What Makes A Good Internet Connection For Gaming?

What makes a good internet connection for gaming?
What makes a good internet connection for gaming

What makes a good internet connection for gaming?

What makes a good internet connection for gaming? Playing games depends on your interest and with practice, and dedication gamers develop the skill. However, when it comes to online gaming, having a strong internet connection has a huge impact on your gaming performance.

If you are playing PUBG, you should practice the aiming and recoil control of your gun. All of these are crucial but are of no use if you have a poor internet connection. The lag can make you not only lose the game but lose your mind too if it keeps on going. 

Most gamers usually ask what internet speed is the best recommended for online gaming. Experts recommend using the internet with 3 Mbps downloading and around 1 Mbps uploading speed at least. It works best if you are the only user connected to your internet connection.

However, it is not the case most of the time, an internet connection whether at home or the workplace usually has multiple users, which influences the bandwidth and the overall experience. games menu is one of the recommended websites if you want to know anything about gaming news.

Invest in a reliable internet connection with bandwidth

 To let everyone use the internet without any interruption, you have to purchase an internet plan with high downloading speeds. We recommend going with Xfinity internet, offering a downloading speed of 300 Mbps and more. Also because Xfinity has a customer base in more than 44 states which makes it the largest internet service providing company followed by Spectrum at number 2, with its coverage in over 40 states.

However, fiber internet is faster and more reliable than traditional cable and satellite services, but it’s not accessible everywhere yet. You can check if CenturyLink is serviceable in your area if you want to experience fiber internet to make your gaming more fun and steady. All you have to do is dial CenturyLink customer service number and you are all set. 

Ping and Downloading Speed

Before we get into the detail of how ping and download speed make the internet connection good for online gaming. Let’s shed some light on what are ping and download speed and how it helps. 

What is the download speed of your internet? 

Downloading speed determines the time taken for taking data/information from the server. On the other hand, uploading speed is the time taken for sending data/information to others. It does not matter which internet connection you are using, the downloading speed will always be faster than the uploading speed. 

Ping is the response that you get from your internet connection. You send a command, and your internet connection gives a response. The rate of response whether it is slow or fast depends on the ping of your internet connection. Ping is calculated in “ms.”

What is the ping of your internet? And how do you calculate it? 

The ping of your internet connection determines the latency. High ping means high latency, and low ping means low latency. For enjoying the ultimate gaming experience, you have to go with an internet connection offering the lowest latency (ping). 

Let’s take the same example of the game PUBG. If you face a player whose internet latency is lower than yours, he will defeat you quite easily. Thus, you have to understand the importance of a low-latency internet connection when it comes to online gaming. For decreasing the latency, go for high tiers packages that your ISP provides. It might cost you more, but you will have to pay higher to enjoy playing online games. 

In short, go for an internet service provider that offers a high-speed internet connection. Also, check if the internet is reliable and provides the lowest possible latency in your area. However, if you are low on budget, you should go for an internet connection with at least 3 Mbps of downloading speed. 


We hope we have covered all the crucial factors when it comes to what makes a good internet connection that will help you make an informed decision. The serviceability of any ISP and which package they offer is uncertain but you should have the required speed internet so you can enjoy your gaming experience without fretting. Moreover, as said earlier, the more you are willing to pay, the better the packages, and internet speed. 

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