How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2021?

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Recognition on social media profiles means a lot to everyone. You must have seen those famous personalities with a verified sign on their profile. Have you ever thought about how they get verified by these platforms and what it takes to do it?


If yes, you are going to get all your answers today. You need to achieve something to get verified, but it’s not even that challenging to get verified on Twitter. The process became easier when they introduced a new option to file for verification manually.


Now anyone can apply for verification and receive a blue checkmark on their profile. However, most people find the process a bit challenging. Thus, we created this guide to help them apply for Twitter verification.


So let’s start and discuss what you need in the process:


  1. Prepare the Verification Form


The most important part of applying for Twitter verification is by preparing the verification form. You can get this form online and fill it out to apply for the verification. We recommend doing it with this kind of verification form as it provides an effective way of entering information. This form will increase your chances of getting verified as well. 


To fill out this form, you can download a copy and keep it on your system. You can also customize the form online by using the PDF editor tool. The process will help you complete the verification form easily.


To know more about the process, you can download the form from CocoDoc and go through its content to understand what you need to verify. 


Now you do not need to submit this form right now. We covered this step first because you must understand the complete process of getting verified on Twitter. Now let’s cover some basics that will improve your chances of getting verified.

Add Basic Details


The next step is to add all the details to your profile. It includes a profile picture, cover photo, full name, age, website, and a bio. It is important to know that adding all the information improves your chances of getting selected.  


If you want to get verified on Twitter, we recommend adding correct information as Twitter’s team will check the provided information. That is why we recommend sticking to the accurate information on your profile. 

Add Phone Number and Email Address


The next is to add your phone number to your profile. Make sure to add a working phone number as you will need to verify it with an OTP. Similarly, you will need to enter the email address on your profile and confirm it using the link received in your inbox.


That is why you will need a working phone number and email address to complete this step. Once you add these details, your profile will be much more credible, improving your chances of getting verified in the process.


Make Your Profile Public


It is important to know that your Twitter account must be public to be verified. That is why you need to make your tweets public for your followers to see and retweet. Before changing the visibility of your account, make sure you do not have any sensitive data on your account. 


 After changing the visibility, your profile will become available for all your followers and Twitter users.


Apply For the Verification


The last step is to apply for the verification on Twitter. For this, you need to visit the verification link and upload the verification form that you filled earlier. However, you will find a section where you can write why your account should be verified on Twitter. 


In this section, you can write all the reasons how your profile will be helpful for Twitter users. This is one of the most important factors as Twitter tries to find worthy profiles with some valuable information for its community. 


You will find another section where you will need to provide five references where your name is mentioned online. These references must be from some credible sources or major websites.


Therefore, you will need to find a way to get published on such websites. You can also attach some news or press releases where you get a mention. 


After the latest, you can add up to 5 links to get verified. You will get an option to submit your application with only two links as well. However, we recommend providing as many links as you want to improve your chances.


Tip: Spend some time before submitting the profile and mention only the important details. Try to give some valid reasons for why your profile should be verified on Twitter. 


Once you proofread the application, submit your form and apply for the Twitter verification. The team will get back to you with an answer after verifying your details.


Some Quick Tips Before Submitting a Verification Request


Here are the things that you can consider before requesting verification from Twitter:


Stay Active:  Staying active on your account is one of the most important parts of getting verified on Twitter. The algorithm will determine if you are a regular Twitter user or are just here to get verified on a social media platform. 


Share Valuable Information: You need to contribute some valuable content to the platform. If your content is worth spending time on, you will become a potential verified user for Twitter. Thus, try to be creative and share some interesting things with the community.


Use Engaging Pictures: Your Twitter account must have a decent profile picture that gives a clear idea of who you are. Your audience can easily find you that way. 


Final Words

There’s no specific way to get verified on Twitter or any other social media platform. One thing that works for others might not work for you. That is why you need to follow some basic tips and steps to apply for the verification. The template that we shared above will help you get verified. You can also check the quick tips and work on them a few days before applying for it.



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