How to Make Your Small Business Grow Fast?

how to make your small business grow fast
how to make your small business grow fast

How to Make Your Small Business Grow Fast? There are several ways you can expand your business. You can check out our guide here to learn how to make your small business grow fast.

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There’s nothing small about starting a small business. It will demand time, money, commitment, and hard work. However, effort and investment alone will not guarantee your success.

Nearly 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years, 20% don’t even make it past year one. What’s the cause?

It could be a lack of sales, poor marketing, or too much overhead. Sometimes, business owners are so focused on “surviving” that they forget to pursue growth.

Instead of obsessing over mere survival, you need to think about how to make your small business grow fast and exceed the minimum standards of “just getting by.

How to Make Your Small Business Grow Fast

Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to grow a business.

Make Sure Your Website Is User-Friendly

Recognize that in the digital age, the face of your business is your website, even if you have a physical location. Roughly 88% of consumers will research products and services online before buying. Their first impression of your company will likely be from your online presence.

This means your website has to be user-friendly. It must:

  • Be easy to navigate
  • Be optimized for mobile devices
  • Use multiple forms of media
  • Load quickly
  • Contain your contact information
  • Provide a page to answer FAQs
  • Display customer reviews
  • Be aesthetically pleasing, but simple

If your website is confusing, slow, or tricky to navigate, you’ll lose a significant number of sales.

Perfect Your SEO

Now, let’s talk about how to use SEO to grow your business. Search engine optimization is the coding search engines use to find appropriate information based on keyword searches. If you operate a business that specializes in financial management or consulting, your SEO will determine how easily users searching for financial services find your website.

You can improve your website’s SEO by:

  • Using the right keywords (relevant, local, short-tail, long-tail)
  • Incorporating a blog on your website
  • Getting backlinks from other websites
  • Including internal and external links
  • Using multiple forms of media, such as images and videos embedded with SEO coding

SEO is a major source of organic online traffic. It is a fundamental tool for increasing leads, generating sales, and bolstering your online presence.

Use ClickFunnels

Next, invest in online marketing tools that will streamline your digital marketing and simplify your customer’s experience. ClickFunnels is a great tool for implementing sales funnels onto your website.
Sales funnels provide a straight-forward, simple path to send customers down to increase sales conversions. They focus on a sequence of messages to promote a single product or service, giving the buyers a simple and powerful opportunity to buy.
Tools like ClickFunnels also offer other services, such as landing page design, website hosting, A/B testing, templates, ongoing support, email autoresponders, and more.

Invest Time in Content Marketing

Learning how to make your small business grow fast means learning how to connect to your audience. Content marketing focuses on building credibility and trust with consumers.
Use multiple platforms (blog, social media, email) to publish valuable content that your target audience is passionate about. This can be anything from DIY videos to informative articles about your industry.
The goal is to humanize your company in the eyes of consumers.

Get Active on Social Media

Social media is one of the best platforms for extending your reach to new audiences. Over 72% of Americans are on social media, most of them on a daily basis.
Convert as many followers from your personal account to your business account. Then, post engaging content and encourage them to comment, like, and share your posts. This will make your content visible within their audiences, which will lead to more followers.
However, you can also use paid social media marketing to expand your reach even further. You can choose who your paid ads are directed toward based on location, gender, age, and more. You can also run A and B ads simultaneously to identify the most effective style of advertising.

Get Involved With Your Community

Learning how to make your small business grow fast requires brand recognition in your community. You absolutely must have an online presence. However, if you’re a local business, you also have to have a physical presence.
Reach out to a local charity and host an event to raise awareness for their cause. You can get other local businesses on board to increase your budget through sponsorships. In return, they can set up booths or print their logo on the event merchandise (t-shirts, hats, etc.).
Start advertising the event well in advance to maximize community participation and attendance.

Develop an Email Campaign

One of the best tips on how to grow a small business is by using email lists. Collect email subscribers by offering free content, exclusive offers, and other perks to your customers, online readers, and social media followers.
You should have an automated email campaign set up to send a series of emails once or twice a week. These will serve to remind your readers of your business and gently encourage sales conversions. Keep in mind, your emails must offer value or your subscribers will not continue to open them.

Consider Pay Per Click Advertising

Finally, learning how to grow your business means learning where to invest your money. We recommend looking into pay per click advertising.
PPC advertising allows you to post your ad on a host website, granting you access to their audience. However, instead of paying a set fee, you’ll only pay the host site a predetermined amount for each click your ad receives.
You can also use PPC advertising on search engines to come up at the top of the results pages. Similarly, you will pay the search engine site a set amount for each click your website gets.


Looking for More Tips on How to Make Your Small Business Grow Fast?

If you want to learn more about how to make your small business grow fast, we can help. Check out some of our other informative articles about owning and operating a business.

And if you’re looking for professional tools for digital marketing, be sure to check out our ClickFunnels link. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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