5 Reasons Why Spotify Player Is So Poorly Built?

Spotify Player On Mobile Phone
Spotify Player On Mobile Phone

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Why Spotify Player is so poorly built?

20 century is known as the age of music. Youngsters are so much indulging in music and gaming. Now if you ask someone about his hobby he would astonish you by saying jamming. Many students are now emerging as new singers. People are now more interested in music.

Music is considered an art that helps in delivering a message or entertainment to the audience. The new generation is more focused and interested in music as compared to the past. Now, any event and get-together are incomplete unless the music is available.

Different type of music is present on Spotify and the internet. People love to listen to music in their free time and during walks.

Why Spotify Player is so poorly built?

Many new emerging artists who are not having tons of money to invest in launching their new albums avail themselves of the opportunity available on the platforms like Spotify. At Spotify, they build their profiles and gather their audience by investing nothing. Isn’t it amazing?

New strategy:

It’s an age of smart work rather than handwork. Handwork accompanied by smart work is necessary for success in this age. You can never gain any hype and success in the present world if you are not working smartly. Now the world is full of intelligent and intellectual people. The uphills and downhills are part of every business.

Spotify faced an issue of poor Spotify player built-in. The issue behind their decline is their new strategy. Spotify launched its mobile app but the listeners prefer to hear their favorite songs on the web.

To promote their app Spotify made some changes in the two platforms that don’t satisfy their listeners. No doubt, they launched a mobile app for more connivance and advancement but people complain about the design and some features. Along with that, some people even noted the changes in the sound quality.

They claim that to listen to the original music on Spotify without any distractions they need to download some other software too. That they easily download on their website but now it becomes difficult for them to download on their mobile phones

App vs web:

No doubt, the reason behind investing and promoting the app was also the audience. But people felt that they reduce the features of the web to encourage the installation of their app. The managers of Spotify claim that after their last advancement in the features of web Spotify.

They faced a decline in the usage of web Spotify so it seems useless to them to invest in the web program. So they decided to launch the app and for its promotion, they made certain changes in the web Spotify.

Web Spotify:

People complain about the earlier web Spotify that it is not working well and have poor browsing speed. Maybe the issue arises from the company site but majorly it was seen that the laptops of the listeners were not working efficiently as a result of which they faced this issue of poor browsing.

Along with that, users of Spotify also complain about some features that are not available on Spotify and contributed to enhancing the complexity for the users.

The first issue was the lack of service to sort your songs alphabetically and the second one was that it will organize your playlist according to the date on which you download that specific song. You cannot organize your list according to your mood and choice.

Everything is built-in and people didn’t enjoy that. They consider it a waste of time and a source of increasing hustle.

The decline in features:

Spotify web app is now disappointing the audience. They are facing extreme issues in the working of web Spotify. People love to enjoy their music on the web rather than on the app. But due to the decline in the features of the web, they moved to the app. But the app also failed to satisfy the listeners.

They faced countless issues in the app too. The browsing speed of the web Spotify was the major problem. Along with that, the audience faces other issues too like the need for premium Spotify. On free Spotify, songs are shuffled and the users have confined features to enjoy.

So for enjoying great quality and features, a premium version of Spotify is necessary. Moreover, if you want to play your songs on other platforms so you need a third-party tool to do so.

Spotify vs. apple music:

An artist also claims that through apple music they earn the double amount as compared to Spotify. Spotify is a good choice for emerging singers and musicians as it offers free platforms for a longer time.

But for major artists, it is not an excellent choice as through Spotify they may get stuck in less profitable deals.

The other major conflict is that for android users Spotify app is much more reliable but in the case of apple, apple music is much preferable as compared to Spotify.

No doubt, Spotify uses 320 Kbps MP3 while YouTube music uses 256 Kbps AAC but for a non-technical person, it is hard to detect the difference.

ACC codec is the better option as compared to Mp3 but there is a difference in the base which is better in Spotify and mostly noticed by a general audience.

The sound quality is better on Spotify but the variety of content is more on YouTube. Along with that, a subscription to YouTube is cheaper than Spotify.


It is seen that Spotify has not given proper attention to the promotion of its mobile app. They just grab the easy way out that is costing them too much. Now the company is running on 30 percent of their profits and they are facing a downfall.

People are getting offended by their services. No one is now enjoying their services whether the person is an app user or web user. Now their web is running pathetically due to the removal of features that they encouraged for uplifting the use of their app.

People are not satisfied with the working of their app too. People complain about the layout and design of the app. The position of the bar is not justified to the users. They expect something better but they experience the worst.

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