Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: 8 Best 2 in 1 Laptops

Best 2 in 1 Laptops
Best 2 in 1 Laptops

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Complete List: 8 Best 2 in 1 Laptops

Best 2 in 1 laptops, convertible laptops, or notebooks hybrids have gained popularity for joining some notebook and tablet qualities in a single device.

The main advantage of the best 2 in 1 laptop is its portability, but the versatility in terms of using it also attracts quite a few consumers.

We created this ranking to help those looking for the best 2 in 1 laptop in this segment. For this, we highlight here the best purchase options available today.

After extensive research on features and availability in the market, we arrived at the models we believe in meeting specific public needs best. Come on, they are!

1. Lenovo Miix 320

Lenovo Miix 320 has the minimum technical data sheet for the essential operation of Windows 10. The Atom x5 processor allows you to manage all applications without significant delays. The RAM supporting 2 GB will not be able to guarantee productive multitasking but will withstand some Google Chrome tabs running smoothly. Sure, the best 2 in 1 laptop is small, and has a 10 “display with only HD resolution, but it’s a comfortable touchscreen to use even on the sofa at home. The keyboard is what it is; the touchpad is small and not very precise; in short, there are compromises.

2. Microsoft’s Surface Go

Microsoft’s Surface Go doesn’t have a monstrous spec sheet, but it is an exciting and best 2 in 1 laptop, perhaps to be taken on offer. Its strengths are the 10 ″ PixelSense display with 1920 × 12-pixel resolution with a 3: 2 aspect ratio and extra gear for working in the most extreme mobility. 

Intel’s Pentium Gold processor is not the most desirable, as is the RAM at just 4GB, but thanks to Microsoft optimizations, the Surface Go keeps its performance constant. It costs a lot for the datasheet it offers, and it does not even have a keyboard and pen included in the price, but if you are looking for a product to always carry around without too many thoughts, he is the right one. Surface Go is to be taken into consideration, as the best 2 in 1 laptop in the budget.

3. Samsung Chromebook plus

If you are a lighter user and are looking for practicality and comfort to study, watch movies and series, or even work in less demanding activities, this may be the best 2 in 1 laptop. At 12.2 inches and just over 2.9 pounds, the model is super compact and very comfortable to carry.

One of the highlights of this best 2 in 1 laptop is its 13-megapixel camera, which offers excellent quality for photos and video calls. The operating system present is Chrome OS, which may disappoint some users despite being light and fast, as it does not run exclusive Windows applications.

4. Dell Inspiron 14 5481

Despite having average configurations, we consider the Dell Inspiron the best 2 in 1 laptop, a good option for the day-to-day use of SSD M.2 instead of a standard HD for storage.

The SSD is also the big difference concerning the third in the list. For those who want more agility in simple tasks, this one is better. Acer takes the lead for those who need to run a little more demanding software or store a lot of files.

The processor is an Intel Core i3 8th generation (8145U), which is 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal space. Although SSD is excellent news, in our opinion, 128GB is not enough for a current notebook. The construction of this best 2 in 1 laptop is of excellent quality, as is most Dell equipment. In addition, battery life is good despite being slightly below Acer models.

5. Acer Spin 3 

The Acer Spin 3 has excellent performance and good build quality. In addition, the usability of the touchscreen is highly praised by consumers. It is an excellent alternative for those looking for performance and, at the same time, needs battery life. Compared to the first on the list, this one manages to stay much longer away from the plug.

The processor is an 8th generation i5 (8265U), with 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD. Great setup, but we believe that a 1TB hard drive complementing the SSD would be a good idea for a storage break. The main disadvantage of this best 2 in 1 laptop concerning the champion of analysis is the screen. The resolution here is HD and uses TN technology. On the other hand, the more modest screen is one reason for this Spin 3 to achieve greater autonomy.

Another excellent point is the price. Value is much more affordable than competitors with the same configuration but from different brands like Dell and Lenovo.

6. HP Envy x360

HP returns to a much higher market range, we are slightly under range, but this Envy x360, the best 2 in 1 laptop, has an enviable design. The display is also a trump card, and there is an impressive quality 4k IPS Edge to Edge panel and very faithful color reproduction. The processor is the new 11th generation Intel Core i7, supported by 8GB of RAM and a swift 512GB SSD. In a subtle body, it is to be taken with your eyes closed for what it costs.

7. ASUS Zenbook Flip S

When you spend a lot of money, you need great attention to detail, aesthetics, weight, and portability. This Zenbook Flip has it all without giving up an excellent keyboard for long sessions. Ergolift hinge with ergonomic lift, 360 ° rotatable to meet all your daily and professional needs

In fact, in such a slim body, Asus has also integrated the latest generation of Intel Core i7 processors. Not only a choice of style but also of substance, the real one.

8. Lenovo Yoga C940

Lenovo’s quintessential best 2 in 1 laptop, Yoga C940, offers up to VESA400 4K HDR screen featuring ultra-thin edges and optimized with Dolby Vision. Made of high-quality aluminum, this best 2 in 1 laptop is designed to maintain its style in every mode. The Yoga C940’s convertible hinge hides the Dolby Atmos speaker system. Performance is ensured by an Intel Core i7-1065G7 and a 12 GB RAM and 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD very fast.


Your new job requires a large amount of travel and, for this reason, you have decided to buy the best 2 in 1 laptop to use on the move even as a tablet: since it would be your first device of this type, however, you have decided to search the Internet for a series of information on this, to make a careful purchase in line with your needs. This is how things are, am I right? Then I am happy to tell you that your research has led you to the right place at the right time!

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