File Conversion: What It Is and When to Use It


The modern world is changing so fast. New technologies are appearing with lightning speed. Computers have become an integral part of our lives. They make work easier, entertaining, and more captivating. Yet, you can hardly find an active computer user who has never faced the problem of files that can’t be opened on the device. 

There are several reasons why this problem happens. The most common of them are the following:

  • The file is damaged. 

If you see some abracadabra instead of the file name and extension, and the computer won’t open it, it means something is wrong with the file. In this case, it’s necessary to ask to present a file.  

  • A lack of proper software on a device.

Sometimes it happens that the user gets a notification that the file can’t be opened with any of the programs that are on the PC. In this case, there are two possible ways out. The first one is to download the needed program. It has several disadvantages. Thus, if you do not always work with the files of this format, the program will only take space. Moreover, high-quality software may be rather costly. The second way out is to experience data conversion. This method allows you to save time and open data of any type with minimum effort. 

  • The use of different operating systems. 

You may be surprised to get to know that Linux and Windows have different file formats. If you try to open Linux files on the computers with Windows, you are to experience failure.  

It’s only a few of the possible reasons for the issue of files that can’t be opened. Sometimes it even happens because of legislative problems. Thus, when you work with such services as Freemake, you can’t use a definite type of video file. If they are protected by a license, the program won’t download them. To avoid such restrictions, you may use the option of file conversion. 

How to Choose the Best File Converter: Useful Tips

Nowadays, there are lots of available programs on the Internet. No wonder, when it comes to the choice of proper data converter, it’s not easy to pick up the best option. The following tips help you select the most efficient software. It’s necessary to pay attention to such aspects:

There are various file convertors. Some of them work only on documents, while others support video and audio files.  

  • The size of the file.

When you work with video files, the size is of prime importance. If your task is to make a short clip, it can be a real challenge to process video recorded with the wrong codec. It’s necessary to choose a proper video format carefully. 

Video Converter

Yet, if the original file comes in a format that is rather hard to edit, you don’t need to get rid of it or look for alternatives. With the help of HandBrake, for instance, you can easily get the needed file format. 

  • Available options.

The more formats this or that software works, the better it is. 

  • Speed.

Nobody wants to wait for ages until the conversion is finished. You have to pay attention to the speed of the tool. 

  • Price. 

There are both free and paid tools. If you need top-quality conversion with lots of additional options, it’s a good idea to choose pro plans. The fees are not extra high. Yet, if you need a converter for one time, a trial version is enough.  

Top 3 Online Converters 

Video Converter

Below, you’ll find the list of the winning solutions for data conversion. The presented programs allow you to convert the various types of data. 

Movavi Video Converter

Everyone who has ever tried to find a video converter on the Net has dealt with this software. It’s good for both experienced users and newbies. It has a simple interface and a wide spectrum of available options. Not only can you convert between 180+ formats and optimize video for mobile devices, you can also enhance videos in the built-in editor. You can test the tools for free for 7 days, yet, to access them on a permanent basis, it’s necessary to buy a paid version.  

Any Video Converter

It’s a perfect free converter that has millions of users from all over the globe. Yet, although it works with copious video formats, it’s not able to convert pics to video. The speed is rather high. 

VSDC Video Converter

It’s a powerful video and audio editing tool. It has such a useful feature as the possibility to remove the green background. It allows users to add versatile filters and effects, too.

To conclude, it should be noticed that a file converter is an awesome tool that is needed not only by office workers but by a large audience. Both free and paid software allows you to convert files from one format to another without significant effort and in no time.     



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