Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: 6 Best HP Business Laptop

Best HP Business Laptop
Best HP Business Laptop

Complete List: 6 Best HP Business Laptop

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How do you choose the best laptop for business? What functions and features should the business laptop offer according to your needs? Please read our guide and choose the best HP business laptop.

We live in an age where technology is advancing with more and more alert steps. That is why we are not surprised that almost no business can be realized without technological support.

You need to communicate online in almost any business, not to mention new businesses that run exclusively online. An HP business laptop becomes necessary for all this, whether you use it for e-mail, text editing, programming, or the entire business record.

To do your job on your laptop without crashes or errors that can compromise your productivity, you need an ideal device.

Read this article below to find out how you can choose the best HP business laptop.

1. HP ZBook Studio x360 G5

The HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 is arguably the most powerful convertible and best HP business laptop. Thanks to the innovative 360 ​​° hinge, it will be possible to use it as a notebook or tablet depending on the project. The 15.6 ″ screen is a full touch screen and supports up to 10 fingers simultaneously. Thanks to the Wacom AES pen, it is possible to achieve optimal accuracy levels with over 4096 different pressure levels. In fact, the pen is designed to give the feeling of using a pencil on paper naturally and intuitively.

Inside, the HP business laptop is equipped with a 6-core eighth-generation Intel Xeon processor that offers stability, data integrity, and protection from potential system crashes, also thanks to the ECC memory system. The NVIDIA Quadro P1000 graphics card is designed for stability and excellent performance with professional software applications. Ideal for quickly editing projects and rendering multi-layered files, productivity, and memory capacity are enhanced with up to 4TB PCIe NVMe storage drive up to 21x faster than a storage drive Standard HDD.

Saving savings, but going to extremes is not worth it even in the “ultra-budget” category. Regarding the fifth generation of the HP 255 family, HP’s best low-cost laptop is the mid-range of this affordable laptop with an A6 7310 processor at the core, which we present to you. In terms of price, the difference with the younger model will not be so significant, and you will be able to avoid many reasons for slow work.


  • Bright screen
  • Impressive battery life
  • Beautiful design
  • Amazing performance
  • Unique looking


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

2. HP 255 G5

The new line’s nice feature is the support for relatively new specifications through its interface modules, including 802.11ac, Gigabit Ethernet, version 4.2 for Bluetooth, and SDXC. Considering the category – just great for both home and office. Another “bun” is the presence of two slots for memory sticks. This laptop is also the best HP business laptop.

If such a need arises and there is a financial opportunity, it will not be difficult to increase its volume even for the most unprepared user. Of the essential shortcomings of the device, it is worth mentioning it’s far from record autonomy, as well as a very easily soiled plastic case.


  • Gigabit network card;
  • Wi-Fi module supports 802.11ac specification;
  • The card reader can work with the SDXC format;
  • Two slots for memory sticks;
  • Removable rechargeable battery.


  • Mediocre autonomy;
  • Slow hard drive;
  • Fingerprints are clearly visible on the case;
  • Virtually no status indication.


In any case, this is how the manufacturer positions this line “for home”. We will add that this device should not be considered the best HP business laptop. And it’s not even a modest screen diagonal – it’s just that the latter has a long response time and will become a “bottleneck” in dynamic scenes. But the backlighting in it is implemented without PWM (does not flicker), which most favorably affects eye fatigue. For example, when watching movies in the dark.

In other words – we have before us a good multimedia laptop, suitable for editing photos and working with office documents. Not to mention surfing the internet. If we look at the device’s stuffing in this way, it becomes clear to use a classic hard drive, not a solid-state drive. However, it is relatively easy to upgrade this node, which cannot be said about increasing RAM.

This HP business laptop will have to disassemble half of the case to get to a free slot. By the way, after replacing the hard drive with an SSD, it makes sense to set the value of the “Fan always on” parameter (in BIOS) to “no” and thus get a conditionally silent device.


  • IPS screen with large viewing angles and correct color reproduction;
  • Slight heating under load.
  • Maximum screen brightness


  • Mediocre autonomy;
  • Complex modernization procedure.

4. HP Envy 15

It would be more correct to consider the whole Envy family as universal. It brings together devices of a wide variety of configurations and capabilities, and for the full range, there is only a lack of laptops with discrete graphics cards. However, the 600 series Iris graphics core is a worthy alternative to small and even medium-power accelerators. Therefore, by opting for a model with the latest generation Intel Core i7 processor, you can count on quite comfortable gameplay. Of course, with the appropriate graphics quality settings.

With all other tasks, including very demanding computing power, the recommended laptop can easily cope. It makes sense to recall that Envy was listed as the company’s flagship line until relatively recently, with all the bonuses relying on. Fortunately, the loss of the honorary status did not have time to affect the quality of the case and other important nuances. However, the price tag of the laptop is pleasantly surprising. In our opinion, these are the best all-around HP business laptop, and the latest additions to the Envy 15-as lineup deserve the most attention.


  • The slim aluminum body;
  • The attractive ratio of filling power to cost.
  • Good performance


  • Relatively modest maximum screen brightness;
  • Not a very comfortable keyboard;
  • Unregulated backlight;

5. HP Omen 17

If the purchase of an HP business laptop is a settled matter, but not urgent, we would advise you to wait for the appearance of the 200 series models (with GTX 1050/1060/1070 video cards) in the wide sale or actively search for them in popular retail chains. Such a novelty will cost significantly more for the budget but will have an adequate graphics performance supply for the next couple of years.

The display of an HP business laptop has a very high contrast ratio and excellent color reproduction, but its brightness range is not wide enough. The keyboard has an original design, but its backlight level is not regulated in any way. As for a gaming laptop, the Omen’s battery life is good. By the way, there are configurations with both a 62 Wh battery and a battery with half the capacity. The cooling system makes much noise under heavy load.


  • The excellent picture quality on display;
  • Good 3D camera;
  • Decent sound path;
  • Decent autonomy;
  • Equipment for every taste.


  • Unregulated key illumination;
  • Plastic case;
  • Noisy cooling system.

6. HP Specter x360

Even HP’s “old” flagship convertible was good enough, but the second-generation Specter x360 outperforms it in many ways. This HP business laptop is enjoyable because the developers managed to solve the hinges’ problems and significantly reduce the weight and size characteristics of the device. Agree, a thin and light tablet is much better than a thick and heavy one. This is despite the fact that the new items’ battery life has increased by about a quarter. A card reader and an HDMI connector had to be sacrificed for the elegance of the case.

The display got an ultra-thin bezel (on the sides), and there were no complaints about its quality before. An exciting feature of this HP business laptop is the presence of four speakers at once. On the one hand, this provides a more robust and transparent sound of the device as a whole, and on the other hand, half of the emitters are always directed in the “right” direction, which the operating mode does not use. It makes no sense to talk about any flagship’s performance, and the new Specter x360 is no exception. As a result – a gorgeous transformer, if only it costs less.


  • Useful and practical design;
  • Excellent performance;
  • High-quality sound path and display;
  • Very high autonomy.


  • No card reader;
  • Unregulated keyboard backlight;
  • Overly wide touchpad.


In the network community’s ranks, there is a perception that HP products are not “the same” these days. To some extent, it is true, but the same stone can be thrown into any other manufacturer’s garden especially if the range of his products is not counted in just a few models, updated from year to year. However, we have tried to pick the best HP business laptop for our review, with overwhelmingly positive user reviews. Good luck with your choice!

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