5 Best Free Term Paper Writing Software for Windows


To excel in their studies, students should write quality term papers that meet the requirements set by their educators. Using the best free term paper writing software can make it easier for you to plan, write smoothly and prepare your document for publication.

Microsoft Word or Google docs are the most common default tools for writers, but subscribing to premium tools is expensive. Several options can enhance your ability to complete term papers easily and cost-effectively. 

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer of an open-source and free word processing app with diverse writing features. It constitutes of thesaurus, editing tools and dictionaries for any language, and an active support system. LibreOffice Writer is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows and gets regular updates with bug fixes and new features. The only real drawbacks of this software are the lack of direct cloud support and mobile apps. However, you can easily use this free writing software together with a service like Dropbox

LibreOffice is reputable for being developed by a team of excellent coders who ensure that it matches the premium office software. It has six programs that offer everything you need for planning, writing, and presenting: Cal, Writer, Math, Base, Impress, and Draw. 


Quilbot is a free and versatile tool with the ability to paraphrase texts to enable you to achieve your writing goals. It comes with a built-in instrument for enhancing vocabulary, such as the AI-powered thesaurus. Through this instrument, you can find synonyms for different words in a click and write a better term paper. After entering your text in the input box, Quillbot can automatically rephrase sentences in real-time. 

The versatility of this software makes it ideal not only for business purposes but also for meeting academic writing needs. It is user-friendly and can integrate into Chrome Extension and Google Docs so that you can make your preferred changes to your document.


Available for Windows, macOS, and Windows, FocusWriter eliminates distractions when writing to help you remain focused. You can hide other apps and customize the appearance of your text on the screen, as well as track the work progress. With this software, it is difficult to get distracted by messages coming via Twitter, Facebook, or other apps. Seeking professional writing help may be a good idea if you wish to continue using some of your favorite apps.

Term paper help from professional writers

Writing a term paper may be challenging, especially when there are some distractive apps on your phone. You can buy term paper from EduBirdie and continue using your favorite apps for whatever purpose while in college. Professional writers offer exceptional writing help because they have the right education and are highly experienced. The writing service has a team of Ph.D. writers, so you will have quality work done and create more time to study. 


The author is suitable for macOS and it is an excellent option because of its user-friendliness and great design language. One of the best features of this app is the mind-mapping feature that allows you to join up some keywords in a few clicks. 

Mind mapping also facilitates adding definitions to relate back to specific sections of a term paper or a report. It allows for the creation of an automatic glossary full of references and endnotes alongside well-formatted citations to fit college or university standards. The author can fix bags and is freely available to be used on macOS High Sierra and other advanced options. 


When writing a term paper, it is easy to operate below optimum productivity due to distractions. WriteMonkey helps to overcome this by providing an environment that is free from distraction and allowing you to concentrate on your work fully. WriteMonkey is suitable for Markdown, an editing language allowing you to annotate, format, link, and classify with minimal fuss. The software has an excellent user interface with an automatic syntax, an outliner, and a file organization facility.

After mastering WriteMonkey, you can create term papers and even blog posts and print them ready for publication. Even if some of the tools are hidden, the software is good for its simplicity. 


Choosing the right term paper writing software is a great way to plan, edit, format, and create references and citations for your work. The above software can help you to create paper outlines that are easy to edit and follow while ensuring the logical flow of information. It does not interfere with your writing ability but they have useful features and functionalities to simplify the writing process.

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