.

This Apple variant of the MacBook Laptop is not recommended. The innards are mediocre, with very limited peripherals (USB plugs, etc.), as well as high prices. MacBook-type laptops are no-frills pro and water, only suitable for purchase by those who have extra funds as a secondary laptop.

The question arises, does the laptopschamp team recommend that you buy an Apple brand laptop?

Well, we highly recommend it.

Especially the MacBook Pro variant because, in our opinion, the value for money is the highest when compared to its 2 siblings.

Besides that, Apple products are very eco-friendly because they often use recycled materials, with quality results.

You need to know that various problems have recently hit the MacBook. The most problematic issue is the new keyboard ”butterfly keyboard” design, which causes dust and small objects to quickly get trapped under the keyboard, causing the keyboard to become not smooth, and there are buttons. – Individual buttons do not work.

A numeric keypad comes in handy for tasks like data entry, networking, accounting, or systems administration. Laptops with a dedicated numeric pad offer more control over numeric figures and cursors. So, here are the best laptops with numeric keypads for your convenience:

This problem is so global that it can be said to be a phenomenon.

If you are looking to buy a MacBook, laptopschamp strongly recommends that you wait until Apple releases a new generation MacBook with a refurbished keyboard.


  • Luxurious design.
  • Features and specifications are available.
  • Prestigious.
  • The touchpad is comfortable to use.
  • Apple claims the Mac operating system is user-friendly.
  • Same screen resolution, easy on the eyes
  • The keyboard and screen have their own lighting system, which can adjust to the circumstances/conditions.
  • The components are made from environmentally friendly materials.


  • The Mac operating system is rarely used, especially in Indonesia.
  • High price.
  • Only many service centers in cities

2. Dell

Ultraportable laptops that perform well have robust features and take their breath away without a fight – that’s Dell. Whether you need a computer for work or school and you want a durable product, this brand will meet all your needs. 

The main reason Dell gets such high marks for reliability is not that the company’s gadgets never break – they have a good track record, but they are still inferior to MacBooks. Strong customer support is a crucial differentiator of this manufacturer. If something goes wrong, you can quickly return your laptop for repair and get it back in a fixed form in less time than other brands can offer.

The DELL brand emphasizes the development of computers and laptops designed primarily for companies since its strengths are robustness and reliability.

In fact, DELL laptop cases are probably the strongest on the market, but in return for not being so thin and being less attractive in design.

Another essential feature of DELL laptops is the quality of their internal components, which are very reliable and perform better than those of many other brands.

Its cooling systems are designed to give the laptop intensive use, and the keys are usually more resistant than those of other brands.

One downside to these types of notebooks is that they are a bit heavier. But it is to guarantee this excellent robustness. It is up to you to assess whether it is something positive or negative based on your needs.

Finally, DELL is, without a doubt, the most robust brand on the market and has a prominent place in the list of what brand of laptop lasts the longest.

Its performance is primarily focused on reliability and durability rather than graphics performance.

If you need a computer for your work or to last you a long time and don’t need a top laptop, this is probably the brand you need.


  • Sturdy design.
  • Several series are preinstalled with open-source operating systems: Linux and Ubuntu.
  • Prices are relatively cheap and affordable to the lower middle class.
  • Service centers can be called home


  • The service center is uneven.
  • Some types of designs are very stiff.

3. Lenovo

Lenovo is currently the world’s best-selling laptop brandIt is a firm that has managed to proliferate in the international market. Thanks to a wide range of laptops and reasonable prices, they have found a place in all kinds of countries, including Spain.

Is it a good mark? Of course, it is. They have a wide range of laptops, so there is something for all types of users, which is undoubtedly essential in this case. Whether you are looking for a laptop to work or one for gaming, finding something in their catalog makes them always consider it.

Their laptops are of quality, with quality specifications that meet what users demand and seek today. So in this sense, there are no complaints about the company. Also, keep in mind that their laptops have reasonable prices in general so that it is possible to find something that is interesting, without having to pay too much for them.

First of all, LENOVO’s range of laptops is one of the largest on the market, with products technically adapted to different types of users:

  • Home notebooks, designed for the average user
  • Laptops to work
  • Convertibles (Laptop + Tablet)
  • Gaming laptops.

It is the brand that has invented convertible laptops into tablets with the YOGA range. Very practical because you can use Windows 10 in both aspects.

The Yoga convertible series is designed mainly for leisure, although there are specific high-end models that, due to their power, can perform well for professional use. Like the Lenovo Yoga 530-14IKB, which is an absolute blast. What brand of laptop lasts the longest?

Here are the champions from Lenovo who made this laptop brand number one in the world:

  1. Thinkpad
    2. Lenovo V Series
    3. Ideapad
    4. Yoga
    5. Legion

The Thinkpad variant, with its tagline premium class performance, and legendary reliability, is indeed targeted at premium class users. The ThinkPad series can be said to be the flagship laptop of the Lenovo brand.

Lenovo V series, with its tagline: Innovative Design, Responsive Performance. Is a Lenovo laptop aimed at small businesses or SMEs? With an affordable price, a relatively thin design and lightweight, and several variants that have been embedded with extra security features, making this laptop is ideal for small and medium businesses.

The Ideapad is an entry-level variant from Lenovo, an affordable price with adequate performance, making this type of laptop ideal for students. Even though it is still entry-level, there are budget IdeaPad laptops that already use SSDs, making loading speeds increase.

The Lenovo laptop brand also has a 2-in-1 variant, a laptop that can be rotated 360 degrees, making it look like a tablet, with a touch screen, of course. Well, you guessed it, Lenovo named this variant as the Yoga series (because of its acrobatic abilities).

A laptop brand will not be perfect if you haven’t issued a gaming laptop.
Lenovo Legion is Lenovo’s mainstay in answering the intense needs of gamers around the world. The Lenovo Legion series has a processor up to a Core i7 8750H, RAM up to 64 GB, VGA to GTX 1070 with 8 GB RAM, and weight ranges from 5 pounds. (The specs are really gaming, right?)


  • Inherited the name IBM, the great-grandfather of computers
  • The Thinkpad series is rugged and waterproof.
  • Prices are relatively cheap.


  • Service centers are rare.
  • The quality is not as uncompromising as when held by America.
  • Ugly casing, especially the Z series

4. HP

What brand of laptop lasts the longest? For a long time, the HP brand has been a leader in the world of computers. However, it has recently been ousted by Lenovo. Probably one of the causes was the lack of innovation concerning its competitors.

Now, being aware of this problem, in recent years, HP has invested money in research and development, so very soon, we will be able to see the fruits of this significant investment.

In this sense, one of the following lines is in the development of cheap laptops, both for leisure and for more professional use. In fact, we can already find the HP 15 series, ideal for those who do not want to spend much money on a laptop.

One of the strengths of HP laptops is the excellent quality/price ratio they have. And they continue to prove it year after year, for example, with the Pavilion series.

To conclude the answer of what brand of laptop lasts the longest, we can say that HP is still one of the best laptop brands of 2021, especially in mid-range computers, without considering the Specter range, which we do consider high-end and with outstanding performance.

The value for money, the design, the ergonomics, and the diversity that it offers in its ranges are the most relevant characteristics of HP notebooks.

Do you know? Not all Windows laptops can run Apple’s operating system (OS) because often the hardware combination often doesn’t meet the requirements. Except for the HP brand, Hackintosh laptops (Windows laptops that are installed with the Apple operating system) often use HP brand laptops because of their stability and compatibility to run the Apple operating system (from here it has been discovered that the HP laptop brand is quality!).

Even though in 2021, the HP laptop brand had to settle for second place for the largest PC and laptop market share in the world, they often won first place in previous years. Well, you could say the HP brand is the mortal enemy of the Lenovo brand (chasing each other).

As the second winner, it is clear that the HP laptop brand deserves to be included in the list of what brand of laptop lasts the longest.

HP divides the various types of laptops into 2 major groups, namely for personal and for business. Let’s look at the types of laptops from the HP brand that can carry this brand as one of the two most extensive in the world.

For Personal Laptops: 

1. HP Essential
2. HP Pavilion
3. HP Envy
4. HP Specter
5. HP Omen

For Business Laptop Solutions:

1. HP Essential (again)
2. HP ProBook
3. HP ZBook
4. HP Elite

HP Essentials, the variant that appears in the personal and business categories, is an entry-level laptop (to be honest: cheap laptops). If you are on a limited budget but want a reliable and tested laptop, you may consider this variant.

The greatness of the HP laptop brand can be seen in its mid-level champion. The HP Pavilion, which has 3 sub-variants, the regular HP Pavilion, the HP Pavilion X360, and the HP Pavilion Power, the HP’s hallmark Pavilion is a thin and elegant body, yet robust, accompanied by good battery life and fast charging features. 

As the name implies, the Pavilion x360 variant can be folded 360 degrees, while Pavilion Power has advantages in the graphics field, starting from a FULL HD screen to the presence of a special VGA card. What brand of laptop lasts the longest? HP is definitely one of them.

From the price above, it was discovered that if the Envy laptop has started to enter the mid-highs from HP, this laptop has been designed to be thin, with a light frame, there is already a fast charging facility with long battery life and a FULL HD touch screen.

HP Specter can be said to be the flagship of the HP laptop brand. It is famous as the laptop with the thinnest touch screen globally. The hardware and design are more potent than the Envy variant. There is already a Windows ink feature, making the writing process using a stylus very smooth. This laptop is suitable for power users and designers to quench their creative thirst.

OMEN by HP, according to its very gaming name, OMEN is a gaming laptop series from HP. Starting from the 8th generation Core i5 processor to the 8th generation Core i7, RAM in the range of 8 to 32 GB, and the hard drive is already an SSD; all of these can answer your intense gaming needs.


  • The most robust construction among other brands
  • Stable system and performance.
  • Fill in the complete new purchase box package.
  • Friendly prices.


  • The screen is not sharp enough.
  • The model is so-so.


If you want to know what brand of laptop lasts the longest, but do not want to leave the month’s salary, the Asus models are the most interesting. You will also find some of the lightest and most innovative designs. Asus has one of the most recommended ranges of Chromebooks on the market, and if you want a competitor to the MacBook Pro, you can select the Zenbook 15 ″.

What does this mean? What do they have in their line of laptops, some very cheap models, Chromebooks, and others much more expensive but without being overpriced? Possibly one of the best computer brands in recent years. The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G is one of the best options for a gaming laptop.

6. MSI: The Best Laptop Brand for Gamers

If you are a gamer and you want the laptop to play, the story changes; a Macbook Pro will not be enough to play. The best gaming laptop brand is MSI, although, for some, it is debatable, given the quality that the Asus or Acer gaming ranges also offer. What brand of laptop lasts the longest? The MSI is the best long-lasting laptop-producing brand.

Within this brand, my favorite is the MSI GF63. It is a real beast with a Full HD screen and one of the best graphics that exist

In most guides to choosing our hardware or computer equipment, we always prioritize the equipment’s performance, usability, or functionalities rather than the quality itself. But some users are not looking for the equipment with the highest performance, but the equipment with the highest quality.

Thus, they ensure that the investment is long-lasting and that the laptop will not leave them halfway at the first change. Obviously, buying the best laptop does not guarantee that you will not have problems, but it does ensure that they are the least possible and that the acquisition of a new computer does not get too early.

In short, there is a good percentage of users who want to work hours with their systems without losing productivity time by stopping their work to solve problems. In other words, avoid or avoid technical breakdowns or the dreaded planned obsolescence as long as possible (especially pronounced in certain brands).

Make sure to read everything if you want to know everything about what makes a laptop durable. After reading this, you’ll have more confidence to make your next laptop purchase.

You’re looking to buy a new laptop or might be encountering some issues with your current laptop. It could be that you’ve recently dropped your laptop accidentally. Let’s make sure we cover everything you need to know what brand of laptop lasts the longest and is most durable.

Why does some laptop brand lasts longest than others? Does it just come down to durability? And what role does software play in long-lasting laptops?

Make sure to read everything if you want to know everything about what makes a laptop durable. After reading this, you’ll have more confidence to make your next laptop purchase.

What will be talked about today in this article? We’ll cover the reasons why Lenovo and Apple are so durable and which is the most durable at the end of the day and why.

Everything comes with a price, and so does durability. I can already tell you that the most durable laptops from both Apple and Lenovo are not cheap.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that once you pick up a very durable laptop, you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

In theory and the long term, you’re saving money by buying a little more expensive laptop today that’s more durable.

Most business laptops are made for businesses and are thus more durable than consumer laptops. Consumers don’t care that much about durability a lot of times. At least, they don’t actively think about it when buying a new laptop.

Laptops that are made for employees, like some HP and Dell models are durable and almost unbreakable. These models are not designed to look the prettiest but instead, last the longest.

In this article, I’ll go over both business and consumer laptops. You might be more interested in either laptop for business use or personal use.

I do think it’s interesting to learn more about business laptops as a consumer so you can compare different models.

Without any further or do let’s learn more about the most durable consumer laptops.

Apple will easily last the longest out of all laptop brands.

Mostly Apple and Lenovo are the first brands that we’ve mentioned to last a long time. There are a lot of good reasons for this. They’re some of the more expensive laptop brands because they’ve been spending more money on marketing the last few years.

Before we go into the reasons why one is the longest-lasting consumer laptop brand, you need to know that both laptops are a great choice.

Just so you know I don’t take any side, I own an HP laptop.

I can honestly say that it was hard to do this research because there are a lot of people who’ve had the same laptop brand for years.

Meaning, all laptops can last a long time if you take good care of them. But some last longer, with more ease than others.

Apple will easily last the longest out of all laptop brands.

Because Apple only allows their OS to run their laptops, it’s very secure against malware and viruses. Apple also regularly comes out with updates for even the oldest MacBooks.

With an Apple MacBook, your updates will run in the background and require no downtime.

What about reliability? What about it? With an Apple MacBook, you know what to expect if you’ve ever owned any Apple product.

The materials that they use are always tough enough to protect your laptop.

All this together means that Apple MacBooks have a good chance of lasting a longer time than a regular Windows laptop.

You won’t get any third-party software on your laptop when you purchase it. Third-party software is always risky.

Apple’s OS system is designed to include all essential software. All of this software is designed and made by Apple so you’ll have the same look and feel for every app.

When wouldn’t an Apple MacBook last the longest?

An Apple MacBook doesn’t last long if you don’t handle it with care. You should always take care of your laptop no matter what the brand is.

Apple Macbooks and iPhones are not the same. The build quality is a lot different and a MacBook should last you a lot longer than your regular iPhone.

Another good thing about MacBooks is their resale price. For any Apple product, you’ll keep a great value to resell when you want to buy a new one.

Without a doubt, after 3-5 years you might want to buy a new laptop. There are however people who can last a lot longer with their MacBook.

What Windows laptop brand lasts the longest?

I argued that any of Apple’s MacBooks will last longer than any other laptop. This is because it doesn’t include any third-party software and has regular updates.

There are a lot of different Windows laptops and too many to include all in this article. If you’ve read the part above well, you’ve noticed that I mentioned Lenovo.

Lenovo has 2 main product ranges: Ideapad and Thinkpad. Both are great products and are very reliable.

Why do Lenovo laptops last longer? Simply, because they’re made with a roll case design that makes them very durable to withstand damage.

Lenovo’s Thinkpad is the Windows laptop that lasts the longest. It’s made from very high-quality materials and includes a proprietary roll case design.

Their build frame is incredible and is just as good if not better than Apple’s frame. Lenovo has a 3-year warranty for their Thinkpads.

Their Lenovo Thinkpads also come with a minimum of third-party apps. This means you don’t have to worry about deleting a lot when you buy the laptop.

Just like MacBooks, you can easily find a lot of people who’ve had a Lenovo Thinkpad for more than 3 or 5 years.

They’re made to last and that guarantee is included in the price of course. As with any laptop, you’re required to use it correctly.

No laptop, neither Lenovo nor Apple, will last you longer than 5 years if you don’t take care of it. Make sure you always update your laptop.

Updating your laptop will make sure the newest updates against viruses are installed. Any bugs in the software will be removed with the new update.

Lastly, new updates sometimes offer new features for your Lenovo or Apple laptop.

Why do business laptops last longer than consumer laptops?

Apple laptops are both great for consumers and businesses. Their laptops are user-friendly and certainly don’t have a big learning curve.

Lenovo laptops (the 2nd most durable and longest-lasting laptop) also offer business offers and laptops.

The laptop of Lenovo, the Thinkpad for example, is made for businesses and does include great specs. Design-wise Lenovo makes sure that their laptops can last a long time with the earlier mentioned roll case frame.

Businesses also need replacement batteries and AC, and that’s why a Windows laptop might be better for your business. Apple MacBooks are a lot more expensive to replace if you have to. Lenovo does offer a lot on that side.

Tips for choosing the laptop:

However, if for some reason you find several viable options for your purchase within a brand or within a price range, you can also look at specific characteristics to ensure that you choose the best of all of them. But the most crucial question is what brand of laptop lasts the longest? These are details that may go unnoticed by many but that are important.

When you’re in the market for a laptop, there are many factors to take into account: screen size, battery life, and memory. The MacBook Pro is pricier than other budget-friendly laptops for video editing but one of the reasons to select this brand is its reliability and the many options it offers.

You can do basic edits on a Mac with just a few minutes set aside each day. These machines were made for video editing and they come with high processing power which means not only can you do hardcore editing but also create content while away from your home or office without worrying about waiting too long for files to upload because it’s unlikely that will happen as quickly when working offline


There are some laptops resistant to dust or splashes. If you are going to work outdoors or use your equipment in construction sites, mining, dusty environments, or prone to splashes of some kind, you better look for equipment that can tolerate these conditions.

There are also some models with rubber linings or protections that are more resistant to shocks or falls. Some laptops even have systems that turn off the mechanical hard drive when a fall is detected, preventing the head from hitting the platter and breaking (a more frequent failure case than we think).

With current computers that only use SSD-type storage or solid-state disks, this problem no longer occurs since they are made up of flash memory chips and do not use moving or mechanical parts as in the case of HDDs. But that doesn’t mean they are 100% shock tolerant.

For example, the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme is a laptop that resists splashes, dust, and shocks quite well due to its protection. The Panasonic Toughbook case is another line of portable equipment resistant to shock, dust, splashes, and extreme temperatures. Therefore, suitable for specific jobs where computer equipment is required in extreme conditions.

Finish Material:

A good finish, with quality materials and the correct dimensions, not only influences having a beautiful laptop. Even the cooling will depend on the materials. Therefore, the temperature at which our team works, especially in ultrabooks where there is not enough space for active air cooling systems and passive cooling is chosen.

Metallic alloys or metals such as aluminum or magnesium alloys can make the equipment’s own casing become a large heat sink or heat exchanger with the outside, therefore, helping to dissipate more heat and keeping the equipment at higher temperatures. This is the opposite of plastic materials, which do not conduct heat well.


If we look at the brands of the components that make up a laptop, they can also ensure a better choice. Although we cannot choose the features one by one because they are already pre-established, we can avoid models with certain brands of components.

For example, Seagate hard drives were one of the best a while ago, but after the 1TB barrier, now you can see some studies that show that they are the ones with the most failures per unit of time. Therefore, you could better choose computers with hard drives from Western Digital or HGST (currently also owned by WD).

If we look at CPUs or microprocessors, something similar happens. Intel has always tended to be the brand that generates more problems compared to AMD, and I do not mean just because there is less second-hand equipment that goes to the technician since it is true that less AMD equipment is sold.

But yes, AMD has paid particular attention to the quality of its chips, as some measures that were taken in the past to make its components pass through STD-MIL test like those used for parts for military applications and must withstand more conditions. Extreme even if they were for a home user.

It also happened when they took the step of implementing copper interconnect technology with the help of IBM. At the same time, Intel continued a while longer with the old aluminum interconnects and electromigration and other problems.

Over time, all of that has resulted in more Intel chips failing versus more durable AMD ones. In fact, AMD commercially played with this feature and created two brands that will sound familiar to you and are synonymous with durability. One of them is the Duron, the low-end chip whose name refers to its durability. What brand of laptop lasts the longest?


Both Apple and Windows have laptops that can last a very long time. Meaning, more than the usual 2-3 years. Your laptop can last 5-10 years if you treat it well and it gets regular updates.

Apple’s MacBooks or laptops I’ve argued last the longest because of their operating system and solid frame design. Besides that, they keep bringing updates out for all MacBooks, so even if you have an old MacBook you will get the newest software.

The Windows laptop brand that lasts the longest? That has to be Lenovo.

Lenovo’s laptops both Think- and Ideapads have a great frame and design. They regularly update their laptops and also come with no to minimum 3rd party software.

The Lenovo laptops are the only laptops that could tip to Apple’s quality. Normally, Lenovo’s Thinkpads are made for businesses but I do recommend them for consumers.

Business laptops are always of better quality and are required to last longer.

Apple MacBooks are normally not made for businesses but they’re widely used by software engineers, business people, students, and more. They are great to use for taking your Cisco ccna.

Lenovo offers business offers for its different laptops. They come with great business service that you expect when you buy a higher quantity of items.

Both Lenovo and Apple come with great service and warranty so you don’t have to worry about that.

In the end, Apple laptops are the best for the average consumer because of their user-friendliness design. It also looks beautiful which a lot of consumers care about.

Lenovo laptops are great for businesses and consumers. They’re made for businesses and to last a long time. With Windows laptops, you have an advantage because you can replace the parts.

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