Top 5 Fax Tools to Receive Fax Quickly and Easily


Faxing has come to stay and it will be wise to start looking into how to make the most out of it. Instead of buying the old-fashioned fax machine for your business and going through the stress of setting it up, there are other tools that can make faxing easier for you. We have collated a list of tools from online faxing service providers like CocoFax so you don’t get confused.


These are tools that will make faxing as easy as possible. They take off the stress of having to be in a location for faxing or having to deal with a lot of papers and a bogus machine. These tools are must-haves.

Top 5 Fax Tools

Android App

Using a mobile faxing app is as easy and portable as it gets. You can fax from anywhere and you never have to miss another fax again. A mobile faxing up is one of the tools you can’t do without if you are a business owner that is always on the go.

In addition to its ease and portability, there will be no more fax machines, paper, or toner. Cool right? 

With CocoFax’s mobile app, you can experience the wonder of online faxing. Sending faxes online is not only convenient, but it is also quite dependable. It simply takes a single click to send faxes online. There will be no longer need for bulky fax machines. You can send faxes to anybody on the globe at any time. More than that, you will even receive a free fax number when you register for an account.

Mac App

For people that make use of Macbooks, it is important that you get a Mac App for your faxing. In choosing a faxing network provider, you should look out for one that has an app that is compatible with your OS like CocoFax.

CocoFax has an app for Macbooks, called Mac App. For those who don’t make use of Windows or Android.

The Mac App is a straightforward fax application that integrates seamlessly with your Mac system. Installing it on your Mac is as simple as clicking a button, and you can begin faxing immediately. There will be no more toners or landlines necessary. There will be no more unpleasant waiting in front of a fax machine in case fax is missed. 

Not only does the CocoFax software for Mac save labor costs associated with fax machine maintenance, but it also helps you save office space by converting your Mac into a virtual fax machine.

Windows Software

One of the vital tools for faxing is computer software. For Windows users, it is important for your faxing service provider to have software that is compatible with your operating system; Microsoft. 

With CocoFax, you don’t have to keep opening the website to send a fax. Simply download the Windows software and you can access the service wherever you are.

CocoFax works magic by enabling users to send and receive faxes online, through email, Google Drive, Google Voice, computer, Mac, mobile phone, or any other method they want (even SMS). There will be no more standing in front of a fax machine. With a wireless connection, you may fax from any location, ensuring that you never miss single fax.

Slack Integrations

This tool integrates your fax service with the Slack workplace. As a result, you may get all alerts on the status of your faxes, both issued and received, through the Slack platform. The ability to send, receive, and attach faxes on the fly is provided by this seamless integration, which can be accessed from within the Slack window.

CocoFax can be interfaced with your company’s Slack platform and here is what they have to offer:

Easily share faxes within Slack

With a few easy clicks to set up your interface, you can search for and share faxes directly from within the Slack application window.


Reply to undeliverable fax

You can reply to undeliverable fax from within Slack if the other party does not get it on the first attempt.

Split Function

When an administrator incorporates CocoFax into the team’s workspace on Slack, each team member may customize their space to decide where they want to get their alerts in a distinct fashion.

Microsoft Integration

An add-in for Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and OneNote enables users to transmit faxes safely and rapidly from within their apps. There is no longer a requirement for a fax modem or landlines. Sending a fax is simple.

The CocoFax add-on combines powerful email-to-fax functionality into your Microsoft Word document, allowing you to send faxes straight from the Microsoft Surface interface. It is a space-saving, paperless, and fully encrypted alternative to the bulkiness of a fax machine that saves time and money. What better moment could there be to make the switch to the virtual world? Now is the time to download the CocoFax extension.

Here’s what CocoFax Microsoft integration offers:

Fax from Microsoft Word

Sending and receiving faxes from within Microsoft Word is completely feasible, regardless of whether you are using a Windows or a Mac computer.

To use this add-on, open any word document that is ready to be faxed and select the CocoFax option. It’s as simple as that. With a simple click of the “Send” button, your fax is in the safest possible hands.

Fax from Microsoft Outlook 

The email to fax function of CocoFax is without a doubt the most effective faxing method available from Microsoft Outlook. Sending faxes from Microsoft Outlook is made possible with this function, which also allows you to receive any incoming faxes in your mailbox.

Faxing from Other Microsoft Office Applications 

Even if you are working in another Microsoft Office application, such as OneNote, PowerPoint, or Excel, it is still feasible to send a fax from that application to any mail recipient immediately after you have finished creating the document. To fax from Microsoft Word, Outlook, or other programs, just save the document as a PDF.


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