Should I Buy A Protection Plan For My Laptop? 3 Important Reasons

should i buy a protection plan for my laptop

A laptop is an expensive investment, so it is important to protect it with a protection plan. When you buy a big-ticket device like a smartphone, laptop, or television, you should anticipate some form of guarantee. It’s usually referred to as an “express warranty” because it’s expected to be explicit. Because it’s supposed to assure that it works, it’s sometimes referred to as a “guarantee.” It doesn’t have to be stated; a TV hawker claiming “it’ll last 20 years!” is enough of a promise.

A protection plan for my laptop is important. These guarantees, whatever they’re named, are frequently limited in length and scope. An extended warranty, often known as a “protection plan” or “service plan/contract,” provides this protection. The latter is more correct, as only the original manufacturer has the authority to extend a warranty.

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What is the point of having insurance for something that you will not use? Should I Buy A Protection Plan For My Laptop?

 Protection plans are essentially pointless because most people never take advantage of them. However, the coverage may be worth it for some people. Is $150-300 worth it for a possible warranty? Should I Buy A Protection Plan For My Laptop? A protection plan would also cost more money, which you could use to buy another computer if your laptop broke down.

A protection plan may be useful for students who are on the go with their computers more often than most people. Medical students are especially good candidates because they rely on their laptops for school purposes. People who take their laptops to work with them are also candidates for protection plans since they will need the computer every day at work. If you often travel or simply use your laptop more than others, then insurance might be worth it for you.

However, if you do not fall into one of these categories, paying about $400-700 is probably not worth it. With the protection plan, you will pay for almost as expensive a warranty as your laptop and yearly insurance fees. You can purchase another computer or simply buy an extended warranty if something goes wrong.

Protection plans are also useless because hardware issues don’t usually occur after one year of owning a computer. A manufacturer’s warranty covers manufacturer defects and issues like hardware failure, but most laptops rarely encounter such problems.

A laptop is a large purchase, and protection plans can be expensive, so they probably won’t offer enough value to make them worth the money. If you think that you will need them before your computer breaks down, then insurance might be worth it for one year. However, insurance plans are not very useful after your warranty runs out. The protection plan will cost more than it is worth because its price will increase every year. Although the plan may seem like a good idea when you just buy your laptop, you should cancel it once your warranty ends.

Should I Buy A Protection Plan For My Laptop? When Should You and Shouldn’t Purchase Protection Plans?

Whether you want to purchase a protection plan generally comes down to whether it makes sound financial sense, and depends on a variety of factors, including the cost of the plan and the price of the purchase, as well as what is and isn’t excluded in the fine print. Protection plans can be useful when you need them, but they are unnecessary for most people because they rarely use their laptops.

It is better to save your money and buy a replacement if something happens to your laptop. If you fall into one of the special cases where insurance will be useful, it might be worth it. The service that a protection plan offers is the same as a warranty from the manufacturer, so you might as well buy a warranty instead of insurance.

Reasons Not to Buy a Protection Plan

Be skeptical of an extended warranty. For one, the manufacturer’s warranty may already last up to a year. An extended warranty, after all, is a form of insurance, and in a way, you’re making a bet. You may feel that if the product you’re buying is going to last a year, it’ll probably continue to last through the length the extended warranty covers.

Electronics can also be a tricky matter because products depreciate in value. You might find that in two years if something does go wrong with, for instance, you’re TV you’d rather not replace it with the same TV but you may want to simply buy something even better and more high-tech.

But the best reason to not buy a protection plan is if the math doesn’t make purchasing a plan worthwhile. “The average cost of the protection plan is almost always much higher than the average cost of making necessary repairs to the product,”

  • Protection plans are not usually worth the money because computers rarely break within one year.
  • If you do not fall into any of these special cases, then a protection plan will probably not be useful for your situation.
  • A laptop warranty should cost about the same as a protection plan, and it is better to buy an extended warranty from the manufacturer.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty will cover manufacturer defects and issues like hardware failure, while a protection plan will not.
  • The service that a protection plan offers is the same as a warranty from the manufacturer, so you should only purchase it if you fall into one of these special cases where it will be useful.

Reasons to Buy a Protection Plan For My Laptop

There are some situations where he can recommend getting one. For instance, if you have a limited budget and would find it hard to replace the item or handle unexpected costs for repairs, then you may have a strong case for paying for protection. Along those lines, if you couldn’t imagine going without the item, such as a phone or computer, while it is being repaired, and you can get a replacement with that extended warranty, you may want to pay for one.

If purchasing an extended warranty or protection plan offers peace of mind, there’s nothing wrong with doing so. But there are a few reasons to not do it; you should only purchase a protection plan if you fall into one of these special cases where it will be useful:

  • If your laptop is always with you and you use it more often than most people, then insurance might be worth it.
  • If you travel frequently, then insurance might be worth it because you will take your laptop with you.
  • If something goes wrong with your computer before the warranty ends, the protection plan may save you time and money by covering repairs or replacements.

Steps to Take Before Buying an Extended Warranty

  • Look at the warranty that comes with your laptop.
  • Make sure you understand the terms of the warranty for your specific laptop.
  • If anything goes wrong, make a note of it and how long it takes to repair because this will be useful later on if you decide to buy an extended warranty or protection plan.
  • Contact the manufacturer if you need help with anything. As for the 90 days of tech support, it’s basically there to help get Windows 10 and its apps set up properly.
  • Only purchase an extended warranty or protection plan once you understand your specific situation and needs. The one-year standard warranty only deals with hardware defects (internal components, display, touchpad, etc.) and will not provide any help for accidental damage.
  • Look at extended warranty companies’ prices and make a decision.
  • Before buying the warranty, think about whether you would be better off buying a new laptop instead of an extended warranty. Extended coverage can be had for up to three years.
  • Only add on an extended warranty worth if it is worth the money and will save you time and money when things go wrong with your laptop.

Is There A Difference Between Free And Extended Warranties? Should I Buy A Protection Plan For My Laptop?

Free warranties: 

This is often a guarantee written on the package of a product by the manufacturer after a buyer purchases its product. The guarantee promises to replace or repair the product if necessary during a stated time frame. It comes at no added cost to the buyer as they are already attached to the product. Usually, the time frame of expiry is between one to two years.

Extended warranties:

This is often based on an existing warranty such as a free warranty. It is often offered by tech stores and product manufacturers with a guarantee to replace or repair operational defects and in some cases normal wear and tear to a laptop but with a premium charge. It also has a limited lifespan. It covers such calamities as liquid damage, mechanical and electrical failures, screen failure, or if it simply won’t turn on.

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3 Reasons Why an Extended Warranty Is Worth It for Your Laptop

Below, we list three key reasons why buying an extended warranty for your laptop is a good choice:

  • Protects Against High Cost of Repairs

The cost of repairing a broken laptop screen can be as high as $80 to $100 per hour. Therefore, if you go to a tech store you might end up paying as much as $200 according to Consumer Reports as free warranties do not cover such damages. With an extended warranty which costs $150 for damages to a product within 2 years, you end up saving yourself the expense. Instead of paying a lump sum for one repair job, the amount can be spread over the extended warranty period for different repair or replacement problems. The insurance company will reimburse you for financial losses such as replacing your stolen laptop or repairing a cracked screen up to policy limits

  • Coverage

Apart from the ratio of warranty cost to the price of the gadget, another thing to bear in mind is what the warranty actually covers. Most times, extended warranties offer additional options which are not included in free warranties. For free warranties, laptop owners are required to maintain the laptops and ensure they are not stored in damaging conditions. Therefore, only normal wear and tear is covered in free warranties, but other damages as a result of user action are excluded.

On the other hand repairs or replacement for damages not covered by the manufacturer e.g., screen problems are covered in extended warranties. Among the PC owners who sprang for the extra coverage, only 15 percent used it to pay for repairs.

For the Apple owners with extra coverage, the figure is just 7 percent. Also, in most cases for extended warranties, users have access to technical support when needed. But, if you only have a free warranty, a consultation with a technical expert might have its costs and you may find yourself also paying for the repairs or replacements needed

  • One-Stop-Shop for Repairs

Another way extended warranties for laptops prove they are worth it lies in the laptop owner having a reliable point of call for repairs and replacements. Once the extended warranty states that it can cover certain repairs or replacements, it means that as the user, you do not have to worry about how you can get it done. All you need do is take the default laptop to the tech store and have them handle the repairs. In this sense, an extended warranty provides peace of mind as you are already assured of a solution.

3 Reasons Why an Extended Warranty Is Not Worth It for Your Laptop

We also take a look at the justifications as to why an extended warranty may not be worth it for your laptop. They include:

  • Value for Money

When talking about value for money, we are referring to whether the benefits outweigh the cost. This in turn is usually tied to the price of the laptop and the charge being requested for the extended warranty. In determining a value for money, we use the rule of thumb of 10 to 20%. That is, if the extended warranty in question goes for a price more than 10 to 20% of the original purchase price of the laptop, then it is not worth it. It covers up to three damage claims during that period but doesn’t cover theft,”

For example, you purchase a laptop for $700 and you are being asked to pay an additional $150 for added protection. If something were to actually happen to your system, the cost of a walk-in repair might be lower than the warranty cost especially when you consider that laptops are quite sturdy.

  • Type Of Product Purchased

In terms of the product purchased, we look at it from two angles. They are:

Nature of the laptop: most laptops are built to last and depending on how you use them, the best laptop can run for three years without needing any replacement or repairs done to it. There are several laptops like Mac which are known for this sturdiness. Therefore, buying an extended warranty at the point of purchase for this laptop may not be worth it. Federal law requires that you have access to the manufacturer’s warranty before you decide to buy.

Status at the time of purchase: another thing you should consider is how the laptop was bought. Did you buy it new, used or was it refurbished? You will find that buying an extended warranty for a used or refurbished product is not practical. These products are already operating for a limited time span and paying extra to keep them running may not be the best choice.

  • Third-Party Warranty Programs

If you are offered an extended warranty on your laptop, another thing you should research is who is responsible for the guarantee and how the process works. Common repairs don’t often exceed the price of service plans. Third-party warranty programs limit the parties that can perform repairs on the laptop and the approval process can take a while.

Also, the warranty providers may sometimes require the owner to pay for the cost of repair first and then await reimbursement. If you are not keen on waiting for long periods to get your laptop repaired or paying for your repairs first before service, then avoid an extended warranty if it involves a third party

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Top Protection Plans for Laptops:

  • prices range from $59.99 to $1,499
  • MacMall: prices range from $8.95 – to $449.99 (premium and ultimate plans not available on MacMall)
  • Best Buy: prices range from $5 – $210 (Geeksquad protection plans are the only plans available at Best Buy)For the PC laptop owners, the median cost of a repair paid for completely out of pocket was $118.
  • Apple: prices range from $99 – $249 for Mac computers that are still covered under Apple’s warranty
  • prices range from $49.99 to $499.99
  • Laptop Repair Central: prices range from $69.95-to $154.95 (many discounts available)
  • prices range from $8.99 – to $24.99 (Newegg offers protection plans for some laptops through Next Warranty at a discounted price)
  • Office Depot: only covers desktops and tablets, not laptops, but offers many discounts on computers with or without protection plans
  • Circuit City: no longer exists
  • Staples: only covers desktops and tablets, not laptops, but offers a few discounts on computers with or without protection plans
  • Kmart: no longer exists
  • Best Buy: prices range from $5 – $210 (Geek squad protection plans are the only plans available at Best Buy)

Top Protection Plans for Laptop Batteries:

  • prices range from $8.97 to $129.99 for a two-year warranty
  • Walmart Outlet: only covers batteries, not computers, but offers many discounts on laptops with or without batteries

Top Protection Plans for Monitors:

  • Circuit City: no longer exists
  • Staples: no longer exists

However, if none of these cases apply to you, then you probably should not buy protection plans. The average user will never need to use one, so it is better to save the money you spend on insurance. It would be like paying money for fire insurance when your house has not burned down yet. Protection plans are great if they’re necessary, but they are usually unnecessary and a waste of money.


The majority of the time, the choice to get a laptop extended warranty is based just on feelings. That is, as humans, we would prefer to know that our laptops have a safety net in place to avoid situations such as “had I known, I would have bought it when I had the chance.” However, as said above, you now have the opportunity to make additional purchasing selections based on rational thought.

You should be able to do so by weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the extended warranty. You often ask questions to yourself Should I Buy A Protection Plan For My Laptop? Protection plans are expensive and often unnecessary for most people. If you own a laptop and like the idea of protection plans, think about whether or not your purchase will be worth it before buying one.

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