Clickfunnels affiliate program. How Does It Work?

Clickfunnels affiliate program
Clickfunnels affiliate program
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Why is the ClickFunnels affiliate program so famous among competent affiliate marketers? An affiliate program is as good as its core product offering. Selling the right product is not only comfortable but also strengthens your image as an affiliate and helps you increase your influence.

On the flip side, promoting the wrong product will damage your reputation and ultimately, your affiliate marketing business, even if it offers better commission rates. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Clickfunnels as a product before discussing the ClickFunnels affiliate program in more detail.

ClickFunnels is marketing automation and lead creation software with extra than 100K active paying users worldwide. ClickFunnels gives users the tools and features needed to create highly optimized sales landing pages and marketing funnels.

Clickfunnels is a gift to passionate entrepreneurs all around the world. The system enhances the online visibility of your business, product, or services in the face of visitors. It also swiftly transform them into a potential buyer or customer in its compelling call to action. Just when you feel things could not get better. Clickfunnels also authorizes interested users to access to earn some money for being an affiliate member.

What’s a funnel?

Unlike the direct sales pitch in which you offer customers to buy a product. The sales funnel contains a series of marketing messages delivered using a combination of emails, landing pages, and video/text content. The purpose of a funnel is to create an initial point of contact with your prospects. They can be regularly approached with different marketing messages that gradually convince them to buy your offer. The funnel strategy is much more useful than direct sales pitches, specifically for higher-priced products, because it helps you to connect with your audience and move them from one purchase stage to another based on their responses to your marketing messages.

Marketers mainly use ClickFunnels for lead generation, event signup, and sales campaigns. This is a typical funnel in which cold traffic is converted into email subscribers using a lead magnet squeeze page, from there the subscribers are sent to a cheap trip-wire offer to transform them into buyers. If they accept the proposal, they are redirected to another sales page with the core offer (a much higher expensive product). People who buy the core offers are redirected to another sale page with a special upsell offer.

If customers reject a product at any level of the Funnel. Here they are put into a custom-designed email layout. So, it makes them engaged and gets ready for some other sales pitch.

This is the core ClickFunnels product but there are many other important aspects like email marketing, affiliate management, analytics, payment integration, etc. that come with it.

All of this is accessible for $97/month and $297 per month in two different subscription plans (both are with a 14-day free trial). This is the product package that you’ll be publicizing as a ClickFunnels affiliate. It does most of the selling itself because of its great features and the variety of sales funnels their team has developed for it. This makes your job as an affiliate much simpler and easier

Let’s now discuss the ClickFunnels affiliate program in huge detail and decide if you should join it.

What is a ClickFunnels Affiliate Member?

The affiliate member of ClickFunnels is a type of digital marketing. In which a website gives Commission to some other online business or person for every traffic. Which was created by them and the sales that are fulfilled by their references.

In other terms, it is a form of business partnership that deals with digital marketing of the online business to create new leads. This is aimed at earning something in revert for every new lead produced. After becoming an affiliate member on ClickFunnels you use your website built in ClickFunnels to project the platform. Address the good and beneficial news of clickfunnels to business owners who want something like ClickFunnels to grow their business but know nothing about it. You are paid a recurring evergreen commission on every new member you fetch into the platform.

How does the ClickFunnels Affiliate program work?

What else could be better than a platform that enables you to sell your business rapidly and also entitle you to earn money from the signup and sales of another member?

You essentially earn a commission when people sign up on clickfunnels and come to be a monthly paying user utilizing your link as a referral. Also, you gain Commission on every successful sale of a product in the Funnel. As an affiliate partner, you can earn up to 40% on each sale of clickfunnels and similar products that you referred. Meanwhile, each month paying members of clickfunnels doesn’t need to become an affiliate. It is just another common-sense way of earning extra cash steadily and simply.

ClickFunnels Affiliate A Complete Digital Marketing Program:

ClickFunnels has an extensive affiliate program that’s designed to reward entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and the existing ClickFunnels users for getting new customers. It is one of the most popular SaaS affiliate programs in the world. The program is full of incentives for affiliates. Full of benefits for those involved in the program.

First of all, it’s a recurring commission program that helps to earn you money as long as your referrals are subscribed to a paid ClickFunnels plan. Spencer Mecham has earned over $1 million in commissions from this program. Russell Bernson, CEO of Click Funnels, is an important force behind the success of this affiliate program. He is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur and digital marketer himself and completely knows how to attract, motivate and engage affiliates. Russell’s books, Dot Com Secrets, and Expert Secrets are among the most famous digital marketing books and have sold thousands of copies on Amazon and other platforms over the past few years.

This is the reason, in the tech industry, his program is very much famous and valuable. Besides, It is ratified by famous entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. They are also Clickfunnels users themselves.

Social Proof is the main power of the click funnels affiliate program. The product is so broadly used and endorsed that it is easier to persuade other markets to buy it. All of this supports ClickFunnels affiliates market the product more convincingly and generate higher sales.

Let’s take a look at the commission structure and other financial incentives offered by the program.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Commissions Tires:

Each affiliate receives up to 40% commission for every referral that turns into a paid ClickFunnels user. This recurring Commission is monthly based. So you gain 40% commission of your Clickfunnels referrals every month during the time they remain paying users.

For the $97 per month plan, this means a monthly recurring commission of $38.8 ($465 per year). But a 40% recurrence commission is just the headline. Because it is just for the top-level Clickfunnels affiliates. There are 3 Tires of Commission. Let’s learn about them

ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission First Tire:

New ClickFunnels’ affiliate commission rate is 20% on the premium ClickFunnels subscription plans. This implies you will receive a recurring commission of $19.4/month for the regular ClickFunnels subscription and $59.4 for the Platinum subscription plan.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission Second Tire:

In the second Tire, the commission rate is 30%. If an affiliate has received 1,000 USD within a month in commissions. Then they qualify for 30% monthly recurring commissions.

This means you will receive a recurring payment of $29.1 per month and $89.1 per month for the regular and platinum plans, respectively.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission Third Tire:

In third Tire commission rate is indeed 40%. Once you have at least 40 active premium ClickFunnels users who have signed up with your affiliate link for at least 30 days. As a result, you earn recurring incomes of $38.8 per month and $118.8 per month as long as your referrals remain ClickFunnels customers.

Products to Promote and Commissions You Earn In ClickFunnels Affiliate Program:

Additionally, ClickFunnels has different back-end commissions that can not only make it convenient to attract leads but also help you earn more commissions

Now learn about the back-end commissions which affiliates member attain on the books and other products in the ClickFunnels.

1) DotCom Secrets:

DotCom Secrets is Russell’s best-selling book that you can use to persuade leads to ClickFunnels. So It earns you $1 per sale in Commission but has the potential to make you as much as $997 as a result of the different back-end offers that are pitched to anyone who purchases this book.

2) Expert Secrets:

Expert Secrets is another best-selling book of Russell’s that people can get for free just by paying the shipping costs. It earns you $1 per sale in Commission but can help you create up to $927 due to the different back-end offers in the Funnel.

Therefore, you just need to sell the free book once, after which your referral will be put into a sales funnel that pitches numerous products over a specific period.

3) Traffic Secrets:

Traffic Secrets is the third book by Russell. Like the previous two books, it will also give you $1 per sale in Commission. Additionally, from multiple back-ends offers, you earn up to $248.6 commission.

4) One Funnel Away:

One Funnel away is one of the most beneficial and high-paying products of ClickFunnels. And you can promote it to get maximum benefit.

When you sell the OFA challenge, you get 100% commission. This training program fee is $100. So, you earn a $100 commission as a result when someone enlists.

However, it is better if you enroll yourself firstly and learn about OFA deeply before promoting it. In this way, customers will purchase more from your link when you share with them how it benefited and impacted your business.

Tip: You also have a chance to promote the free summit. Then, you can receive a $100 commission for every user that enlists and upgrade the OFA.

30-Day Summit:

This is a totally free workshop, but if you make signups for it, ClickFunnels will pay you $100.

Now have a quick look at the program’s payout details.


ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission Payout Schedule

To qualify for payment, you need to have at least $100 in your ClickFunnels affiliate account. The Commission is received on the 1st and 15th of every month.

How you earn the Commission in your account in the first place is a little more complicated. Firstly, when you refer leads to ClickFunnels, they should sign up for a free 14 days Trial. If a referral selects not to continue with ClickFunnels after the trial duration, you don’t earn any commission. In another case, if a person you have referred commits, continue and sign up for a paid Clickfunnels program. After this, he passes into a “cooling off” period of 30 days. During this period, if the customer asks for a refund and quits using ClickFunnels, you don’t earn any commission.

So when do you indeed earn a commission? After 45 days, excluding the 30 days cooling-off period. On the whole, this takes 75 days from the time your referral signs up for a paid account.

This is the time when the affiliate commission is placed on your account. When it becomes $100, you can ask for a withdrawal request that will be processed on the 1st or the 15th of the month (whichever comes first). You can get your payments through PayPal or Check.

75 days seems like a long time, and unless you’re regularly creating sales, the gap between your commission payments can be disappointing. However, the overall financial incentives are still far more than that. Besides, there are many other benefits to joining the ClickFunnels affiliate program. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Reasons for Becoming a ClickFunnels Affiliate:

As you have already examined, the ClickFunnels affiliate program gives several outstanding benefits to anyone who can sell regularly.

Let’s look at a few reasons why promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate is a good idea and recommendation.

1) ClickFunnels Is A Powerful Tool For every Industry:

Clickfunnel is not specific to any industry. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and service providers in any niche can use it to create leads and transform cold traffic into paying customers. That’s why influencers and associates from all industries can sign up for this affiliate program and earn money by referring customers to Clickfunnels.

Weight loss experts, fitness coaches, yoga trainers, relationship specialists, marriage counselors, or service providers, or any other type of counselor can use a variety of different ClickFunnels templates to generate leads. As an affiliate, you can promote ClickFunnels to marketers with zero specialized abilities, and they’ll still be eligible to generate sales in their industries and companies with it.

In brief, as an influencer or affiliate in any industry, you can facilitate ClickFunnels as long as your audience is interested and excited about making more money.

2) You Can Promote Different Products in Affiliate Program To Make Money:

There are several ways to make money with the Clickfunnels affiliate program. We have already discussed above their front-end products which are very easy to advertise, and there are many opportunities for you to create leads.

For example, suppose you are new to affiliate marketing and don’t have a large audience. In that case, you still have many chances of leads creating by promoting Dot Com Secrets, Russell’s best-selling book that people can get for free just by paying the shipping cost. When they use your referral link to sign up, they join a more extensive sales funnel designed to maximize their value. You only require to create an initial sale, but you will be granted for every penny you spend in this Funnel. Suppose you are a skilled affiliate with a good relationship with your audience before purchasing products on your recommendation. In that case, you can promote a high-value product such as Funnel Script, a $797 product that offers $318.8 (40%) in affiliate commission.

Or if someone from your subscribers wishes to become a clickfunnels, you can earn commissions from back-end offers by referring them to Bootcamp affiliate training.

Another best way to earn money as a ClickFunnels affiliate is to share funnels. If you’ve created a sales funnel for your business that’s operating well, you can present it to your audience via a public URL. Your Funnel will be put into your existing ClickFunnels user’s accounts If they click on your link. If anyone who’s a non-ClickFunnels user clicks on your link, they will be given an approach to the Funnel where they can view it. However, before operating it, they will be invited to sign up for a 14 days free trial.

If they proceed to use ClickFunnels beyond the trial period, you will receive a referral commission. In your ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard, You can see all the products you can promote. This extensive product range gives you much flexibility to promote any products that the needs of your target audience.

3) ClickFunnels’ Sticky-Cookie Results In More Affiliate Sales:

Here’s another massive reason to become a ClickFunnels affiliate.

All affiliate programs have a limited cookie duration. In which the purchases created by your referrals are credited to your account.

Such as, Amazon’s affiliate program has a cookie time of just 24 hours.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels gives a “sticky cookie” that does not time time-bound. Do you know any other leading affiliate program which offers an unlimited cookie duration? The means if a user clicks on your affiliate link and is joined to any of the front-end or back-end product funnels. You will be awarded money as a commission no problem how much time they consume to purchase the product.

4) Use Affiliate Banners, Swipe Files, and Promotional Material:

ClickFunnels provides you with all the promotional and marketing material you need to reach your audience and make sales s to a variety of ClickFunnels products. This contains banners for your website and social media accounts, email scripts and swipes files, social media posts, and other promotional materials. Each proposal named in your affiliate dashboard has its own set of banners, email scripts, and social media posts. Use them as required and keep checking for new updates because new material is mostly shared in the affiliate section.

The most critical factor in adopting this material is that it is composed of the world’s best copywriters. Further, it is checked by the best modification experts.

If you use them correctly, they have a higher chance of driving sales as compared to your marketing content. However, the best strategy is to use this material in combination with your content

5) Add Your Referrals to The Most Optimized Sales Funnels of the world:

Russell Brunson designed all the front front-end, and back-end product funnels himself that affiliates promote. This is the big reason behind the success and growth of the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

When you refer a lead to ClickFunnels, it’s included in some of the world’s best-performing sales and conversion funnels. They make it clear that every lead that enters their Funnel turns into a paying subscriber. As a ClickFunnels affiliate, you’re receiving his best funnels working for you. As a result, your possibilities of making a sale are bright.

6) Bootcamp A World-Class Affiliate Marketing Training Program:

This is where ClickFunnels has moved a step ahead of many other affiliate programs. They have organized an extensive affiliate training program called the Affiliate Bootcamp Training which is totally free to access. This program gives you access to three video interviews (each 30-min long) of the immensely successful ClickFunnels affiliates in which they tell the tips and lessons they’ve learned promoting the program. It’s undoubtedly a front-end product for their “One Funnel Away Challenge”, but it has a few outstanding pieces of advice, particularly for new affiliates (even if you don’t purchase the funnel challenge). Particularly This is a very great platform for new affiliates. Because here, you can pick the brains of some of the most successful ClickFunnels affiliates, create new connections, and become a part of different discussions about ClickFunnels. In your ClickFunnels affiliate section, there is also an eBook that shares several ways you can become a more successful affiliate marketer.

Of course, they also have the official YouTube channel of ClickFunnels. There is a lot of unnecessary promotion in their sales material. However, in between, there are some precious free training videos that you can follow and apply to your affiliate program. If you include their official blog in this equation, you have some excellent free resources to learn affiliate marketing, even if you are just getting started.

That’s it for the benefits of the clickfunnels affiliate program.

How to Setup a ClickFunnels Affiliate Account?

The ClickFunnels affiliate program operates independently from the product, which means you do not necessarily require to be a Clickfunnels user to become an affiliate member. If you are a current ClickFunnels user, you’re automatically an affiliate as well. You can move toward the affiliate section from your primary user dashboard.

If you’re not a ClickFunnels paid user, No matter you can quickly sign up as an affiliate from the Affiliate Sign Up page. Once your application is accepted as an affiliate, you’re carried to the affiliate dashboard that indicates you a summary of your earning and other essential details of your account.

If you scroll down, you’ll find more breakdowns in your revenue for each ClickFunnels product. Each product also links to the affiliate tools section, where you can find your affiliate link for that product and all the other crucial promotional material. Then Copy your affiliate link from the affiliate tools page and commence promoting in different ways such as on your website, social media accounts, and email lists.

When your total affiliate commissions become $100, then you are able for payment on the 1st and 15h of every month via PayPal  (whichever you select from your account settings section)

How to Promote ClickFunnels as an Affiliate Marketer?

Clickfunnel affiliate program is useful for affiliates. You can earn extra money by referring to more customers. What are the best strategies to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate? Here we discuss a few tips.


Generate your own personal funnels and share them with your audience via a public link as you have already observed mentioned above. This is a great way to convince your prospects to taste the product and sign up for it.

Blog Content:

Create beneficial, actionable, and high-quality blog content that offers a variety of benefits to ClickFunnels. Don’t bound yourself to product reviews.

Write How-To posts that tell different things you can do with the product, publish list posts with tips and tricks, publish interviews and success stories, and mention ClickFunnels on your blog content typically whenever it’s relevant.


Create product video tutorials and share different tips to help your audience.

Email Marketing:

There is no better way to promote a product than email marketing, specifically if your customers trust you and want to hear from you. If you have not begun using email marketing for affiliate promotions, do it instantly.

The Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels Affiliate Program:

As you have already noticed, there’s a lot to like about the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program. However, it does have a few weaknesses.

Here’s have a quick look at its main pros and cons.


  • It’s a popular and proven affiliate program
  • Signing up as a ClickFunnels affiliate is very easy and simple
  • There are large numbers of people of ClickFunnels affiliates to support you
  • ClickFunnels is a famous product with compelling social proof which makes it easy to sell
  • The commission pattern and overall incentives are very attractive
  • High-quality training material and affiliate support
  • Lifetime sticky cookie is beneficial.


  • The 75-day waiting period for payments is a real turn off for new affiliates
  • The commission rates aren’t as charming for tier 1 affiliates
  • The qualification criteria from tier 1 to tier 2 is actually challenging for new affiliates
  • The affiliate dashboard provides limited information and insights on your referrals
  • Limited payment methods functional for affiliate payouts

What is Dream Car in ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate, you can even gain your dream car if you have more than 100 referrals who are active users of ClickFunnels. So far, they have given dozens of dream cars to people associated with them

If you have The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, they will “Pay Your DREAM CAR” For You.

As a member of the Click Funnels affiliate program, you are directly recorded into the “Dream Car” session. Every month, as you signup new members, you will move closer and closer to obtaining your Dream Car.

To qualify for Dream Car is not too difficult as you think. Let’s discuss how it works:

1) Get 100 Active Click Funnels Members: As soon as you maintain only 100 active Click Funnels members subscribed, you entitle to the Dream Car. Thus you can get to hire your car.

2) ClickFunnels Send You $500 Per Month Towards Your Lease Payment:  As long as you retain more than 100 functional click funnels customers, they will give you $500 to refund your payment on your dream car.

3)  They will raise it to $1,000 per month when you have 200 Members: When you have at least 200 working clickfunnels users in any month. After this, they will give you $1000 to pay back your payments on your dream car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to ClickFunnels Affiliate Program:

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free?

This has always been a question on the mind of several interested members of clickfunnels. For becoming an affiliate member of clickfunnels, there are no hidden payments or fees for it. You automatically become an affiliate member instantly you sign up on Clickfunnels.

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Legit?

Yes. ClickFunnels is 100% legit. All business wants to attract new visitors, educate them, sell them products, and follow up whether they purchase or not. That’s really what ClickFunnels provides.

What is the method of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program working?

Clickfunnels affiliate work in sequence. To earn Commission, you pass through different steps. Such as you apply for an affiliate program, after approval, you get affiliate links, start receiving traffic when customers buy products, commissions change on your dashboard. You are eligible for payment after 75 days, including 30 days of the cooling-off period.

Lastly, you can make a withdrawal commission when it hits $100.

What is the payment method in ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

Through Tipalti payable account, you processed your Clickfunnels payout. As an affiliate, you need to fill Tipalti form, and you will be enabled to get paid.

When you register in your Tipalti account, you have to upload your tax form and give your required personal information. Also, choose the payment mode that accessible to you, such as Paypal or check.

How can you get your Tipalti Login Information from ClickFunnels?

When you first time creates a Tipalti link to get paid from affiliate payment, so you need to go to Here you will give your registration link.

This link is generated for a specific duration and terminates after some time. So you have to watch it after reaching support.

How can you Log In to your ClickFunnels Affiliate Dashboard?

Clickfunnels affiliate dashboard can be excess by using few options. Firstly you can go to the Whatsyourdreamcar site and can log in from here.

Secondly, if you have an active clickfunnels account, then you should log in to the ClickFunnels account; in the down right corner, you will notice “My Affiliate Earnings”. So, here will be an option of “More Tools” click on it to move towards your affiliate dashboard.

How Do Contact ClickFunnels Affiliate Support?

You can get support as a ClickFunnels affiliate in different ways.

The Direct way to get support is by email. You can email any time at to find the solutions to your problems.

More you make part of different groups. Such as you can join the ClickFunnels Avengers group to facilitate yourself as an affiliate.

What Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is basically an affiliate training program organized by ClickFunnels themselves. So it teaches you how to earn commissions by generating sales and promoting ClickFunnels. And its completion period is 100 days.

Here you have a great chance to learn from famous affiliates and marketers while using different strategies. If you want to learn Bootcamp training, visit and enroll yourself.

What is the Best Way and Strategy to Promote ClickFunnels?

There are many ways to promote ClickFunnels. But the best strategy is blogging.

People want to earn money quickly. Therefore, they do affiliate business. But making money rapidly is not easy. For this, you have to work hard, keep patients, take courses to learn appropriately, give proper time to your business.

If you have a blog, then purchase inexpensive and useful hosting from with a free domain name. You can promote posts related to ClickFunnels and get massive traffic.

Moreover, you can start a YouTube channel to promote ClickFunnels if you make good videos. These strategies are to empower and strengthen your business.

Above in this article, few other strategies have also been mentioned that guide you on how to promote ClickFunnels. However, you can also choose the best one from here.

How much can you Make Money as An Affiliate of ClickFunnels?

Good question and everyone wants to know about it. But It bases on several factors like your knowledge as an affiliate, communication skills, marketing strategy, learning phase, and performance speed.

Maybe you are a sharp learner but have weak or lazy performance can provide you with zero outcomes.

On another side, maybe you are a slow learner and have a powerful performance with remarkable results.

Let’s answer your question on how much you have the ability to earn money as an affiliate of ClickFunnels. So you can make 100$ or 1000$ each month.

But you can’t get it in a single day.

Indeed, it needs a lot of time. Affiliate business operates sufficiently when different factors effort for generating money. When you perform well with hard work, you will get better results in the form of more income.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Reviews and Final Thoughts:

The clickfunnels affiliate program is better for everything, in my opinion. It offers you everything, for example, free training, learning resources, promotional content, and networking chances which helps you to understand the ClickFunnels Affiliate program in detail. And you can earn a handsome commission with it. It’s not perfect, but the program is better because unscrupulous affiliates have been kicked out—the days of looting commissions to be over. The tiered commission structure for new affiliate members dissatisfies a bit. However, on the other side, the front-end commissions are exceptionally beneficial, useful, impressive, and attractive. If you get to a point where you earn the top-tier commissions, the sky’s the limit.

ClickFunnels has paid out over 52 million dollars in commissions, and that number keeps increasing. Hence, if you wish for a piece of that affiliate pie, then go and make some money.

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