What is the best laptop to buy in 2020

What is the best laptop to buy in 2020
What is the best laptop to buy in 2020

New Year is almost here, and if you want to know what is the best laptop to buy in 2020 for your daily computing or gaming, now would be the time to look at our recommendations about latest laptops coming out in 2020.

Every year, New Year is one of those occasions where we take an interest in new models of gadgets. When you’re busy in your 9-5 job, we understand the hunting of latest models process gets quite tricky. So, why not take some time out and spend some money online to get some of the best laptops to buy in 2020?

If you have a friend who is a tech geek and wants the latest laptop 2020 at his hands now or you want to get your little sister her first laptop this New Year, then you should check out our recommended laptops.

What is the best laptop to buy in 2020?

I have made a list of 5 best laptops coming out in 2020. I am sure you will find something in this list that you get for your own or someone special as a gift:


Looking for a laptop that is going to help your favourite commuter out in the best way it can, then look no further than Dell XPS-13.

This is a 13.3″ laptop that has been trimmed up to an extent, which now makes its body look like a 13″ pro-book. A few years back, Dell launched a complete catalogue of their XPS laptops, a chain that was known for being top-notch quality and high-functionality.

As you have read from the name of this one, the Dell XPS 13 comes with components and chassis that are of excellent quality for its class. The battery life is more than 9-hours plus the performance is something we all look for.

The Dell XPS-13 is a high-end laptop that is an 8th Generation computer featuring Intel Core i7-8565U Quad-Core processor. It has 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. You will also find that this laptop has been integrated with a fingerprint sensor that one can usually not find on regular laptops, but then again, the Dell-XPS 13 is a high-end laptop that you are going to make use of for years to come.

So, if you are looking for a laptop that provides impressive overall performance, comes with a high-quality display, is perfect for using regularly, offers excellent battery time, and is just amazing in every single aspect, then we suggest considering XPS 13 will be an excellent choice for you.


  • The laptops come with the fingerprint sensor
  • 3″ IPS display and the high-resolution screen just make watching movies all the more worth it
  • The battery time is more than 7-hours, so you don’t need to worry about connecting to electricity on and off
  • The base speed is 1.80GHz, which you can Turbo Boost up to 4.60GHz.


Whenever someone asks me which laptop I would suggest where portability and convenience were concerned, my first answer to that person is Lenovo Yoga C930.

This amazing laptop is just perfect for being portable. The Yoga C930 is an all-around laptop that you can use in various positions, and when we say various, we mean, it comes with hinges that can be rotated till 360-degrees.

You can use it as a notebook, as a pro-book, as a tablet, and as a laptop.

Lenovo has also recently announced that they had replaced the C930 with C940 with the latest processor. The laptop has now qualified for Intel Athena Laptops, which means, the newest version comes with several features that are more tablet and phone-like.

And not just that, since the arrival of C940, the price of C930 has drastically decreased, so if you’re looking for the best portable laptop to get as a gift for someone special this New Year, then you should consider buying Yoga C930.

The battery life, processor, speed, keyboard, and functionality, the laptop works amazingly well in almost every aspect, so there is nothing for you to worry about.


  • The laptop comes integrated with Windows 10 software
  • It has been built for Windows Ink and it is compatible with all Windows Ink computers
  • Provides high-bandwidth that will allow all your programs to run smoothly
  • The Turbo Boost Technology provides you with dynamic power ranger whenever you need it


Since we had recommended two Windows laptops, it was highly fair that we mention something from Apple so here it is.

The Apple MacBook Air is among our New Year gift recommendations for those who are looking for a MacBook for regular and daily use. Earlier in 2019, the MacBook-Air got an update from Apple with Apple’s True Tone Display and a new processor, which caused the previous one to get a price drop of $100.

Why not go for the previous version, which is high-end, extraordinarily functional and comes under a fantastic budget for a gift for special someone.

Even though Apple’s MacBook Air is the most affordable laptop by the company, you will still get a fantastic bargain if you choose a Windows laptop. But for an Apple user, MacBook is the endgame, so why compromise on it if you can buy it under an affordable price?

The MacBook is an exceptional product if we review it as a laptop. The battery timing is more than 10-hours, it comes with a fantastic processor, and the speed is excellent for smooth operation. So, if your friend and family member is an iOS user and won’t compromise on the software, getting a MacBook would be a wise choice.


  • It features a gorgeous 13.3” retina display which makes all the graphics look crystal clear
  • The touch ID ensures all your data remains safe and secure
  • The MacBook Air features Intel Core i5 Processor
  • The stereo speakers work well and will charge up your surroundings


As we have talked about Yoga C930 before, which is a convertible laptop, but we have to say that it works more like a tablet. For those who love working on laptops but also like to convert them into tablets once in a while may not like it because it doesn’t give that feeling a high-end laptop gives.

However, the MS Surface Pro takes the lead in that department and provides you with everything you need. This is a sturdy and robust laptop that you can convert into a tablet, but it will still give you that laptop vibe, one that you weren’t able to find in the C930.

The best thing about Surface Pro is unlike any other tablet or notebook for that matter, and you get a complete computer operating system. You will have to buy the keyboard and stylus separately, but other than that, the laptop is a total steal.

It is fantastic for gamers and for those who love binge-watching their favourite TV shows. I loved how functional it was, and one exceptional thing about this laptop is that it is impressive battery-time. The stereo speakers are also perfect, and the touch is smooth and feels like silk.

I also enjoyed the price of Microsoft Surface Pro. It does come at the pricier end because of the separate stylus and keyboard, but I tell you, you can easily find deals online that can help you with that. So, if you’re looking for that perfect desktop-like convertible laptop, you should check MS Surface Pro.


  • It comes with an amazing battery time of more than 9-hours straight
  • The blazing speed provided by this laptop just adds to the convenience for high-end gamers
  • The base frequency is 1GHz which you can Turbo Boost up to 2.60GHz
  • The laptop comes with a 1-year limited warranty

DELL G5 15

As we are closing down our list of recommendations, let’s talk about laptops for gamers. We know that one of our friends is always a gamer, so if you’re looking for an entry-level laptop for that friend of yours who is always hooked to his joystick, then Dell G5-15 is a product that you should consider.

The Dell-G5 15 is a mid-range laptop for gamers, which is ideal because of its price to performance ratio. It works amazingly well for all the beginners, and if you have been looking for a laptop for your younger brother to play his heart out, then G5 15 comes with some features that will take his gaming beat up to the next level.

Dell launched its G-series laptops exclusively for all the gamers out there. The line offers a magnificent collection of notebooks that possess all the features any gaming enthusiast has been looking for. Another reason why we recommend buying this laptop is that recently Nvidia and Intel have updated their hardware

This means all the latest laptops come with the updated components, so if you buy Dell G5-15 now, you will get it with all the most recent upgrades and since it isn’t a part of Dell’s Alienbrand line, it won’t cost you too much monetarily.

So, if you’re looking for a laptop that comes in a reasonable price range and addresses all significant issues regarded by a gamer, the Dell 15 G5 has got you covered.


  • The 15.6″ inch LCD makes it enjoyable to play all your favourite games
  • The laptop is incredibly stylish for a gaming laptop, and you are going to love the construction
  • The Quad-core processor makes it easy to play your favourite games
  • The battery time is more than 7-hours which is more than enough


So, if you have been on the hunt for the best laptops to buy in 2020, we hope we have answered all your questions.

The lineup that we have shared here, all these laptops are high-end and offer maximum performance potential. You can either choose Dell, Apple, or Microsoft, the performance to price ratio is perfect, and you can also get these laptops on reliable deals.

If you want to buy something affordable yet functional, go for Lenovo or Microsoft. If you have the budget and want to buy something substantial, choose Dell, but if you’re going to go overboard with your budget and choose a sleek and the most stylish laptop, then we suggest you go for Apple.

All in all, we have suggested you laptops in all ranges; now it is complete up-to you which laptop would you choose to gift.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations in this regard, do let us know through your comments below.


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