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Misplacing your phone is perhaps the most unfortunate thing that can happen to an individualYou can follow lost Android phone by:

Using the find my device highlight from Google

You need a Google account endorsed on your cell phone and location tracking empowered to follow your device when lost

You need to download the Google find my device application from the play store and sign inYou can follow your device from some other device by signing in to your Google account

You can likewise play out specific capacities like ringing your telephone or eradicating information. Google finds my device is suggested for Android clientsCompanies like Samsung offer Find my Mobile assistance.


You need a Samsung accountand the rest is equivalent to having google find my device administration on your telephone.

There are other outsider applications too that can assist you with finding a lost Android telephone

You can buy them, however, be cautious and focus on the terms and states of the applications

One of the mainstream outsider applications to follow the Android telephone is the “Hoverwatch Track Phone.”


Why is Hoverwatch Popular to Track Android Phone


This application is famous because of its outstanding highlights. 

Utilizing this application, you can follow Android phones without the phone client thinking about it. 

When introduced in an Android, it is invisible, and the phone user has no clue about the telephone being checked or followed.

This application is well known as individuals can watch any phone without the client in any event, thinking about it. 


It continues to screen all the information out of sight, and it is easy to work with beguiling highlights. 

Spying on any phone to gather information is possible easily by utilizing Hoverwatch. You should simply 

Create an account on and introduce it out of sight. 

This application continues to run out of sight and is imperceptible. It generally works in secrecy mode that ceases the client from realizing that it screens each foundation action. 

You can understand messages, check calls, and monitor everything the client is doing on the telephone. 

The additional feature is that if the device you need to spy is taken, you can follow it utilizing Hoverwatch and track it.

Features Hoverwatch 

The phone tracker app Hoverwatch utilizes your location and empowers you to follow your phone when associated with the web by marking it into your record on any gadget. 

Some particular highlights that make it a standout amongst all other trackings, monitoring, and spying apps are listed beneath: 

  • Track Android Phone
  • The spy app remains utterly invisible while monitoring the information on the phone. The phone client can never realize that he is being monitored or spied on. 
  • You can read all messages and record all approaching, active calls with the Hoverwatch app’s assistance. 
  • An extraordinary element is taking pictures from the selfie camera and review them without the phone client knowing about it. You can utilize this component to discover who is utilizing the phone at a given second. The pictures are stored in the panel and can be gotten to from any gadget on the web.
  • The history tracking highlight causes guardians who need to monitor the substance their youngsters look for on the web as the guardians can get to the web history without the kids thinking or knowing about it. 
  • You can follow the location of the phone while utilizing Hoverwatch. 
  • You can know whether the client changes the SIM card on the telephone. Hoverwatch recognizes when a SIM is changed alongside the date and time. It likewise discloses to you the location where the SIM is changed. 


The Hoverwatch app can be utilized as the best spy for a telephone. 

It accompanies a few secretive apps that include: 

Whatsapp spy app permits you to monitor every one of the messages, calls, and sound messages sent and got and the location tracking and call recording. It is likewise covered up except if the client has a clue about being spied. 

This app gathers specific information for the other apps like Snapchat, Viber, Skype, and even MMS/SMS tracking, given that the apps are introduced on the objective phone.

Other similar operatives incorporate the Viber spy app, Snapchat spy app, and other apps that play a similar capacity.

You can see every one of the contacts of any phone and even see the new contacts that are incorporated. The contacts may set aside some effort to appear; however, they appear in the long run. 

The internet can get you to them. This component is helpful because you should know whom your employee’s mail or message and whom your kids converse with.

You can see the screenshots taken by the objective gadget. 

This element is off by default; however, you can turn it on, and the screenshots are kept in the distributed storage for 30 days before being erased. 

You can follow the to-do list of the objective client by utilizing Hoverwatch Track Phone. The schedule notes can be seen on the app dashboard on the web.

What Do You Need to Know to Install the Hoverwatch App to Track Android Phone or Monitor any device?


Before installing the app, you need to know that:

  1. Hoverwatch monitors all the data of your device and has access to all the calls and messages. Even the front camera is accessible. 
  2. Your location information is provided to the app for tracking purposes.
  3. You need to create an account for installing the app and getting started.
  4. You have to buy a subscription to unlock all the features of this app.

You can try the demo version before buying a subscription. The subscriptions are a little costly, but they make up for the features that they provide. 

Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month $24.95  $49.95  $149.95 
3 month $59.95  $99.95  $299.95 
1 year $99.95  $199.95  $499.95 


Premium features like camera access and spying on different apps help keep a check over the target device. So, the product is price friendly due to the features provided.


The Hoverwatch app allows you to monitor and spy on any mobile phone. You can track any device, read messages, record calls, and even see contacts and screenshots on that device.

These features make it unique and are useful primarily for parents to monitor their children and for managers to monitor their staff. 

The price is considered a bit high, but the features are worth the price. We recommended the Hoverwatch mobile phone tracker product.


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